Windstar Cruises Tahiti Excursions

For many tourists, Tahiti is an ideal vacation spot because of its breathtaking natural beauty, extensive cultural history, and friendly locals. Windstar Cruises offers a distinctive and opulent approach for travelers to see this tropical haven, taking them on an excursion to some of the South Pacific’s most stunning and alluring locations. This article provides a thorough overview of the delights that await you in this exotic location as we examine five of the most well-liked Windstar Cruises Tahiti excursions.


Tahiti-City tour of Papeete (6)Papeete Market and Municipal Market Tour

Tahiti’s main city of Papeete is a thriving center of history, culture, and business. With a walking tour of the two biggest marketplaces in Papeete, the Papeete Market and Municipal Market Tour provides tourists with a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the city’s core. The tour offers a chance to experience the lively ambiance of the city, indulge in regional cuisine, and shop for handicrafts and mementos.

Visitors can experience fresh tropical fruits like papaya, mango, and pineapples, as well as regional specialties like poisson cru, which is raw fish marinated in coconut milk, at the Papeete Market. Visitors can also observe the preparation of popular Tahitian staples like roasted pork and taro root by sellers. The Municipal Market, which is in the heart of the city, is well-known for its vibrant kiosks selling homemade goods like woven baskets, jewelry, and wood sculptures. The market is a great place to get one-of-a-kind presents and mementos, and shoppers may haggle with sellers for the best deals.

Paul Gauguin Cultural Center and Museum Tour

One of the most well-known artists of the Post-Impressionist era, Paul Gauguin, was greatly influenced by his love of Tahiti and the nearby islands. You may find out more about the artist’s life, work, and legacy in the South Pacific by taking the Paul Gauguin Cultural Center and Museum Tour. Original paintings, prints, and sketches by Gauguin are on display at the cultural center in Papeete, which is housed in a renovated colonial structure. The neighboring museum offers guided tours of its collection of artifacts and works of art from the Pacific Islands, which includes ceramics, textiles, and sculptures.

The cultural hub and museum offer an enlightening look into the persona and body of work of Paul Gauguin as well as a window into Tahiti’s rich cultural heritage. Visitors can discover more about Gauguin’s interactions with local women, his encounters with regional customs and traditions, and how these things affected his artistic style. For anyone interested in art, history, or finding out more about this well-known painter and his connection to Tahiti, the tour offers a fantastic chance.

Moorea Island Safari

The beautiful island of Moorea, which is only a short ferry trip from Papeete, is well-known for its lush interior, gorgeous beaches, and blue oceans. The Moorea Island Safari excursion offers guests a thorough examination of the island’s scenic beauty and rich cultural history. The Belvedere Lookout, where visitors can take in expansive views of the island and its aquamarine lagoons, is one of the stops on this guided tour’s picturesque drive around the island.

The tour also includes a stop at the Magic Mountain, a special geological feature with spectacular views of the surrounding countryside, and a trip to the Moorea Cultural Center, where visitors may learn about the history and culture of the island’s indigenous inhabitants.

The excursion’s high point is a stop at a typical Polynesian village, where visitors may see daily life and discover the traditions and customs of the locals. Visitors can also enjoy native delicacies including poe, a sweet delicacy derived from taro root, as well as traditional dance and music performances. The Moorea Island Safari is a wonderful way to discover this gorgeous island’s natural beauty and cultural legacy as well as to learn more about the inhabitants.

Bora Bora War Memorial and Beach Picnic

One of the most beautiful islands in the world, Bora Bora is known for its immaculate beaches and pure oceans. Visitors have a special chance to learn about the island’s history and natural splendor on the tour to the Bora Bora War Memorial and Beach Picnic. The journey starts with a visit to the World War II memorial in Bora Bora, which honors American and French combatants.

Visitors will enjoy a picnic on one of Bora Bora’s breathtaking beaches, surrounded by lush greenery and blue waters, after visiting the memorial. A traditional Polynesian dinner, including grilled fish, taro root, and fresh tropical fruits, is served at the picnic. In this picturesque setting, visitors may unwind on the beach, swim in the warm waves, and enjoy the sunshine.

tahitian danceTahitian Dance and Cultural Show

The beauty and grace of the island’s traditions are displayed via the lively and passionate form of cultural expression known as Tahitian dance. An opportunity to witness this style of art in action is provided by the Tahitian Dance and Cultural Show trip, which features a performance by local musicians and dancers. The backdrop for the performance is traditional, with an outdoor stage surrounded by luxuriant foliage and the sound of the ocean in the distance.

Live music performed on traditional instruments like the ukulele and Tahitian drums accompany the dancers’ amazing movements and complicated rhythms. The performance is a celebration of Tahitian culture and offers guests an experience they won’t soon forget. The Tahitian Dance and Cultural Show excursion is a fantastic way to see the beauty and depth of this exceptional location, regardless of your interests in history, art, nature, or culture.

In conclusion, Windstar Cruises Tahiti excursions give tourists a variety of chances to discover the natural beauty and local culture of this idyllic island nation. These tours offer a distinctive and unforgettable approach to discover Tahiti’s charms, from the vibrant marketplaces of Papeete to the breathtaking beaches of Bora Bora. Windstar Cruises features excursions that will suit your interests and help you make the most of your time in this magnificent location, whether your interests are in history, art, nature, or culture. Why then wait? Reserve your Windstar Cruises Tahiti vacation today to see for yourself the splendor and diversity of this tropical haven!

Our Top FAQ's

Windstar Cruises is a luxury cruise line that offers a range of voyages to destinations around the world, including Tahiti. The Tahiti excursions offered by Windstar Cruises are designed to provide visitors with an immersive and authentic experience of this tropical paradise, with a focus on local culture, history, and nature.

Some of the popular excursions offered by Windstar Cruises in Tahiti include the Papeete Market and Waterfall Hike, the Moorea Island Safari, the Bora Bora War Memorial and Beach Picnic, and the Tahitian Dance and Cultural Show.

Visitors on the Moorea Island Safari excursion can expect to experience the natural beauty and cultural heritage of this stunning island. The excursion includes a visit to a traditional Polynesian village, where guests can observe daily life and learn about the customs and traditions of the local people. There are also demonstrations of traditional dance and music, and the opportunity to sample local specialties like poe.

The Tahitian Dance and Cultural Show excursion is a celebration of Tahitian culture, with a performance by local dancers and musicians. The show takes place in a traditional setting, with an open-air stage surrounded by lush vegetation and the sounds of the ocean in the background. Visitors can witness the stunning movements and intricate rhythms of the dancers, accompanied by live music on traditional instruments. The show is a truly unforgettable experience for visitors, offering a glimpse into the beauty and richness of Tahitian culture.

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