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Humanitarian TRAVEL

Volunteer and Service Travel

Far and Away Adventures has a Humanitarian Travel division specializing in travel for people who want to contribute to making the world a better place through person to person interaction. We provide special pricing for individuals who are traveling with the purpose of providing service, volunteering, doing missionary work, helping in orphanages, working toward adoptions and more. We can coordinate travel for individuals and groups of various sizes. We understand that for every dollar saved on travel costs, individuals are able to provide more to the people they serve.

Humanitarian travel to guatemala

Guatemala Humanitarian Travel Opportunities

Open to anyone! For students, families, friendship groups & others interested in a grand learning about and making a difference in Guatemala. We want to take you on a grand experience that will give you an opportunity to serve, to discover and generally really get to know another culture by living and volunteering right alongside in a safe and eye-opening journey.

Humanitarian travel to Nicaragua

Nicaragua Humanitarian Travel Opportunities

Nicaragua Volunteer Vacations

Enjoy a week or two in a remote fishing village of Nicaragua on this exciting Volunteer Vacation. Stay at a Surf Lodge where all meals, surfing, paddleboarding, boogie-boarding lessons and rentals are included. Then spend some time releasing turtles, feeding families, setting up a water filtration system for a family, helping in the nearby community centre, orphanage, elementary school, etc. Stay, play and change the world!

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