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The Best Molokai Day Trips

Molokai, one of Hawaii’s lesser-known islands, offers a wealth of natural beauty and cultural experiences for visitors. From lush valleys and pristine beaches to historical parks and scenic overlooks, Molokai is the perfect destination for day trips that will leave you with lasting memories. Here are some of the best day trips you can take on this enchanting island.

Key Takeaways

  • Halawa Valley offers a glimpse into Molokai’s rich history and lush landscapes.
  • Papohaku Beach is one of Hawaii’s largest white sand beaches, perfect for relaxation.
  • Kalaupapa National Historical Park provides a poignant look at the island’s past.
  • Molokai Forest Reserve is ideal for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers.
  • Molokai Ocean Tours offer unique marine experiences, including snorkeling and whale watching.

1. Halawa Valley

Halawa Valley, located on the East End of Molokai, is a must-visit for those looking to explore Molokai’s adventure trails. This valley is home to the island’s earliest settlement and the breathtakingly beautiful 250-foot Mooula Falls. A guided tour or authorized escort is required to go beyond Halawa Beach Park into the valley. Pilipo Solatorio’s 4-hour, culturally focused tours start with traditional Hawaiian protocol and are the most renowned. Kalani Pruet offers Halawa Valley tours paired with a visit to his flower farm, providing a unique blend of nature and culture. The 4-mile hike through the valley takes roughly 4-5 hours, making it ideal for those with a couple of days to spare. Hike with caution and proper gear for a rewarding experience.

2. Papohaku Beach

seashore during golden hour

Papohaku Beach, located on the western side of Molokai, is one of the largest white sand beaches in all of Hawaii. This expansive beach stretches for nearly three miles, offering plenty of space for visitors to relax and enjoy the serene environment. Despite its size, Papohaku Beach remains relatively uncrowded, making it a perfect spot for those seeking tranquility.

Facilities at Papohaku Beach include restrooms and picnic tables, making it a convenient location for a day trip. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely picnic while taking in the stunning views of the ocean. The beach is also ideal for beachcombing, sunbathing, and swimming, although the waters can sometimes be rough.

For those interested in exploring further, the nearby Palaau State Park offers a viewpoint of the Kaluapapa Peninsula, providing a less intrusive way to appreciate the beauty of the area. Whether you’re looking to relax on the sand or explore the surrounding nature, Papohaku Beach is a must-visit destination on Molokai.

3. Kalaupapa National Historical Park

Kalaupapa National Historical Park offers a unique glimpse into Hawaii’s past, particularly the poignant history of the leprosy settlement. Visitors must be accompanied by a guide to explore this restricted area, ensuring both safety and preservation of the site. The park is accessible via a challenging 2.9-mile hike down a 1700′ sea cliff or by a small plane. Once there, you can tour the park with local guides who share incredible stories of struggle, courage, and love. Highlights include Father Damien’s St. Philomena Church and his early grave site. For those looking to appreciate the beauty of the Kalaupapa Peninsula without the hike, the viewpoint at Palaau State Park offers stunning vistas.

4. Molokai Forest Reserve

trees on forest with sun rays

The Molokai Forest Reserve is a hidden gem for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. This nearly inaccessible upland forest offers a rare glimpse into Molokai’s untouched natural beauty. The expert local guides use 4WD vehicles to navigate the rugged terrain, making it an exciting and unique experience. The reserve is home to the dramatic Waikolu Canyon Overlook, providing breathtaking views that are worth the journey. Additionally, visitors can explore a massive ship-size pit dug during the early-19th-century, adding a historical element to the adventure.

For those interested in a more structured experience, Molokai Ocean Tours offers a 6-hour Mountain Cultural Tour. This tour not only covers the Molokai Forest Reserve but also includes other natural and historic sites, making it a comprehensive way to explore the island’s rich heritage. The tour is priced at $184 and includes lunch, ensuring you have the energy to fully enjoy the day.

Molokai’s cultural festivals offer a rich tapestry of Hawaiian heritage with ancient ceremonies, hula performances, and traditional events throughout the year. Plan ahead for a unique cultural experience.

5. Waikolu Canyon Overlook

a road going through a valley

Waikolu Canyon Overlook, located within the Molokai Forest Reserve, offers one of the most breathtaking viewpoints on the island. This dramatic overlook provides panoramic vistas of the lush Waikolu Valley and the rugged sea cliffs that define Molokai’s northern coast. The overlook is part of a larger area that was historically significant during the early-19th-century sandalwood trade, where a massive ship-size pit was dug.

For those interested in a more immersive experience, guided tours are available. These tours often include visits to petroglyph sites and other historical landmarks within the reserve. The cost for a guided tour is $155 for the first two guests and $85 for each additional guest, with a maximum of four guests per tour.

  • **Tour Highlights: **
    • Panoramic vistas of Waikolu Valley
    • Historical significance from the sandalwood trade
    • Visits to petroglyph sites and sea cliffs

The Waikolu Canyon Overlook is a must-visit for anyone looking to explore breathtaking viewpoints in Oahu, offering a mix of scenic vistas, historical significance, and natural beauty.

6. Kaunakakai Harbor

Kaunakakai Harbor is the main harbor and paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) town on Molokai. Located just 15 minutes from the airport, it serves as a great starting point for your day trips. Here, you can witness locals fishing for their dinner, offering a glimpse into the island’s traditional lifestyle. The harbor area is home to a few shops and boutiques, and you shouldn’t miss Kanemitsu’s Bakery, famous for its fresh baked breads, especially their onion and cheese bread. Kaunakakai Harbor is one of Molokai’s best fishing spots, providing diverse fishing experiences from shoreline to deep-sea charters. Key spots include Kaunakakai Pier, Hale O Lono Harbor, North Shore, Halawa Valley, and Puko’o Reef.

7. Halawa Falls

bird flying outdoors

Halawa Falls is one of the most breathtaking natural attractions on Molokai. Nestled deep within the Halawa Valley, this two-tiered waterfall is a sight to behold. The journey to the falls is an adventure in itself, requiring a guided tour through the lush, sacred valley. A guide is required for this rugged hike, ensuring that visitors not only stay safe but also gain a deeper understanding of the cultural and historical significance of the area. The hike is approximately 4 miles round trip and takes about 4-5 hours to complete, making it suitable for those with a bit of time to spare.

  • Tour Details:
    • Duration: 4-5 hours
    • Distance: 4 miles round trip
    • Cost: $40 for adults, $20 for children

The ultimate guide to Maui’s waterfalls showcases iconic falls on the road to Hana, hidden gems in West Maui, and majestic waterfalls in Haleakalā National Park, offering diverse experiences for all visitors.

For those looking to combine their visit with another unique experience, consider pairing the hike with a visit to the Halawa Tropical Flower Farm. This combination offers a full day of exploration and beauty, both natural and cultivated.

8. Molokai Ocean Tours

Molokai Ocean Tours offers a variety of exciting ways to explore the island’s stunning marine environment. Explore Molokai by boat for a stress-free and unforgettable experience. Enjoy snorkeling, swimming with sharks, and scenic tours with top boat excursion companies. One of the highlights is the 6-hour Mountain Cultural Tour, which provides a rare glimpse of natural and historic sites in the nearly inaccessible upland forest. The expert local guide uses a 4WD vehicle to explore Molokai Forest Reserve, home to the dramatic Waikolu Canyon Overlook.

Tour Options

  • 8-hour Island Tour: This tour covers Halawa Valley Lookout on the East End to Papohaku Beach on the West End, with lunch included. Price: $184.
  • 6-hour Mountain Cultural Tour: Explore the upland forest and historic sites with an expert guide. Price: Contact for details.

Contact Information

For groups of four or more, Molokai Outdoors offers a 7- to 8-hour Island Tour, covering Halawa Valley Lookout to Papohaku Beach with lunch included. This is a great option if your time on the island is tight.

Whether you’re interested in a full-day island tour or a specialized cultural tour, Molokai Ocean Tours has something for everyone. Don’t miss the chance to explore Molokai’s natural beauty and rich history.

9. Molokai Outdoors

Molokai Outdoors offers some of Maui’s best outdoor adventures. From snorkeling and outrigger canoeing to thrilling activities, there’s something for everyone. Guided tours are available to ensure a safe and educational experience. Whether you’re interested in kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, or exploring cultural sites, Molokai Outdoors has you covered. They also provide convenient services like shuttles, rentals, and driving tours, making it easy to explore the island’s natural beauty.

10. Halawa Tropical Flower Farm

Nestled in the heart of Molokai, the Halawa Tropical Flower Farm offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the island’s lush flora. Consider volunteering at the farm to get to know the locals and see the authentic side of Molokai. The farm is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm, and on Sunday by appointment. For a more immersive experience, pair your visit with a guided tour of Halawa Falls, which includes a traditional Hawaiian protocol.

  • Operating Hours:

    • Tuesday to Saturday: 10am – 4pm
    • Sunday: By appointment
  • Tour Prices:

    • Adults: $40
    • Children: $20

The Halawa Tropical Flower Farm is a must-visit for anyone looking to explore the rich culture and natural beauty of Molokai. Don’t miss out on their epic fruit smoothies!

Discover the enchanting beauty of Halawa Tropical Flower Farm, a hidden gem that offers a vibrant array of tropical flowers and a serene escape from the hustle and bustle. Immerse yourself in the lush landscapes and vibrant colors that make this farm a must-visit destination. Ready to explore more? Visit our website for more details and plan your visit today!


Molokai offers a unique and enriching experience for day-trippers, with its blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and outdoor adventures. Whether you’re exploring the lush landscapes of Halawa Valley, snorkeling in the pristine waters, or learning about the island’s rich history, Molokai promises an unforgettable journey. The island’s tranquil environment and friendly locals make it a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So pack your bags, book your trip, and get ready to discover the hidden gems of Molokai. Your adventure awaits!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you take a day trip to Molokai?

Absolutely! Molokai is a great destination for a day trip from Honolulu. Affordable, direct flights are available from Oahu to Molokai and Maui to Molokai daily. You can easily fly over in the morning and return in the evening.

What are some must-visit places on a Molokai day trip?

Some must-visit places on a Molokai day trip include Halawa Valley, Papohaku Beach, Kalaupapa National Historical Park, Molokai Forest Reserve, and Waikolu Canyon Overlook.

Is there a guided tour available for Molokai?

Yes, there are several guided tours available on Molokai. For example, Molokai Ocean Tours offers a 6-hour Mountain Cultural Tour, and Molokai Outdoors offers a 7- to 8-hour Island Tour covering various attractions from Halawa Valley Lookout to Papohaku Beach.

What activities can I do on Molokai?

On Molokai, you can explore historical sites, enjoy beach activities, hike in lush valleys, take ocean tours, and visit local farms like the Halawa Tropical Flower Farm.

What is the best way to get around Molokai?

The best way to get around Molokai is by renting a car or joining a guided tour. This allows you to visit multiple attractions conveniently within a day.

Are there any unique experiences on Molokai?

Yes, Molokai offers unique experiences such as visiting the nearly inaccessible upland forest in Molokai Forest Reserve, exploring the dramatic Waikolu Canyon Overlook, and taking part in local farm tours at places like Halawa Tropical Flower Farm.

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