Escapade to Ouvea and Isle of Pines (8 days – 7 nights)

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Embark on a remarkable voyage to the radiant islands of Ouvea and Isle of Pines with our well-curated Ouvea and Isle of Pines Trip. Experience the unparalleled beauty of these gem-like islands nestled in the heart of the Pacific waters of New Caledonia. In Ouvea, often dubbed as the ‘island closest to paradise,’ your senses will be dazzled by endless stretches of powdery white sandy beaches and the iridescent hues of lagoons. This island is a true feast for the eyes. In contrast, the Isle of Pines, known affectionately as the ‘Jewel of the Pacific,’ impresses visitors with its verdant expanse and towering Araucaria pine trees. A splendid visual spectacle awaits you at every turn. Our carefully designed Ouvea and Isle of Pines Trip is packed with awe-inspiring moments. You’ll begin your adventure in the mesmerizing realm of Ouvea. The island greets you with miles of immaculate beaches, inviting you to unwind and soak up the sun. Beyond the sand, the lagoons beckon, teeming with a vibrant array of marine life. Diving and snorkeling enthusiasts will find this underwater spectacle irresistible. Next on your itinerary is the tranquil Isle of Pines. Its crowning glory, the exquisite Oro Bay, is a tranquil oasis offering a respite from the humdrum of life. Further adding to the island’s charm are its intriguing limestone caves, which once served as sanctuaries for ancient Melanesians. Your journey isn’t limited to sightseeing alone. There’s a wealth of cultural experiences awaiting you. Throughout your travels on both islands, you’ll get a chance to delve into the traditional Kanak culture. This intimate exploration allows you to fully appreciate their unique lifestyle. Ouvea and Isle of Pines trip transcends the boundaries of an ordinary vacation. It’s an invitation to a world teeming with natural splendor, cultural richness, and awe-inspiring landscapes. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to experience paradise firsthand. Book your journey today and be prepared to be swept away by the natural and cultural wonders that await.

This package includes the following:
  • Airport to Nouméa Shared Transfer
  • 1 night stay in Le Méridien Noumea Resort & Spa, Classic Garden room
  • Buffet Breakfast Included
  • Hotel to Magenta Airport Bus Transfer
  • Nouméa to Ouvéa Flight
  • Airport to Hotel Minibus Transfer
  • 2 nights stay in Le Paradis d’Ouvéa Hotel, Garden Bungalow
  • Buffet breakfast included
  • Hotel to Ouvéa Airport Minibus Transfer
  • Ouvea to Nouméa Flight
  • Nouméa to Isle of Pines Flight
  • Airport to Hotel Minibus Transfer
  • 2 nights stay in Oure Lodge, Tropical Bungalow
  • Buffet Breakfast Included
  • Hotel to Isle of Pines Flight
  • Airport to Hotel Bus Transfer
  • 1 night stay in Le Méridien Noumea Resort & Spa, Classic Garden room
  • Buffet breakfast Included
  • Hotel to Airport Bus Transfer

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