The Brando Tahiti Restaurant

On the exclusive island of Tetiaroa in French Polynesia, there is a magnificent eco-friendly resort called The Brando Tahiti Resort. With its immaculate white sand beaches and blue waters, the resort provides its visitors with an unmatched level of luxury and leisure. The Brando is a top-notch place for dining, but it delivers an excellent culinary experience that will please even the most discriminating foodie. Its restaurant is simply called The Brando. The Brando Tahiti Restaurant’s history, menu, ambiance, service, and sustainability initiatives will all be covered in this page.


RestaurantLocation: A Culinary Oasis in Paradise


On the private island of Tetiaroa, a magnificent atoll in French Polynesia, is the Brando Tahiti Restaurant. Formerly a retreat for Tahitian nobility, the island was later bought by Hollywood star Marlon Brando after he fell in love with its unspoiled landscape and clear waters. The Brando resort, an opulent eco-resort that provides visitors with a private and exclusive hideaway surrounded by blue lagoons, lush flora, and white sandy beaches, is now located on the island.


The restaurant is situated on the edge of a serene lagoon and is encircled by lush tropical landscaping and swaying palm trees. Due to its open layout, patrons can eat outside and take in the breathtaking vistas and cool sea wind. Natural elements like wood, stone, and bamboo are tastefully used to create the restaurant’s décor, fusing contemporary elegance with Polynesian history.


Menu: A Tour of Polynesia’s Cuisine


The cuisine of The Brando Tahiti Restaurant takes diners on a gastronomic tour through Polynesia, exhibiting the region’s many culinary customs and tastes. On the menu, you’ll find both traditional Polynesian fare like poisson cru (marinated raw fish) and grilled mahi-mahi, as well as creative meals that combine regional ingredients with global cooking methods.


The lobster and vanilla soup, which showcases the island’s plentiful lobster and the fragrant vanilla that thrives on its fertile soils, is one of the restaurant’s hallmark dishes. Fresh lobster meat, Tahitian vanilla, coconut cream, and a hint of spice are combined in this meal to create a rich, savory soup that is both familiar and unusual.


The grilled octopus, which is cooked in a flavorful miso sauce and served with regional veggies and a cool papaya salad, is another delectable option. The octopus is perfectly prepared—tender, smokey, and with just the right amount of crunch—and the miso sauce offers a strong umami taste to counteract the sweetness of the papaya.


A variety of vegetarian and vegan alternatives are also available at the restaurant, including the vegetable curry, which is prepared using local, fresh produce and coconut milk, and the quinoa salad, which has a vibrant combination of veggies, fruits, and nuts.


Ambience: An Elegant Yet Calm Setting


The Brando Tahiti Restaurant’s ambiance combines elegance and informality to create a warm and inviting space that is appropriate for both formal and informal dining. The restaurant is drenched in natural light throughout the day, which enhances the tropical settings by generating a happy and upbeat atmosphere. Beachwear and sports attire are not allowed, however guests are advised to dress comfortably in resort attire.


With dark lighting and live music, the restaurant is transformed into a cozy and romantic setting in the evening. The bar serves a variety of tropical beverages and has a large wine list with wines from all around the world. Guests can enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail there.


Natural elements like wood, bamboo, and stone are used in the restaurant’s decor to create a tasteful fusion of contemporary luxury and traditional Polynesian architecture. The restaurant’s open-air layout gives customers breathtaking views of the lagoon and tropical gardens as they eat, making for a distinctive dining experience that is both cozy and in tune with nature.


Great service from the Resort’s friendly local staffService: Exemplary Hospitality


Service at The Brando Tahiti Restaurant is first-rate, and the staff members are cordial, considerate, and knowledgeable. The wait staff at the restaurant is knowledgeable about the food and can provide recommendations depending on patron preferences. The restaurant is a great place for special occasions because it also provides unique dining experiences, such as exclusive meals on the beach or in a private garden.


The sommelier of the restaurant is also on hand to offer knowledgeable suggestions for wine pairing, making sure that each meal is paired with the ideal wine. The restaurant’s wide wine list, which includes a variety of regional and international wines, as well as some uncommon and difficult-to-find bottles, can be navigated by diners with the help of the sommelier.


The staff is always there to help customers with any particular requests or needs, so the restaurant’s friendliness goes beyond just the eating experience. The staff at the restaurant is always ready to assist visitors in making the most of their time on the island, whether it be by setting up transportation, making activity reservations, or making recommendations for nearby sights and attractions.


Sustainability: An Environmental Commitment


The Brando Tahiti Restaurant is dedicated to sustainability, placing a priority on using organic, locally-sourced, and seasonally-available foods, minimizing waste, and lowering the restaurant’s carbon impact. The restaurant’s chefs collaborate directly with nearby farmers and fisherman to find the freshest, most sustainably produced products, making each dish not only scrumptious but also healthy for the environment.


The menu at the restaurant is created to reduce food waste, and the chefs make full use of the ingredients they buy. For instance, the rich and savory lobster bisque is made from the shells and heads of the lobster, while flavorful stocks and broths are created from the vegetable scraps.


Additionally, the restaurant practices eco-friendly methods including recycling, composting, and using biodegradable and recyclable products whenever feasible. The water used by the restaurant is supplied by a desalination facility that relies on renewable energy, ensuring that its water use is sustainable and doesn’t impact the neighborhood ecosystem.


Additionally, The Brando resort is an environmentally friendly resort that was built with little regard for the environment. The resort features a coral nursery to rebuild the local coral reefs and uses solar energy and coconut oil to produce electricity. It also uses rainwater and treated sewage for irrigation.




A distinctive culinary experience that blends Polynesian culture with contemporary elegance is available at the Brando Tahiti Restaurant. The restaurant is situated on the exclusive island of Tetiaroa, surrounded by white sandy beaches and turquoise lagoons, and its environment is both formal and laid-back, making it feel warm and appealing to visitors. The meals on the menu highlight the region’s many different culinary traditions by utilizing fresh, local, seasonal, and sustainable products. The restaurant is the perfect place for a special dining experience in paradise because of its exceptional service and dedication to sustainability.

Our Top FAQ's

The restaurant’s menu is a combination of traditional Polynesian cuisine and modern international flavors, using local and seasonal ingredients sourced from nearby farmers and fishermen.

The restaurant is committed to sustainability, using eco-friendly practices such as composting, recycling, and using renewable energy sources. The menu also minimizes waste, using every part of the ingredients and sourcing sustainable seafood options.

The dress code is smart casual, with a focus on comfortable and elegant attire that is appropriate for the restaurant’s tropical setting.

The sommelier is responsible for curating the restaurant’s wine list and providing wine pairing recommendations for each dish. They are knowledgeable about the restaurant’s extensive selection of local and international wines, including rare and hard-to-find bottles.

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