The Only Thing You Need to Know About Getting Around Tahiti

Tahiti, the largest island in French Polynesia, beckons travelers with its turquoise waters, volcanic landscapes, and vibrant Polynesian culture. A tropical paradise, it’s a destination that many travelers yearn to explore. But what about getting around Tahiti? This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know, ensuring your time on this breathtaking island is smooth, enjoyable, and unforgettable.


Vehicle passing through a streamThe Basics of Getting Around Tahiti

Transportation Options

Car Rentals

When it comes to getting around Tahiti, renting a car can be the most flexible and convenient option. With a car at your disposal, you can explore at your leisure, without being tied to a schedule. Numerous international and local rental agencies have counters at the airport, with a range of vehicles to suit different budgets. Don’t forget to compare prices and check online reviews before booking. Remember that having a car allows you to explore remote areas, enhancing the experience of getting around Tahiti.

Public Buses

For those on a tight budget, the local bus system is an affordable option for getting around Tahiti. Known as “Le Truck,” these buses are often colorful and offer an authentic way to travel. While cheaper, the bus system may be less convenient due to infrequent schedules and limited routes. It’s ideal for those staying in the main areas and looking for a local experience in getting around Tahiti.

Taxis and Ride-Sharing

Taxis and ride-sharing services like Tahiti Nui are another comfortable way of getting around Tahiti, especially for shorter distances or late-night rides. Although more expensive than buses, they can be a reasonable option when shared with others.


Most of Tahiti’s attractions, including beaches, museums, and markets, are easily accessible. Whether you’re exploring the busy capital of Papeete or the tranquil beaches, getting around Tahiti is generally uncomplicated. Wheelchair accessibility may vary, so it’s best to check ahead if this is a concern.

Tips for Getting Around Tahiti by Car

Road Conditions

Tahiti’s roads are generally in good condition, especially the main coastal road that circles the island. Traffic is light but can become congested near Papeete during peak hours. Road signs are in French but are typically easy to follow. This makes driving and getting around Tahiti a pleasant experience.

Driving Etiquette

Driving in Tahiti follows international norms, with driving on the right-hand side of the road. Seat belts are compulsory, and adhering to the speed limits is essential. Politeness goes a long way in ensuring a smooth experience in getting around Tahiti by car.

Rental Policies

Understanding rental policies is crucial when renting a car. Ensure you have a valid driver’s license, and consider obtaining an International Driving Permit if you’re not a French resident. Full insurance coverage is recommended for peace of mind while getting around Tahiti.

Utilizing Public Transportation for Getting Around Tahiti

Bus System

The public bus system is not only affordable but also a unique cultural experience when getting around Tahiti. The schedules are available at bus stops, hotels, and online. However, keep in mind that buses may not run frequently, especially during weekends or holidays.

Fare and Payment

Fares are paid directly to the driver in cash. Carry small change and note that exact fare might be needed. This economical mode of getting around Tahiti is excellent for short distances and for those eager to engage with local culture.

Safety and Comfort

Public buses are generally safe and used by both locals and tourists. However, they may not offer the same comfort level as private transportation. If convenience and comfort are a priority, consider other options for getting around Tahiti.

A couple driving a red rental carTaxis and Ride-Sharing: A Convenient Way of Getting Around Tahiti


Taxis are readily available, especially in tourist areas. Booking through a hotel or calling a local taxi service is common. Ride-sharing apps add to the convenience of getting around Tahiti without worrying about schedules.


Taxis can be more expensive than other options, but the convenience and comfort often justify the cost. Always agree on a fare before the journey begins, or ensure the meter is running to avoid misunderstandings while getting around Tahiti.


Hailing taxis on the street, booking over the phone, or using ride-sharing apps makes this option adaptable and stress-free. Consider this option for late-night travel or when a tailored approach to getting around Tahiti is desired.

Outdoor Activities and Getting Around Tahiti


Tahiti offers breathtaking hiking trails for all levels. From waterfall hikes to volcanic mountain treks, a rental car or taxi may be the best way to reach these trailheads. Plan ahead to ensure a seamless experience in getting around Tahiti for hiking adventures.

Water Activities

Exploring the waters around Tahiti is a must. Local operators offer tours for snorkeling, diving, and boat trips. Usually, they provide pick-ups from your accommodation, simplifying the process of getting around Tahiti for these activities.

Exploring Other Islands

If you’re interested in visiting neighboring islands like Moorea or Bora Bora, ferry services and domestic flights are available. Check schedules and book in advance to make this part of getting around Tahiti as smooth as possible.

Exploring Tahiti’s Culinary Scene While Getting Around Tahiti

Local Markets

Exploring local markets is an essential part of getting around Tahiti. From fresh tropical fruits to local crafts, visiting these markets provides insight into Tahitian culture. Public transportation or taxis are convenient ways to reach these bustling hubs.

Dining Options

Tahiti offers a range of dining experiences, from high-end restaurants to roadside food trucks. Getting around Tahiti for culinary delights is easy with rental cars, allowing you to explore hidden gems and indulge in authentic Polynesian flavors.

Food Tours

Several companies offer food tours, providing transportation and a guided exploration of Tahiti’s gastronomy. This is a hassle-free way of getting around Tahiti to enjoy its culinary highlights and taste unique local dishes.

Discovering Tahiti’s Cultural MuseumHeritage While Getting Around Tahiti

Museums and Historical Sites

Tahiti boasts several museums and historical sites that showcase its rich cultural heritage. Getting around Tahiti to explore these attractions is easily achieved through public transportation or guided tours, providing education and entertainment.

Polynesian Dance and Music Shows

Experience traditional Polynesian dance and music shows, commonly found in resorts or cultural centers. Many offer transportation options, simplifying the process of getting around Tahiti for these enchanting cultural experiences.

Craftsmanship and Art

The unique craftsmanship and artistry of Tahiti can be found in local shops, markets, and galleries. As part of your journey in getting around Tahiti, take time to appreciate these artistic expressions, reflecting the soul of the island.

Health and Safety Considerations While Getting Around Tahiti

Medical Facilities

Understanding the location of medical facilities and pharmacies is vital for any traveler. Whether using public transportation or a rental car, knowing these essential spots aids in getting around Tahiti with confidence and peace of mind.

Road Safety

While getting around Tahiti by car, adhere to local road safety rules and be mindful of other drivers. Awareness and precautionary measures contribute to a secure and enjoyable driving experience.

Emergency Numbers

Familiarize yourself with local emergency numbers and keep them handy. Quick access to emergency services adds an extra layer of security while getting around Tahiti, enhancing your overall comfort and well-being.

Embrace the Journey

Getting around Tahiti is more than merely a logistical concern; it’s a part of the exploration, adventure, and cultural immersion that defines a trip to this stunning island. Whether it’s the scenic drives, the lively market visits, the culinary delights, or the cultural connections, every aspect of transportation contributes to the richness of your Tahitian experience. By understanding and embracing the various options for getting around Tahiti, you’re not just moving from point A to point B; you’re opening doors to deeper discoveries, connections, and memories. Let the tropical breeze guide you as you navigate this paradise, knowing that the joy of the journey is interwoven with the beauty of the destination. Enjoy every moment as you make getting around Tahiti an integral part of your unforgettable South Pacific adventure. Book Far and Away Adventure’s latest packages today!

Our Top FAQ's

The primary transportation options for getting around Tahiti include renting a car, utilizing public buses, and using taxis or ride-sharing services. Rental cars offer flexibility, public buses are budget-friendly, and taxis provide convenience.

While a valid driver’s license is required, an International Driving Permit (IDP) is recommended for non-French residents. It’s best to check with the rental agency about specific requirements for getting around Tahiti by car.

Travelers can explore Tahiti’s culinary scene by visiting local markets, dining at various restaurants and food trucks, or participating in food tours. Transportation options like rental cars, taxis, and public transportation make it easy to indulge in local flavors.

Yes, Tahiti’s cultural heritage can be explored through visits to museums, historical sites, Polynesian dance and music shows, and local art galleries. Many attractions are easily accessible by public transportation or guided tours.

Travelers should be aware of the locations of medical facilities and pharmacies, adhere to road safety rules when driving, and familiarize themselves with local emergency numbers for a secure experience while getting around Tahiti.

Yes, public buses, known as “Le Truck,” are a budget-friendly option for getting around Tahiti. They provide an affordable and authentic local experience but may have limited schedules and routes.

Yes, travelers can explore neighboring islands like Moorea or Bora Bora by taking ferry services or domestic flights. Booking in advance ensures a smooth transition while getting around Tahiti and its neighboring islands.

Local operators offer various water activities, including snorkeling, diving, and boat trips. Many provide transportation from accommodations, making getting around Tahiti for water activities easy and convenient.

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