The 7 Best Luxury Resorts in Fiji for Relaxation and Pampering

Fiji stands out as one of the top locations in the world for opulent vacations. Fiji is the ideal getaway for those seeking relaxation and pampering because of its stunning natural beauty, immaculate beaches, and friendly people. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best luxury resorts in Fiji that offer an unmatched level of luxury and peace.


likuliku hero 1Likuliku Lagoon Resort

The luxurious and tranquil Likuliku Lagoon Resort is located on the remote Malolo Island. The first and only overwater bungalows of their kind in Fiji are available at this resort for adults only. Each bungalow has a private deck that leads right into the turquoise lagoon waters and is tastefully constructed using traditional Fijian architecture. Wake up to the tranquil sounds of the ocean, take in the expansive views, and indulge in the ultimate relaxation.

Beyond its opulent lodgings, Likuliku Lagoon Resort offers a truly indulgent experience. The resort’s Tatadra Spa offers a variety of therapies that are modeled after conventional Fijian healing methods, allowing visitors to revitalize their bodies and minds. The spa therapists use organic ingredients and techniques that have been handed down through the generations for everything from relaxing massages to energizing facials. To further improve their sense of wellbeing, visitors can also participate in yoga and meditation classes.

Beyond the spa, Likuliku Lagoon Resort provides visitors with a range of enjoyable activities. There are activities for both relaxation and adventure, such as snorkeling and scuba diving in the colorful coral reefs and kayaking and paddleboarding in the tranquil lagoon waters. A glimpse into the rich local heritage is offered by the resort’s cultural events, which include traditional dance performances and Fijian storytelling. (best luxury resorts in Fiji)

Turtle Island Resort

Turtle Island Resort is the best option for a private and intimate experience. Only 14 couples can stay at this exclusive island retreat at once, ensuring a private and exclusive getaway. The resort provides a selection of opulent lodging options, including beachfront villas and exclusive bures (classic Fijian cottages). Every villa is thoughtfully and individually designed to provide comfort and privacy.

At Turtle Island Resort, pampering and relaxation come first. The “Bula Wellness Centre,” the spa at the resort, provides a variety of holistic therapies aimed at reestablishing equilibrium and revitalizing the body. Massages, facials, and body scrubs using organic ingredients from the island are available to visitors. To further the overall wellness experience, the resort also provides yoga and meditation classes.

The spa is just one of the activities that Turtle Island Resort offers its visitors. There are many options, including private picnics on uninhabited beaches, horseback riding, and nature walks. The resort’s experienced staff can plan sunset cruises for a special occasion or snorkeling excursions to nearby reefs. Turtle Island Resort offers a genuinely exclusive and luxurious retreat with an emphasis on privacy, individualized service, and the beauty of nature. (best luxury resorts in Fiji)

Kokomo private islandKokomo Private Island Resort

Kokomo Private Island Resort, which is situated on the Great Astrolabe Reef, is a haven for affluent travelers. This opulent resort offers expansive villas with private infinity pools, unobstructed views of the ocean, and easy access to the beach. The villas are tastefully designed, fusing modern aesthetics with authentically Fijian details to produce a seamless fusion of comfort and cultural authenticity.

Kokomo Private Island Resort’s top-notch spa and wellness facilities elevate pampering to new levels. The Yaukuve Spa Sanctuary offers a variety of therapies that draw on age-old healing practices and use organic and regional ingredients. Visitors can indulge in a holistic and rejuvenating experience amidst the peaceful natural surroundings, choosing from energizing body scrubs to relaxing massages.

The resort also provides a variety of activities to accommodate various tastes. Divers, snorkelers, and paddleboarders can all explore the island’s pristine surrounding waters. For those searching for a special adventure, fishing charters and sailing excursions can also be arranged. Kokomo Private Island Resort offers a variety of dining options, including a fine-dining restaurant, a beachfront bar, and private dining experiences catered to individual preferences, so guests can sample Fiji’s diverse culinary scene. (best luxury resorts in Fiji)

Vomo Island Resort

A stunning five-star luxury resort called Vomo Island Resort is located in the Mamanuca Group on a private island. The resort offers a variety of opulent lodging options, including beachfront villas just steps from the azure waters and hillside villas with breath-taking ocean views. Each villa has been thoughtfully designed with large interiors and private outdoor spaces to offer the maximum amount of comfort and privacy.

Rejuvenation and relaxation are the top priorities at Vomo Island Resort. The Vomo Spa at the resort provides a range of services designed to encourage tranquility and well-being. Visitors can customize their spa experience to meet their unique needs, choosing from holistic therapies to traditional Fijian massage methods. The spa’s serene environment, which is surrounded by tropical scenery and lush gardens, adds to the tranquil atmosphere.

To make the most of their stay, visitors to Vomo Island Resort can participate in a variety of activities. Explore the diverse marine life and coral reefs by snorkeling, scuba diving, or kayaking. A guided hike to the island’s highest peak, which offers breathtaking views of the neighboring islands, can be arranged by the resort’s team of experts. Vomo Island Resort offers private picnics on secluded beaches or sunset cruises for a romantic and unforgettable outing for those looking for a more laid-back experience. (best luxury resorts in Fiji)

Nanuku Clubhouse main pool (3)Nanuku Auberge Resort

An unforgettable experience is offered by Nanuku Auberge Resort, which combines luxury with genuine Fijian culture. This all-villa resort, which is situated on Viti Levu’s main island, provides roomy and tastefully furnished lodgings, each with a private plunge pool. The villas’ contemporary design and modern amenities make for a comfortable and opulent stay.

The Nanuku Auberge Resort offers a comprehensive wellness experience in addition to traditional pampering. The Lomana Spa at the hotel offers a variety of treatments that use regional herbs and plants to help clients relax and reenergize their senses. The spa menu offers a variety of services to suit various tastes and requirements, from massages and body wraps to facials and holistic therapies. A haven of rest and renewal is created by the spa’s serene atmosphere and the skilled therapists who work there.

The Nanuku Auberge Resort offers a variety of activities that highlight the natural beauty and cultural diversity of Fiji in addition to the spa. In Fijian cooking classes, visitors can learn how to make traditional dishes with ingredients that they can find nearby. Taking part in cultural events like weaving demonstrations and traditional storytelling gives you a chance to get to know the local culture. The resort provides paddleboarding in the clear waters, waterfall visits, and hiking excursions for outdoor enthusiasts. The luxury, cultural experiences, and outdoor activities at Nanuku Auberge Resort make it a remarkable option for those looking to unwind and indulge. (best luxury resorts in Fiji)

Laucala Island Resort

Private island resort Laucala Island Resort is renowned for its luxury and seclusion. This resort offers opulent villas with private pools, panoramic views, and easy access to the beach while being set amidst lush tropical rainforests. The utmost in comfort and privacy, each villa is painstakingly designed with a harmonious fusion of modern and traditional Fijian elements.

An unmatched level of indulgence and pampering is available at Laucala Island Resort. The resort’s award-winning spa offers a variety of treatments using local, organic, and natural ingredients. There are numerous massages, facials, and body treatments available to guests, all of which are intended to help them unwind and rejuvenate. Additionally, the spa provides wellness assessments and customized programs to meet customers’ needs and objectives.

Equally impressive are the resort’s culinary options, which emphasize farm-to-table dining. Fresh produce is provided by the organic farm on the island to the resort’s restaurants, guaranteeing a culinary experience that highlights the flavors of Fiji. Visitors have a variety of dining options to choose from, including fine dining establishments with expansive views and barbecues on the beach.

The variety of activities provided by Laucala Island Resort enhances the visitor experience. The resort’s championship golf course, which is surrounded by lush surroundings and breathtaking ocean views, is open to golf enthusiasts. Visitors can easily access water sports like diving, snorkeling, and sailing to explore the fascinating underwater world. There are opportunities to fully experience the island’s natural beauty and rich heritage through nature walks, horseback riding, and cultural tours. (best luxury resorts in Fiji)

Six Senses Fiji

The luxurious eco-resort Six Senses Fiji, which is located on Malolo Island, combines indulgence and sustainability. Each of the resort’s roomy villas and residences has a private pool and breathtaking ocean views. With a focus on sustainability, the villas are built with natural materials and eco-friendly fixtures.

Rejuvenation and relaxation are the main focuses of the guest experience at Six Senses Fiji. The resort’s Six Senses Spa provides a selection of holistic therapies and treatments that support harmony and well-being. Customers can indulge in body treatments, facials, and massages using organic and locally produced goods. Additionally, the spa provides yoga and meditation classes so that visitors can find themselves again in a peaceful environment.

The resort offers a variety of activities to make guests’ stays better. The vibrant coral reefs and marine life can be explored by snorkeling, diving, and paddleboarding. The resort also provides cultural experiences to give visitors a better understanding of the community, such as Fijian cooking classes and traditional dance performances. Six Senses Fiji places a strong emphasis on farm-to-table cuisine and sustainable dining practices. At the resort’s restaurants, visitors can eat meals that are organic and locally sourced, ensuring a culinary experience that nourishes both body and soul.

In conclusion, Fiji is a tropical paradise with some of the best luxury resorts in the world for pampering and relaxation. Fiji has everything you’re looking for, whether it’s an overwater bungalow, a private island getaway, or an eco-friendly haven. These resorts offer unmatched tranquility and indulgence, making Fiji the perfect location for those looking for a truly opulent vacation. Fiji’s luxury resorts are created to meet every need, from breath-taking natural surroundings to top-notch amenities and services, guaranteeing a memorable and rejuvenating experience for everyone who visits. Book Far and Away Adventure’s latest packages to experience these 7 best luxury resorts in Fiji. 

Our Top FAQ's

While some luxury resorts in Fiji are family-friendly, many cater more towards couples and adults. It is important to research each resort’s policies and amenities to determine if they are suitable for families.

The best time to visit Fiji for a luxury resort experience is during the dry season, which runs from May to October. This period offers pleasant weather with lower humidity and fewer chances of rainfall.

Some luxury resorts in Fiji offer all-inclusive packages that include accommodations, meals, beverages, and select activities. However, it is advisable to check with each specific resort to confirm their offerings and any additional charges.

Yes, most luxury resorts in Fiji offer a range of water sports and activities, including snorkeling, diving, paddleboarding, kayaking, and sailing. Some resorts may also provide equipment rentals or organize guided tours for these activities.

In most cases, spa treatments at luxury resorts in Fiji are not included in the standard room rates and are charged separately. However, some resorts may offer special packages or promotions that include spa credits or discounted treatments.

Yes, the luxury resorts in Fiji usually offer a variety of dining options to cater to different dietary restrictions and preferences. Guests can typically find vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and other specialized menus at the resort’s restaurants. It is recommended to inform the resort in advance about any specific dietary requirements.

Yes, most luxury resorts in Fiji can arrange private excursions or day trips for their guests. Whether it’s a private picnic on a secluded beach, a sunset cruise, or a guided hike to a waterfall, the resorts can tailor experiences to meet individual preferences.

Cancellation policies vary between resorts and can depend on the specific booking terms and conditions. It is important to review the cancellation policy of the chosen luxury resort before making a reservation to understand any potential penalties or restrictions.

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