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Tahiti’s private atoll of Tetiaroa is home to the luxurious resort The Brando, which is well-known for its devotion to sustainable principles and its breathtaking natural setting. Guests can indulge in the pinnacle of leisure and luxury thanks to the variety of available lodgings, recreational opportunities, and culinary delights. However, such a luxurious excursion does not come cheap, and in this article we will examine the many components of the price tag at The Brando Tahiti.


Bungalow over water with a birdCosts and Options for Lodging


In order to provide visitors with a memorable stay while reducing the resort’s environmental effect, The Brando features a variety of eco-friendly, high-end rooms. Each unit features a private pool, air conditioning, and other modern conveniences. Villas with one or two bedrooms, as well as multi-bedroom apartments, are available at the resort, with rates ranging by season and room size.


Prices for a one-bedroom villa in the off-season (January through March and November through December) start at roughly $2,500 per night, while the highest-end house in high season (April through October) can cost more than $10,000 per night. All meals and activities in the resort’s restaurants (breakfast, lunch, and supper) are included in the price. Guests can take advantage of the free use of bicycles and snorkel gear so they can discover the stunning landscape of Tetiaroa at their own pace.


Guests of the two-bedroom villas and apartments have access to a private beach as well as a personal chef and butler. During the high season, the most expensive villa can cost more than $30,000 per night. Off-season, a two-bedroom villa can be rented for roughly $5,000 per night.


Although expensive, lodgings are built with environmental responsibility in mind. The resort’s villas and homes feature eco-friendly features including LED lighting and appliances made from sustainable materials like bamboo and coconut wood. The resort’s villas and condos can also take advantage of the ocean’s natural cooling capabilities thanks to the resort’s seawater air conditioning system.


Choices and Prices for Meals


Guests at The Brando can choose from a variety of restaurants, all of which are committed to providing an exceptional dining experience. Fresh, local foods, such as seafood collected by local fishermen and vegetables grown in the resort’s organic garden, are used in the resort’s restaurants. The resort also provides the option for guests to dine in the privacy of their own villas with the in-villa dining service.


The Beachcomber Café is open for breakfast, lunch, and supper and is the resort’s major dining option. Grilled fish, sushi, and salads are just some of the foreign and Polynesian options on the menu. Most dishes cost between $20 and $40, making the Beachcomber Café an affordable option. The bar serves a wide selection of alcoholic beverages, including cocktails, beer, and wine.


Les Mutinés by Guy Martin is the resort’s fine-dining restaurant, perfect for those looking for a more formal meal. The restaurant offers a tasting menu of seven courses that combines French and Polynesian cuisines. One of the most expensive dining options at the resort, the tasting menu begins at roughly $200 per person. However, diners can rest assured that they are in for something genuinely special thanks to the dishes’ careful preparation and presentation.


Breakfast in the villa starts at around $50 per person and dinner for two can cost more than $100 per person, all of which are charged in addition to the room rate. There is a wide selection of seafood, pasta, and meat entrees, as well as desserts and drinks, for guests to pick from. Guests can work with the resort’s chefs to design a custom meal based on their preferences and dietary restrictions.


Adventures and Outings


Guests at The Brando can choose from a variety of excursions and activities that highlight the natural beauty of Tetiaroa and French Polynesian culture. The resort’s accommodation fees cover a lot of these activities, although there are some that cost extra.


Snorkeling is a favorite among resort guests. Visitors to Tetiaroa can swim with tropical fish, snorkel with stingrays, and dive with sea turtles in the vibrant coral reefs that surround the island. Free snorkeling gear is available at the resort, and guided snorkeling tours are available for a fee.


Kayaking is another well-liked pastime. Paddling across Tetiaroa’s lagoons and coves is a popular activity for resort guests. The resort rents out kayaks at no cost and even conducts guided tours for an extra price.


Hiking, motorcycling, and bird viewing are just a few of the land-based pursuits available at this resort. The island’s beautiful forests are teeming with wildlife, including the critically endangered Tahitian Monarch butterfly.


Guests can immerse themselves in French Polynesian culture by participating in the resort’s cultural programs. Workshops in traditional Polynesian arts and crafts, like as weaving and woodcarving, are also available to visitors.


The resort’s spa provides a variety of pampering services, such as massages, facials, and body scrubs, for people who wish to take some time for themselves. Spa goers may expect to feel pampered and refreshed thanks to the usage of all-natural ingredients like coconut oil and Tahitian black pearl powder.


solar panels on the roofConservation Efforts


Brando’s dedication to environmental preservation is one of its distinguishing characteristics. The resort was planned with sustainability and community involvement in mind.


The resort uses a number of eco-friendly methods to lessen its impact on the environment, such as solar panels for power and an air conditioning system that uses seawater to chill the villas and apartments. The resort’s restaurants no longer have to rely on expensive food imports thanks to the resort’s organic garden.


The resort is dedicated to giving back to the neighborhood as well. The majority of the resort’s nearly 200 employees are locals from the surrounding islands. The resort also gives back to the community by purchasing food and supplies from regional suppliers including fishermen and farmers.


Several environmental protection programs are supported by the resort. The resort collaborates with community groups to preserve Tetiaroa’s avifauna and the coral reefs that sustain it. The resort is also involved in sustainability and renewable energy studies.


The Eco-Station provides information on the resort’s sustainable practices and conducts tours of the organic garden and renewable energy systems so that guests may learn more about the resort’s commitment to sustainability.


Transportation and Location


The Brando is found in the French Polynesian private atoll of Tetiaroa. The resort’s own plane will take you there in about 20 minutes; the atoll is just 30 miles north of Tahiti.


The resort’s private plane, a Britten-Norman Islander with seating for eight, takes off and lands at Tetiaroa’s private runway through Tahiti’s Faa’a International Airport. The flight over Tetiaroa’s azure waters and verdant woodlands is included in the cost of a night at the resort.


Guests can also rent out the resort’s excursion boats to cruise about Tetiaroa and the surrounding islands. The boats can be utilized for island hopping, snorkeling, and fishing, among other things.


You may rest confident that, despite the hotel’s out-of-the-way position, all of the conveniences and services you require will be at your disposal. Guests may keep in touch with their loved ones back home thanks to the resort’s ubiquitous Wi-Fi. In addition to a business center, the resort features a gift shop where guests can purchase a range of souvenirs and necessities.




Unique and sumptuous, a stay at The Brando is an experience you won’t forget. The Brando is a sustainable resort in French Polynesia that boasts a gorgeous position on a private lagoon with exquisite villas.


Everything from lounging on the beach to discovering the island’s natural beauty to immersing oneself in Polynesian culture is available to guests of The Brando. Guests may rest easy knowing that they are helping to ensure a brighter future for French Polynesia’s environment and its people thanks to the hotel’s dedication to sustainability and support of the local community.


When it comes to eco-friendly, high-end resorts in the tropics, The Brando is hard to beat. While a stay at The Brando may not be cheap, the memories and experiences you’ll take away are well worth it.

Our Top FAQ's

The price range for a stay at The Brando Tahiti varies depending on the season and type of accommodation, but generally starts at around $3,000 per night and can go up to over $15,000 per night for the most luxurious villas.

The Brando Tahiti offers a variety of activities, including snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, biking, bird watching, Polynesian dance and music performances, crafts workshops, and spa treatments.

The Brando Tahiti is committed to sustainability and uses practices such as solar panels and a seawater air conditioning system to reduce its carbon footprint. The resort also has an organic garden and supports local businesses, and is involved in conservation efforts to protect the surrounding marine life and bird species.

The Brando Tahiti is located on a private atoll in French Polynesia and can only be accessed by the resort’s private plane, which departs from Tahiti’s Faa’a International Airport and lands on the atoll’s private airstrip. The flight is included in the room rate for guests staying at the resort.

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