Tuamotu Hotel

Located in the heart of French Polynesia, the Tuamotu Hotel is an oasis of tranquility and luxury. The hotel’s location on the breathtaking island of Rangiroa guarantees guests a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable stay. Tuamotu Hotel is ideal for those in search of a restful and rejuvenating vacation due to its beautiful beaches, clear waters, and abundance of tropical flora and fauna.


Overwater BungalowsLocation and Lodging


Rangiroa, home to the Tuamotu Hotel, is one of the world’s largest atolls. The hotel is located on the atoll’s southern shore, which features a beautiful lagoon and colorful coral reefs. Visitors can unwind in tranquility thanks to the area’s stunning natural scenery.


The rooms at Tuamotu Hotel are decorated in a classic Polynesian fashion. Both the bungalows and the villas provide guests with a unique and luxurious stay. The bungalows are nestled in tropical gardens and provide easy beach access. The villas have a modern Polynesian aesthetic and are set in an expansive garden. Modern conveniences like air conditioning, private bathrooms, and plush beds can be found in each of the hotel’s rooms.


The outdoor pool is a great amenity for guests of the Tuamotu Hotel. The pool is the perfect place to unwind and take in the scenery, with its breathtaking vistas of the lagoon and the islands beyond.


Adventures and Outings


The natural wonders of Rangiroa can be explored on a variety of excursions offered by the Tuamotu Hotel. The hotel’s staff of knowledgeable guides and instructors are committed to giving each guest an experience they will never forget.


Snorkeling and scuba diving are two of Tuamotu Hotel’s most well-liked pursuits. The hotel provides guided tours so that guests can safely explore the stunning coral reefs that surround the island of Rangiroa. Divers of all experience levels can enjoy these tours, and sightings of a variety of fish, rays, and even sharks are common.


The Blue Lagoon is a popular attraction for visitors to the Tuamotu Hotel. White sand beaches and turquoise water form the lagoon’s backdrop. Visitors can take a boat out to the lagoon and spend the day swimming and lounging in the pristine waters.


Those who would rather stay on dry land can take advantage of the Tuamotu Hotel’s guided hiking and biking tours. Visitors to Rangiroa can enjoy stunning vistas of the lagoon and neighboring islands as they discover the island’s abundant flora and fauna.


seafoodsDining Experience


A meal at Tuamotu Hotel is an experience you won’t forget. The hotel’s restaurant, housed in a traditional Polynesian building adorned with local artwork and carvings, serves a variety of dishes from around the world. The restaurant’s prime location affords guests breathtaking views of the lagoon and the islands beyond.


The seafood at the Tuamotu Hotel’s restaurant is excellent. The hotel’s chefs use only the freshest ingredients to prepare delectable and novel dishes, taking advantage of Rangiroa’s reputation for excellent seafood. Traditional Polynesian dishes are available, such as poisson cru, a dish of raw fish, coconut milk, and vegetables.


There is a bar at the hotel where guests can enjoy a variety of tasty cocktails. The restaurant’s bar can be found on the terrace, where you can take in the breathtaking panorama of the lagoon and the islands beyond. Enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail while watching the sun set over the water with your guests.


Relaxation and Health


The spa and wellness facilities at the Tuamotu Hotel provide an ideal setting in which to unwind and recharge. The hotel’s spa is decorated in a traditional Polynesian style and features relaxing music to help guests unwind.


The spa’s massages, body treatments, and facials are all one-of-a-kind and guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed. Spa goers can select from services like the black pearl facial, which uses the extract of the world-famous Tahitian black pearl to nourish and rejuvenate the skin, or the Polynesian massage, which uses coconut oil and traditional massage techniques to soothe the muscles and promote relaxation.


Yoga and meditation classes are available in addition to the spa services at the Tuamotu Hotel. These classes are held in the tranquil gardens of the hotel, which are ideal for calming the mind and body. Classes are tailored to accommodate students of all skill levels.


The hotel also has a fitness center where guests can work out using a variety of cardio and strength training machines. Guests can work out and maintain their fitness routines while taking in beautiful views of the lagoon from the hotel’s fitness center.


solar panelsConservation and Long-Term Sustainability


The Tuamotu Hotel is an industry leader in green practices and conservation. The hotel understands the significance of protecting Rangiroa’s natural environment, so it works to have as little of an effect on the ecosystem as possible.


The hotel has installed solar panels to generate electricity, has reduced water consumption, and uses environmentally friendly cleaning products, among other sustainable practices. The hotel also features an effective waste management system that makes recycling and composting easy and convenient.


Tuamotu Hotel does all of these things and more, plus they donate to local conservation groups. Through its partnerships with community groups, the hotel contributes to causes like sea turtle and coral reef conservation. Guests have the opportunity to gain knowledge about and engage in these conservation initiatives.


In sum, the Tuamotu Hotel provides a one-of-a-kind, five-star experience for those in search of rest and relaxation amidst breathtaking scenery. Tuamotu Hotel is a must-see for anyone seeking a truly unforgettable vacation due to its wide variety of activities and excursions, delicious dining options, spa and wellness services, and dedication to sustainability.

Our Top FAQ's

The best time of year to visit Tuamotu Hotel is during the dry season, which runs from May to October. During this time, the weather is sunny and pleasant, with lower humidity and less rainfall.

Tuamotu Hotel offers a range of dining options, including a gourmet restaurant, a beachside grill, and a bar. The hotel’s restaurant serves French and Polynesian-inspired cuisine, while the beachside grill offers grilled seafood and other local specialties.

Some popular activities to do at Tuamotu Hotel include snorkeling and diving in the lagoon, taking a boat tour of the island, enjoying spa treatments and yoga classes, and participating in conservation efforts to preserve the natural environment.

Tuamotu Hotel contributes to sustainability and conservation efforts through a range of practices, such as using solar panels for electricity, reducing water usage, and partnering with local organizations to support coral reef restoration and sea turtle conservation. The hotel also has a waste management system in place that includes recycling and composting.

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