What to do in Raiatea Tahiti

Raiatea Tahiti is a remarkable hidden treasure and one of the lesser-known islands in the French Polynesian archipelago. This tiny island is home to a rich history, breathtaking natural beauty, and a wide range of fun activities. Everyone can find what they’re looking for in Raiatea Tahiti, whether they prefer rest, adventure, or a little of both.


Religious rock formationsHistory


The little island of Raiatea in Tahiti is jam-packed with historical significance. It has been referred to as the “holy island” and is one of French Polynesia’s most significant historical locations. This is due to the island’s long history as the spiritual and cultural hub of the Polynesian people. A variety of historical sites on the island offer insights into the prehistoric Polynesian civilization for visitors to investigate.


Marae Taputapuatea is among the most well-known historical landmarks on the island. For more than a thousand years, this historic temple complex served as the heart of Polynesian culture and religion. Polynesians from all across the Pacific traveled there to perform pilgrimages in honor of their deities and ancestors. A central marae, or sacred plaza, is the focal point of the complex, which is encircled by smaller buildings and stone platforms. One of the most significant religious structures in the entire South Pacific, the marae is thought to have been constructed in the 12th century. Marae Taputapuatea was recognized for its importance as a cultural and historical asset when it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2017.


Faaroa Bay is another significant historical location on Raiatea Tahiti. The ancient Polynesians revered this river, which is the only one that can be navigated, and regarded it as a sacred location. According to legend, the first Polynesians made their way up the river to Raiatea Tahiti by canoe and settled there. Visitors get the opportunity to view a wide range of plant and animal species at the river because it is surrounded by a beautiful rainforest.


Another historical monument on the island that sheds light on prehistoric Polynesian civilization is Mount Temehani. An important conflict between two warring tribes formerly took place on this mountain. It was said that the victor of the conflict had taken possession of the island. Currently, tourists can trek to the mountain’s summit for breathtaking vistas of the surroundings.


Natural Wonders


With its pristine waters, thick jungle, and majestic mountains, Raiatea, Tahiti, is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty. The island’s diverse natural treasures offer visitors a glimpse of its distinctive topography and biodiversity.


The lagoon is one of the island’s most well-known natural attractions. The island is encircled by a lagoon, which is excellent for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Visitors may observe a great variety of marine life, including vibrant fish, sea turtles, and even sharks, in the waters because they are so transparent. Visitors who want to explore the underwater world can take advantage of the many snorkeling and diving trips offered by the area’s hotels and resorts.


Another stunning natural area on the island is Raiatea National Park, where tourists may explore the dense rainforest and observe a wide variety of plants and fauna. The Tahitian kingfisher and the Raiatea monarch are just two of the unique bird species that call the park, which spans much of the island, home. On foot or in a kayak, visitors can explore the park; they could even see wild pigs or goats along the way.


A number of magnificent waterfalls, including the well-known Faaroa waterfall, can be found on the island. To cool down in the calm waters of the falls, visitors can climb to the base of the falls. Visitors can witness a variety of plant and animal species while walking around the waterfall, which is bordered by a beautiful jungle.


Cultural Experiences


The island of Raiatea in Tahiti is a special place where travelers may get a close-up look at Polynesian culture. Visitors can take part in a variety of cultural events and activities that highlight the island’s rich history.


Seeing a traditional dance performance is one of the island’s most well-liked cultural experiences. A lot of the neighborhood hotels and resorts put on shows with dancers wearing vibrant costumes and doing traditional Polynesian dances. These performances are a terrific opportunity to learn about Polynesian culture and history and frequently feature drumming and other musical accompaniments.


Visiting a local marae is another way to experience the culture of the island. These revered locations, which formerly served as the epicenter of Polynesian religion and society, now offer insight into the island’s rich history. Guests can view the historic stone buildings and discover the significance and history of each location. Some native tour guides also provide in-depth understanding of the island’s cultural customs by giving tours of the marae.


Many regional artists who focus on traditional handicrafts can be found in Raiatea, Tahiti. These craftsmen welcome visitors to stop by and observe them at work as they produce intricately woven baskets, sculptures, and jewelry. Several of these crafts are produced utilizing age-old methods that have been handed down through the centuries. They make excellent gifts for loved ones and help the neighborhood economy.


A couple kayakingAdventure Activities


Raiatea Tahiti is the ideal vacation spot for tourists seeking adventure. The island has a number of outdoor pursuits that are sure to raise your adrenaline.


Kayaking is one of the island’s most popular adventure sports. Renting kayaks allows visitors to explore the island’s breathtaking shoreline while paddling through the lagoon’s crystal-clear seas and discovering undiscovered coves and beaches. The island’s natural beauty and fauna can be viewed up close and personal by kayaking.


Paddleboarding is another well-liked adventure activity on the island. Paddleboarding is a relatively new activity that has gained popularity recently, and Raiatea Tahiti is a great place for fans to visit. Beginners can easily get started in the lagoon’s tranquil waters, while more experienced paddlers can travel out into the open ocean for a more difficult paddle.


Due to the regular trade winds that pass through the area, windsurfing is another well-liked adventure sport on the island. Tourists can rent equipment and take training from local guides who can show them how to surf waves proficiently.


The waters surrounding Raiatea Tahiti are home to a variety of fish species, making fishing another well-liked adventurous sport on the island. To try their luck at catching marlin, mahi-mahi, and tuna, visitors can reserve a fishing excursion.


Biking is a fantastic way to explore the island and get some exercise at the same time for guests who like to stay on land. Tourists can rent bicycles and ride along the coastline while admiring the breathtaking views of the mountains and lagoon. Visitors can explore the island’s natural beauty while learning about its history and culture through guided bike tours, which are also offered.


Local Cuisine


Because of its French, Chinese, and Polynesian background, Raiatea Tahiti has a distinctive fusion of tastes and influences. A variety of meals that highlight the island’s diverse culinary traditions are available for tourists to taste.


Tahitian ceviche, sometimes referred to as poisson cru, is one of the must-try foods on the island. This dish is typically served with fresh veggies and breadfruit and has raw fish marinated in coconut milk and lime juice. It’s a cool and nutritious dish that goes well on a hot day.


I’a ota is another well-known raw fish dish on the island. Similar to poisson cru, but prepared with additional veggies including cucumber and tomato with a different marinade. It is a delicious and eye-catching dish that is popular with both residents and tourists.


Delicious vanilla, which is farmed on the island and utilized in a variety of pastries and beverages, is another specialty of Raiatea Tahiti. Guests can try beverages, ice cream, and even body items with vanilla flavoring. The island also produces a variety of tropical fruits that are utilized in numerous meals and beverages, including papayas, mangoes, and pineapples.


There are also traditional Polynesian foods to eat, such taro and breadfruit, for those who desire to go out more. This mainstay of Polynesian cooking is a starchy root vegetable that is frequently mashed or fried.


Due to the island’s French background, visitors can also enjoy French-inspired cuisine. Fresh baguettes and croissants are available at French bakeries on the island, while French-inspired restaurants provide meals like escargot and coq au vin.


Visitors can enjoy the distinctive eating experiences on the island in addition to the meal itself. Numerous eateries provide outside seating, enabling patrons to take in the beauty of the lagoon or dine under the cover of a palm tree while dining. A few restaurants also present live performances of Polynesian dance and music during their dinner presentations.




Visitors can enjoy a variety of events and activities at Raiatea Tahiti, a stunning and distinctive location. There is something for everyone on this lovely island, from its breathtaking natural beauty to its rich cultural heritage and thrilling adventure activities.


Visitors to the island can enjoy its mouthwatering cuisine, discover its stunning beaches, go diving or snorkeling in the lagoon’s clean waters, and get knowledge of its rich cultural traditions. The island of Raiatea in Tahiti is a must-visit location because there is so much to see and do there.


Our Top FAQ's

The best time to visit Raiatea Tahiti is during the dry season, which runs from May to October. During this time, the weather is warm and sunny, and the waters are calm and clear, making it the perfect time for outdoor activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking.

Some of the popular beaches to visit in Raiatea Tahiti include Faaroa Beach, Opoa Beach, and Marae Taputapuatea Beach. Each of these beaches offers beautiful white sand and clear blue waters, and is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing.

Some of the cultural experiences to have in Raiatea Tahiti include attending a traditional Polynesian dance performance, visiting a local marae to learn about Polynesian religion and culture, and visiting local artisans to see them at work creating traditional handicrafts.

Some of the adventure activities to try in Raiatea Tahiti include kayaking along the island’s stunning coastline, paddleboarding in the calm waters of the lagoon, windsurfing in the consistent trade winds, and biking along the coastal roads to explore the island’s natural beauty. Fishing charters are also available for those who want to try their hand at catching some of the local fish species.

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