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There aren’t many travel experiences that can compare to the elegance and excitement of a cruise. A cruise offers a distinctive and fascinating way to travel the world, from discovering new locations to indulging in delectable cuisine. Variety cruises stand out among the numerous various sorts of cruises that are offered. This article will examine what makes variety cruises special and why every visitor should include them on their bucket list.


cruiseThe History of Variety Cruises

The history of Variety Cruises dates back to the 1960s and is extensive and fascinating. A Greek shipping family created the business, which at first operated a small fleet of sailboats for day tours throughout the Greek islands. The company has operated cruises in locations all over the world as a result of the expansion of its fleet and variety of itineraries throughout the years.

Variety Cruises’ dedication to individualized service and meticulous attention to detail is one of its distinguishing qualities. The small size of the company’s ships and the emphasis on in-depth location exploration reflect its philosophy of providing a more personal and genuine vacation experience.

Variety Cruises, a pioneer in the small ship cruising market today, continues to provide visitors seeking an alternative to the standard big ship cruise experience with distinctive and cutting-edge itineraries.

The Benefits of Small Ship Cruising

The possibility to visit sites in a more personal and meaningful way is one of the key advantages of selecting a small ship vacation like Variety Cruises. You can explore isolated and off-the-beaten-path locations that mass-market cruise lines cannot access since smaller ships can enter ports and harbors that larger ships cannot.

Small ships can also change their itinerary to take advantage of local conditions and opportunities because they are more adaptable. A small ship can frequently modify its itinerary to allow passengers to take part in unique events or festivals that are taking place in a particular location, for instance.

Small ship traveling also offers the advantage of more individualized service and attention to detail. The staff can offer a more customized and individualized experience when there are fewer passengers on board, and they frequently know your requirements and preferences before you even mention them.

The Variety Cruises Fleet

From sleek, contemporary yachts to classic sailing ships, Variety Cruises’ collection of ships is diverse and spectacular. Every ship has a distinctive personality and aesthetic, and they are all made to provide guests with a relaxing and delightful journey.

The Panorama, a three-masted sailboat with enough for 49 passengers, is one of the most well-liked vessels in the Variety Cruises fleet. The Panorama is a gorgeous ship with a large sun deck, classy rooms, and a lovely dining room serving delectable Greek and Mediterranean food.

The Harmony G, a sleek and contemporary yacht with room for up to 44 passengers, is another well-liked vessel in the Variety Cruises fleet. With roomy staterooms, a well-stocked gym, and a lovely outside eating space, the Harmony G is a fantastic option for passengers seeking a more modern and opulent experience.

Group of people swimmingWhat to Expect on a Variety Cruise

In order to provide guests with a diverse and varied vacation experience, a typical Variety Cruise schedule comprises a variety of activities and experiences. Activities may consist of the following, depending on the schedule and the destination:

  • Seeing historic and cultural places, touring nearby towns and cities, and getting to know the locals
  • Taking cooking classes, attending wine tastings, and consuming local food and drink
  • Swimming, snorkeling, and other water activities, such as kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding
  • Soaking in the breathtaking views of the surroundings while unwinding on the deck
  • Traveling to rural villages or ancient ruins as part of cultural and historical trips

In order to make your voyage as pleasant and enjoyable as possible, Variety Cruises also provide a variety of on-board amenities. They may consist of:

  • a large cabin with a private bathroom, air conditioning, and free WiFi
  • a cozy lounge and bar where you may unwind and mingle with other travelers
  • a sun deck with couches, loungers, and a jacuzzi for unwinding and enjoying the scenery
  • a restaurant that serves delectable regional and international food and offers vegetarian and other dietary alternatives
  • a reading area and a game room featuring a variety of puzzles, games, and novels
  • a variety of water sports gear, including kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and snorkeling gear

Choosing the Right Variety Cruise for You

The location, ship type, itinerary, and available activities are just a few of the many things to take into account while selecting a variety cruise. Here are some suggestions to assist you in picking the ideal cruise:

Make a decision regarding the experience you want to have, such as a luxury yacht adventure or a more conventional sailing adventure.

Choose a cruise that visits the locations you are most interested in seeing by taking into account the destination and the schedule.

Make sure the ship’s size and design match your requirements and preferences by inspecting them.

Choose a cruise that offers the experiences you are most interested in by considering the on-board amenities and activities that are available.

Make sure the departure dates work with your trip schedule by checking them.

Ultimately, for tourists seeking a more individualized and intimate travel experience, a Variety Cruise can be a great option. Whether you want an opulent yacht voyage or a classic sailing experience, there is something for everyone with a variety of locations and ships to select from. You may select the ideal Variety Cruise for you and have a really memorable and gratifying travel experience by taking your tastes and needs into account.

Our Top FAQ's

Variety Cruises was founded in the 1960s by a Greek shipping family as a small fleet of sailboats offering day trips around the Greek islands. Over time, the company expanded its fleet and itineraries, and it now operates cruises in destinations all over the world.

Small ship cruising with Variety Cruises offers the ability to explore destinations in a more intimate and meaningful way, access off-the-beaten-path destinations, and receive personalized service and attention to detail from the crew.

The Variety Cruises fleet includes a diverse range of ships, from sleek and modern yachts to traditional sailing vessels. Popular ships include the Panorama, a 3-masted sailboat, and the Harmony G, a modern yacht.

Passengers on a Variety Cruise can expect a range of activities and experiences, such as exploring local towns and cities, participating in cooking classes and wine tastings, swimming and snorkeling, and cultural and historical excursions. On-board amenities may include spacious cabins, a comfortable lounge and bar area, a sun deck with jacuzzi, and a restaurant serving local and international cuisine.

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Variety Cruises - Tahiti Sailing

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Variety Cruises

Tahiti /Papeete to Tahiti/Papeete on board the M/S PANORAMA II

7-Night and 10 to 11 night cruises in the Society Islands: An island-hopping cruise voyage unraveling the wonders of French Polynesia islands. Highlights: Bora Bora, Moorea, Huanine, Tahaa, Raiatea, Tikehau and Rangiroa.

Ferries and Cruises


Tahiti lake


Duration-8 days
  • Travel Period (January to December)
  • Route From (Papeete to Papeete)
  • Boats (Panorama II)
View of a plane's wing and Tahiti islands


Duration-11 days
  • Travel Period (January to December)
  • Route From (Papeete to Papeete)
  • Boats (Panorama II)
Coconut trees and the turqouise waters of Tahiti


Duration-12 days
  • Travel Period (January to December)
  • Route From (Papeete to Papeete)
  • Boats (Panorama II)

Variety Cruises



The Panorama II is a 164 ft Motor Sailer which complies with the latest SOLAS regulations for International Voyages. Her state of the art twin masts with 600 m³ of sails allow safe and comfortable sailing.


Length: 50 m (164 ft)
Launch Year: 2004 (renovated: 2015)
Cabins: 25
Capacity: 49 passengers
Crew: 16-18
The two-mast M/S Panorama II, launched in 2004, carries just 49 passengers and offers high standard accommodation, comfort and safety. This state of the art Motorsailer has performed several Atlantic Ocean crossings, from the Seychelles to Monte Carlo and from the Black Sea to Tunis. The public areas include a main bar and lounge, which was renovated in 2015 to feature wood flooring and new furniture with soft fabrics in warm coral tones. Service on board is provided by your Captain, the Cruise Coordinator and your experienced Marine and Hotel crew members.
Deck Plan

Motor Sailer: PANORAMA II


The M/S Panorama II outside cabins are located at the Upper, Main and Lower decks and are handsomely designed, finished with lustrous wood trims and warm fabrics. They all have marble-appointed en suite bathrooms with showers and are equipped with windows (Upper & Main deck cabins) and portholes (Lower deck cabins). All cabins have individually controlled A/C and fitted with Flat screen TV, telephone (for internal use), hairdryers, mini-fridge, central music, public address system and safe deposit boxes. 4 Main Deck cabins are convertible into 2 suites. 4 Lower deck cabins can be offered as Triple cabins.


During the day life on board centers around the indoor Lounge area and the indoor dining room, as well as the open and inviting deck areas, natural gathering places, perfect for enjoying your meals al fresco, settling into a chair with a good book, or gather with your fellow passengers and enjoy the views of the places you visit. The swim platform on PANORAMA II’s stern enables you to swim off the yacht when weather and anchorage conditions permit.


The main lounge with comfortable sofas has a full-service bar and a plasma TV screen and is the hub of social activities such as the daily briefings on the destinations visited and other gatherings. This area is ideal for enjoying the company of your fellow travelers or simply for reading a good book from the library. The area was beautifully renovated in 2015 to feature wood flooring and new furniture and comfortable sofas with soft fabrics in warm coral tones.


Located on the Lower deck, the indoor dining room seat all passengers in a single, unassigned seating and offer generous buffet space. The aft area at the Upper Deck provides generous semi-covered area where guests can enjoy their meals al fresco in a single, unassigned seating, with wonderful views, weather permitting. Food is served at the table or displayed on the state of the art hot & cold buffets, also including an “a la minute cooking” section. The menu is international, with a focus on local specialties.


The bow area at the Upper deck provides generous space and comfortable sun loungers are available to sunbathe in total comfort.

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