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On the exclusive island of Tetiaroa in French Polynesia, The Brando Resort has established itself as a top choice for travelers seeking luxury, seclusion, and sustainability. This eco-resort, which Marlon Brando previously owned, provides visitors with an unmatched glimpse into a tropical paradise while minimizing its negative environmental effects. We’ll go into Brando Tahiti reviews in this post and look at the resort’s five main features: location, lodging, food, activities, and sustainability.


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One of the resort’s distinguishing characteristics is its position on the exclusive island of Tetiaroa in French Polynesia. Marlon Brando previously owned the island after falling in love with its scenic splendor in 1962 while filming Mutiny on the Bounty. Following his passing, the island was turned into a wildlife reserve and eco-resort, providing visitors with a unique chance to enjoy an undeveloped tropical paradise.


Twelve tiny islets make up the chain of Tetiaroa, and each has an own environment. On Onetahi, the biggest of these islets, which has a lush interior full of coconut groves, unique flowers, and dense flora, is where you’ll find the Brando Resort. White sand beaches, waters that are crystal clear, and an abundance of marine life along the island’s outer reaches.


Visitors must take a quick journey on a private aircraft run by the hotel from Tahiti to get to the Brando. During the about 20-minute trip, passengers may take in the breathtaking aerial views of the atoll. When they arrive, visitors are greeted in the traditional Polynesian manner and driven in a golf cart to their villas.


The resort frequently receives good reviews from visitors, who call it a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Many emphasize the island’s exclusivity and solitude, which enables them to completely unplug from the outer world and fully immerse themselves in nature. Others laud the island’s gorgeous beaches, blue oceans, and diverse animals for their natural beauty.




The villas at The Brando Resort are among the most opulent in French Polynesia. A private pool, direct beach access, and an outdoor bathtub are features of each of the resort’s 35 villas. The villas’ one- to three-bedroom layouts combine modern design with classic Polynesian elements. The villas are furnished with contemporary conveniences including Bose sound systems, high-speed internet, and air conditioning.


The homes are dispersed over the island, each providing a distinctive view of the surroundings. While some homes have unimpeded views of the ocean, others are tucked away amid coconut groves. All homes are built with high walls and lush landscaping to ensure optimum privacy for visitors.


The majority of reviews for the hotel are favorable, with visitors repeatedly praising the villas’ opulent facilities and breathtaking vistas. Many people praise the villas for being roomy and cozy, with thoughtful extras like a complementary sunscreen and daily fruit box. Others praise the high caliber of the furnishings and the meticulous attention to design.




Two restaurants, each featuring Polynesian-inspired food produced with locally sourced ingredients, are available to guests at The Brando Resort. A beach bar and in-villa dining options are also available at the resort. Daily menu changes place a focus on fresh fish and produce.


Les Mutinés, the resort’s primary dining establishment, is close to the beach and has both indoor and outdoor seating. The menu of the restaurant offers meals such grilled lobster with vanilla sauce and Tahitian poisson cru (raw fish marinated in coconut milk). Lighter fare including salads, sandwiches, and pizza are offered at the Beachcomber Cafe, which is situated close to the pool. The “Brando Burger,” which is produced with local beef and served on a handmade bun, is the restaurant’s specialty.


Customers consistently praise the high quality of the food, the attentive service, and the scenic environment in their reviews of the dining experience. Many draw attention to the resort’s dedication to employing regional ingredients, which produces dishes that are tasty and vibrant. Others draw attention to the diversity of eating alternatives, which give visitors the option of a more formal dining setting or a more relaxed beachside lunch.




The Brando Resort provides visitors with a variety of on-land and aquatic activities. Along with a spa, fitness center, tennis court, and a selection of water sports gear like kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and snorkeling supplies, the resort has all of these amenities. The resort also provides cultural tours, birding excursions, and guided walks.


Exploring the local marine ecosystem is one of the best parts of staying at the Brando Resort. In order to explore the coral reefs and get up close to a variety of marine life, including sea turtles, reef sharks, and vibrant tropical fish, the resort’s on-site marine scientist takes tourists on snorkeling and diving excursions. Additionally, the resort offers fishing trips so that visitors can try their luck at catching tuna, mahi-mahi, and other game species.


The Brando Resort’s activities have received overwhelmingly good reviews from visitors, who praise the astounding variety of alternatives and exceptional quality of the experiences. The marine excursions, which provide a rare chance to observe a pristine coral reef habitat, are frequently highlighted. Others praise the resort’s competent and enthusiastic guides and teachers, who excel in their specialized disciplines.


Tahitian locals' street performanceService


The Brando Resort takes great satisfaction in offering its visitors first-rate service. The staff at the resort treats visitors with warmth and kindness from the minute they arrive. Because of the resort’s high staff-to-guest ratio, every visitor receives individualized care throughout their stay.


Customers frequently give the Brando Resort’s employees high marks for their professionalism, attentiveness, and amiable nature. Many people emphasize the little things, like the daily delivery of fresh fruit and the handwritten note left in the room each night. Others praise the staff for going above and beyond to make visitors’ stays unforgettable, noting instances like setting up surprise romantic dinners on the beach or private yoga sessions.




Customers frequently give the Brando Resort high marks, praising its breathtaking setting, opulent lodging, outstanding cuisine, variety of activities, and attentive service. Even though some tourists may find the resort’s exclusivity and high cost burdensome, those who can afford to stay there are likely to enjoy a memorable experience. A significant lure of the resort is its dedication to sustainability and environmental friendliness, which gives visitors the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping to protect one of the world’s most stunning and vulnerable ecosystems while they are there.

Our Top FAQ's

The Brando Resort is a luxury resort with rates starting at around $2,500 USD per night.

The Brando Resort is committed to eco-friendliness and sustainability, with efforts including the use of renewable energy sources, conservation of water and wildlife, and support for local conservation efforts.

The Brando Resort offers a wide range of activities, including spa treatments, fitness classes, tennis, water sports, hiking, cultural tours, and marine excursions.

Reviews of the service at the Brando Resort are consistently positive, with guests praising the staff’s attentiveness, professionalism, and friendly demeanor, as well as their willingness to go above and beyond to make guests’ experiences memorable.

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