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French Polynesia’s Tetiaroa atoll is home to the exclusive Brando private island resort. Beautiful coral reefs, beautiful waters, and white sand beaches characterize this tropical paradise. The Brando is a favorite getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and with good reason. Whether you’re interested in staying at Brando Tahiti or simply visiting the island, you’ll find useful information here.


Pool at the bungalowThe Brando’s Rooms and Suites


The suites of The Brando are outfitted to provide visitors the best in comfort and elegance. The open floor plans and ocean vistas of each house were designed with the island’s natural splendor in mind. The villas may accommodate two people in one bedroom, four people in two bedrooms, or eight people in three bedrooms.


The wide living areas, private plunge pools, and outdoor showers in the villas’ single bedrooms make them ideal for lone or pair travelers alike. The two-bedroom villas have their own plunge pools and outdoor showers, making them perfect for families or small groups. Even more space is available in the three-bedroom villas, which feature spacious living areas, several bedrooms and bathrooms, and private pools.


Modern conveniences such as air conditioning, wireless Internet access, and flat-screen televisions can be found in each of The Brando’s villas. A Nespresso coffee machine, tea bags, and a stocked minibar can be found in each villa as well. The resort’s carbon impact is minimized because of the villas’ eco-friendly design; solar panels provide electricity, while air conditioning is powered by seawater. The resort’s lush gardens benefit from the villas’ water filtration systems, which reuse and purify water from the island.


The Brando Restaurant


The Brando offers a one-of-a-kind dining adventure. The resort’s main restaurant, Les Mutinés, offers a fine-dining experience with a focus on French-inspired food produced using locally-sourced ingredients. In a laid-back, seaside atmosphere, the Beachcomber Café dishes up burgers, sandwiches, and salads. At Nami Teppanyaki, diners get a front-row seat to their food’s creation, making for a really unforgettable meal.


Private dining on the beach is available at The Brando for those wishing to impress a special someone. Under the stars and the soft soundtrack of lapping waves, you can have a romantic candlelit meal. The resort also provides in-villa dining, so guests may relax in the privacy of their own villa while enjoying a meal.


Brando is proud of its eco-friendly practices, which include buying local produce and recycling as much as possible. In order to get their hands on the freshest foods possible, the resort’s chefs collaborate closely with regional farmers and fishermen.


Couple paddleboardingActivities at The Brando


Staying engaged at The Brando is easy thanks to the many options available. The resort features a fully-equipped fitness facility, as well as tennis and basketball courts, for guests who wish to maintain an active lifestyle while on vacation. Water sports like snorkeling, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding are also available.


The Brando provides tours of Tetiaroa’s flora and fauna for those interested in the island’s scenic landscape. You can go snorkeling among the reefs or on a trek through the island’s dense woodlands. The resort also has an on-site marine biologist who can answer any questions you may have regarding the island’s aquatic life.


The Brando’s Varua Polynesian Spa provides a variety of relaxing spa treatments for guests. Traditional Polynesian massage techniques like lomilomi and taurumi are used by the spa’s therapists to alleviate muscle tension and help the body return to a state of equilibrium. Yoga and meditation classes are also available at the spa to assist customers find calm inside.


The Brando’s Relaxing Spa Services


At The Brando’s Varua Polynesian Spa, guests can indulge in a variety of restorative services for both body and mind.


The spa is positioned in a serene environment, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, and was built using natural materials like wood and stone to promote relaxation. The therapists at the spa combine modern techniques with ancient Polynesian practices to create an unforgettable and individualized session.


The Varua Massage is the spa’s most popular service; it fuses lomilomi, taurumi, and Swedish massage styles. The goal of this massage is to reduce muscle tension and boost blood flow, resulting in a calm and revitalizing state of mind. In addition to standard Swedish massage, the spa also provides deep tissue, hot stone, and prenatal massage.


The spa provides more than just massages; they also provide other body treatments like scrubs and wraps. Exfoliate your skin with the use of coconut oil, sea salt, and essential oils with the help of the Taurumi Exfoliating Scrub. Natural ingredients like coconut, papaya, and pineapple are used in the spa’s body wraps to hydrate and nourish the skin.


Facial treatments are available at the Varua Polynesian Spa and feature the use of all-natural materials for cleansing, toning, and moisturizing the skin. Facials at the spa are tailored to each individual’s skin and include a combination of massage, acupressure, and other techniques to increase blood flow, alleviate stress, and leave you feeling rejuvenated.


If you’re seeking for a place to unwind in a stunning environment, the Varua Polynesian Spa at The Brando is where you want to be. The spa is unique among high-end spas due to its dedication to individualized care, natural ingredients, and environmental responsibility.


Brando’s Commitment to Sustainability


The Brando is community- and environmentally-focused and strives to be as sustainable as possible. The resort uses solar panels and air conditioning powered by seawater to minimize its environmental impact. In order to reuse the water from the island in the resort’s gardens, it has its own water purification system.


The Brando’s dining services are also environmentally conscious, with an emphasis on using locally produced ingredients and reducing food waste. In order to get their hands on the freshest foods possible, the resort’s chefs collaborate closely with regional farmers and fishermen.


Brando is also committed to helping the neighborhood around it. The resort collaborates with community groups to advance educational opportunities, environmental protection, and cultural preservation on Tetiaroa. Many locals are employed by the resort, and the resort also offers training and job possibilities to locals.


Brando’s overall objective includes a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility. Because of its eco-friendly policies and commitment to the local community, this resort is a good option for socially and environmentally conscious vacationers.


In conclusion, The Brando is a five-star eco-resort in the South Pacific, complete with breathtaking scenery, high-end facilities, and attentive staff. The Brando is a great place to stay whether you want to relax on a beautiful beach, discover a coral reef, or pamper yourself at a spa. Brando’s dedication to environmental preservation and participation in the local community make it a moral and thoughtful option for ecotourists and community supporters alike.


Our Top FAQ's

To get to The Brando, you must take a 20-minute private plane ride from the island of Tahiti.

The best time to visit The Brando is between May and October, during the dry season when the weather is mild and the ocean is calm.

The Brando incorporates many eco-friendly practices, such as using solar panels, seawater air conditioning, and its own water filtration system to reduce its carbon footprint. The resort also has composting and recycling programs to minimize waste.

The Varua Polynesian Spa at The Brando offers personalized treatments using natural and organic products, incorporating traditional Polynesian techniques alongside modern methods. The spa is also located in a serene setting surrounded by lush gardens, providing a tranquil atmosphere for relaxation and rejuvenation.

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