The 8 Best Caves to Explore in Samoa for Adventure-Seekers

A treasure trove of natural wonders, Samoa is an unspoiled paradise in the heart of Polynesia. Among its magnificent mountains, pristine beaches, and lush rainforests, the best caves in Samoa stand as unique attractions for the adventurous at heart. These caves, steeped in cultural significance and boasting unique geological formations, provide an unmatched opportunity for exploration and discovery. This article presents a detailed guide to the best caves in Samoa that will captivate any adventure-seeker’s heart.


cave near a body of water1. The Majestic Piula Cave Pool

Located on the eastern coastline of Upolu, one of Samoa’s main islands, you’ll find the exquisite Piula Cave Pool. This natural wonder is nestled beneath the Piula Theological College, offering an excellent blend of beauty, serenity, and adventure. When scouting for the best caves in Samoa, Piula Cave Pool invariably tops the list, especially for those new to cave exploration.

The Piula Cave Pool is a twin-cave system connected by an underwater passage extending for about 20 meters. These limestone caves are filled with clear, fresh water that’s cool and inviting, perfect for a leisurely swim. One end of the cave opens into a breathtaking natural pool while the other leads to the ocean, providing a unique experience for explorers. As you journey through the Piula Cave Pool, you’ll experience the thrill of swimming from one end of a cave to the next. For water-loving adventurers seeking the best caves in Samoa, Piula Cave Pool offers an unrivaled experience.

2. The Historical Paia Dwarfs Cave

Stepping away from the eastern shores of Upolu, we delve into the village of Lotofaga where the Paia Dwarfs Cave resides. As one of the best caves in Samoa, this cavern offers more than just geological fascination; it brings Samoan mythology to life. The cave is named after the dwarfs or ‘Itiiti,’ believed to have occupied the cave and the surrounding area.

This expansive cave system is characterized by several tunnels branching out in various directions, creating a network of passages ripe for exploration. As you traverse the labyrinth, you’re not only embarking on a physical journey but also a journey through the tapestry of Samoan folklore. The Paia Dwarfs Cave presents an array of geological wonders alongside the rich mythology, making it a must-visit among the best caves in Samoa. Owing to its complexity, hiring a local guide is recommended for a safe and informed exploration.

3. The Thrilling Auala Green Turtle Cave

For those desiring a more demanding adventure, the Auala Green Turtle Cave on Savai’i Island, Samoa’s largest island, stands as a thrilling challenge. Recognized as one of the best caves in Samoa for seasoned explorers, it’s named after the green turtles once found in abundance here.

The cave unveils a complex labyrinth of winding passages that test even the bravest adventurers. Tight squeezes, sudden drops, and sharp turns are all part of the experience here. As you navigate through the passages, you’ll get to test your courage and hone your spelunking skills. With its challenging pathways and rich biodiversity, the Auala Green Turtle Cave remains a noteworthy addition to the list of the best caves in Samoa.

4. The Enigmatic Falemauga Caves

Situated in the mountains behind Apia, Samoa’s capital city, the Falemauga Caves hold a distinct place among the best caves in Samoa. These caves are steeped in history as they were used as shelters during the turbulent wars of the 19th century.

Exploring the Falemauga Caves involves a challenging hike through Samoa’s verdant landscape. Along the journey, the stunning views of Apia and the vast ocean beyond make for breathtaking scenery. Inside, the caves are vast, with rock formations offering an awe-inspiring spectacle. Tracing the paths of ancient warriors within these caves provides a profound connection to Samoa’s past, making the Falemauga Caves an adventure of both body and spirit.

5. The Mystical Fuipisia Waterfall Cave

Finally, the Fuipisia Waterfall Cave on Upolu Island offers a truly unique exploration opportunity. This lesser-known spot, one of the best caves in Samoa, is perfect for explorers who desire a peaceful, solitary expedition.

What sets this cave apart is the mesmerizing 55-meter high waterfall cascading down the mountainside and into the cave. The rhythmic sound of the falling water echoes within the cavern, creating a magical ambiance. After a day of exploration, nothing compares to the refreshing dip in the cave’s natural pool under the waterfall. The Fuipisia Waterfall Cave is a testament to Samoa’s untouched beauty, offering a resplendent display of nature’s best work.

6. The Enthralling Alofaaga Blowholes and Cave

Along the coast of Savai’i Island, the Alofaaga Blowholes offer a unique spectacle. The natural blowholes spew sea water sky-high, resulting in a captivating display. Adjacent to the blowholes is a less known yet equally intriguing feature – a small, hidden cave. This particular spot bolsters Savai’i Island’s reputation for having some of the best caves in Samoa.

Venturing into this cave, you’ll witness the stunning rock formations and appreciate the powerful forces of nature that have shaped it over centuries. The Alofaaga Cave, while not as vast as some others, still promises an adventurous experience, especially when coupled with the blowholes’ dramatic display.

Sua ocean trench7. The Astonishing Sua Ocean Trench Cave

The Sua Ocean Trench on Upolu Island is a famous tourist spot, recognized for its incredible natural swimming pool. However, not everyone knows that the Trench also houses a cave, making it one of the best caves in Samoa. The Sua Cave lies beneath the surface, providing explorers with an aquatic adventure like no other.

Descend into the cave using the provided ladder and find yourself enveloped by its cool, serene atmosphere. The combination of the turquoise pool and the cave’s natural acoustics results in a unique sensory experience that’s both thrilling and tranquil. The Sua Ocean Trench Cave undoubtedly offers an exciting addition to your list of the best caves in Samoa.

8. The Spectacular Falease’ela River Walk Cave

Lastly, the Falease’ela River Walk Cave is a part of the Falease’ela Adventure Park in Lefaga. This adventure-laden site is a treasure trove of natural beauty, and its cave stands as one of the best caves in Samoa. The Falease’ela River Walk Cave, formed by volcanic activity and erosion, offers an engaging mix of hiking and cave exploration.

A trek through this cave offers a refreshing balance of river crossings, rock climbing, and cave exploration. The sound of the river flowing through parts of the cave and the lush greenery surrounding the area enhance the overall experience. As part of a guided tour, you’ll learn about local flora and fauna, adding an educational element to your adventure.

The captivating beauty of Samoa extends far beyond its pristine beaches and verdant rainforests. Its subterranean treasures offer a glimpse into an often overlooked facet of this Pacific paradise. The best caves in Samoa are not only geological wonders but also echo the area’s rich cultural heritage and historical narratives.

Whether you’re plunging into the cool waters of the Piula Cave Pool, navigating the labyrinth of the Auala Green Turtle Cave, or marveling at the cascading waterfall in the Fuipisia Waterfall Cave, Samoa’s caves offer unforgettable adventures. The mystique of the Paia Dwarfs Cave, the historical resonance of the Falemauga Caves, the thrilling Alofaaga Blowholes and Cave, the aquatic Sua Ocean Trench Cave, and the lively Falease’ela River Walk Cave each add to the diverse roster of Samoa’s must-visit caves.

Armed with your sense of adventure, an explorer’s curiosity, and respect for these natural and cultural wonders, you are ready to discover Samoa from a unique perspective. Your journey to explore the best caves in Samoa will reward you with cherished memories, extraordinary experiences, and a deepened appreciation for the unspoiled beauty of Samoa. Prepare to embrace the captivating, subterranean allure of this Polynesian gem; adventure awaits you in Samoa’s caves. Book Far and Away Adventure’s latest packages today!

Our Top FAQ's

The Sawa-i-Lau Caves in the Yasawa Islands are considered some of the best caves to visit in Fiji due to their natural beauty, intriguing chambers, and significant cultural history.

Yes, the Naihehe Cave in the Sigatoka Valley is a historical cave in Fiji. It was a fortress for a local cannibal tribe and is known for its chilling history and extensive length.

Absolutely! The Vatu Wiri Cave in Vanua Levu is a prime example where you can observe a diverse bat population. The Wailotua Cave is also home to the endemic Fiji Blind Snake.

The Batilamu Cave, located atop Mount Batilamu on Viti Levu, offers a rewarding hiking experience. The journey to the cave provides stunning panoramic views and the cave itself is known for its intimate setting.

Yes, the Caves of Qalito Island offer an exciting underwater caving experience. You’ll swim through a network of underwater tunnels that lead to a beautiful open-air cavern.

The Oho Cave in Taveuni is known for its lush tropical vegetation, cascading waterfalls, and crystal-clear pools. You can marvel at the spectacular stalactites and stalagmites inside the cave.

The Caves of Qalito Island, also known as Castaway Island, were featured in the film “Cast Away,” starring Tom Hanks.

For most cave explorations in Fiji, you should bring a waterproof flashlight, water shoes, and appropriate clothing. If you plan on visiting underwater caves, such as those on Qalito Island, you might also need swimming gear.

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