The 6 Best Surf Breaks in Fiji for Experienced Surfers

When it comes to world-class surf destinations, Fiji is a true paradise for wave riders. With its stunning natural beauty, warm tropical waters, and consistent swells, Fiji offers a range of surf breaks that cater to surfers of all levels. For experienced surfers seeking a thrilling and challenging experience, Fiji has some incredible surf breaks that will leave you exhilarated. In this article, we’ll explore the six best surf breaks in Fiji for experienced surfers.

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Located off the Tavarua Island, Cloudbreak is arguably the most famous and the best surf break in Fiji and one of the best left-hand reef breaks in the world. This powerful wave can produce massive barrels that can reach up to 20 feet high, offering an adrenaline-pumping experience for experienced surfers. Cloudbreak is known for its consistency and long rides, making it a must-visit spot for those looking for a world-class surfing experience.

Cloudbreak’s reputation as a premier surf break has attracted surfers from around the globe. It gained international recognition when it became part of the World Surf League’s Championship Tour, hosting some of the world’s best surfers in annual competitions. The break is created by a shallow coral reef, which helps form the powerful and hollow waves that Cloudbreak is known for.

One of the factors that make Cloudbreak a favorite among experienced surfers is its ability to handle large swells. During the winter months, Fiji experiences consistent south swells that produce some of the best conditions for big wave surfing. The challenging nature of Cloudbreak makes it an ideal destination for surfers seeking a serious adrenaline rush.


Just a short boat ride away from Cloudbreak, Restaurants is another one of the incredible best surf breaks in Fiji. This powerful left-hand reef break is known for its steep takeoffs and long rides. The wave at Restaurants can reach up to 12 feet high, offering experienced surfers the chance to showcase their skills in challenging conditions. The best time to surf at Restaurants is during the dry season (May to October) when the south swells are at their peak.

Restaurants earned its name from its proximity to a now-closed beachfront restaurant. However, it is the wave that truly steals the show. The reef formation at Restaurants creates a fast and hollow wave, which attracts experienced surfers looking for a thrilling ride. While the wave can be intimidating, its consistency and long rides make it an excellent spot for those with advanced surfing skills.

One of the highlights of Restaurants is its ability to produce barrels, offering surfers the opportunity to ride through hollow sections of the wave. This feature makes it an exciting challenge for experienced surfers who want to push their limits and experience the rush of being inside the barrel. (best surf breaks in Fiji)


Situated in the Beqa Lagoon, Frigates is a remote and challenging surf break that caters to experienced surfers seeking a real adrenaline rush. This reef break produces fast and hollow left-hand waves that can reach up to 15 feet high. The wave breaks over a shallow reef, creating intense barrel sections that will test even the most experienced surfers. Due to its remote location, Frigates offers a more secluded and uncrowded surfing experience.

Frigates is known for its powerful and steep waves, which break consistently over the shallow reef. The fast and hollow nature of the wave provides experienced surfers with an opportunity to ride through challenging barrel sections. The wave quality, combined with the secluded location, creates a unique and thrilling experience for those seeking a more off-the-beaten-path surf adventure.

The journey to Frigates is part of the experience, as it requires a boat ride from the mainland to the Beqa Lagoon. This remoteness adds to the allure of Frigates, attracting surfers looking for a sense of solitude and a break from the crowds. It’s important to note that Frigates is not recommended for beginner surfers due to its challenging conditions and the potential risks associated with shallow reefs. (best surf breaks in Fiji)

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Namotu Lefts

Located near Cloudbreak and Restaurants, Namotu Lefts is a powerful left-hand reef break that offers consistent and hollow waves. With its shallow reef bottom, this surf break can produce fast and barreling waves that are perfect for experienced surfers. Namotu Lefts can handle large swells, making it an excellent spot for those looking for challenging conditions and longer rides. The best time to surf at Namotu Lefts is during the dry season when the swells are most consistent.

Namotu Island, where Namotu Lefts is situated, is a renowned surfing destination in Fiji. The wave at Namotu Lefts breaks over a shallow coral reef, creating hollow sections and opportunities for experienced surfers to ride inside the barrel. The fast and powerful nature of the wave requires surfers to have good wave-reading skills and the ability to execute precise maneuvers.

Namotu Lefts is known for its consistent waves, which means surfers can expect quality rides throughout their session. This consistency, combined with the longer rides that the break offers, provides a great opportunity for surfers to work on their technique and truly enjoy the experience of riding a world-class wave in beautiful Fiji. (best surf breaks in Fiji)

Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools is a world-class reef break located off the Namotu Island. This powerful right-hand wave is known for its hollow barrels and fast sections, providing an exhilarating experience for experienced surfers. The wave at Swimming Pools can reach up to 10 feet high, creating a challenging and thrilling ride. With its proximity to other famous breaks in the area, it’s possible to explore multiple surf spots in a single day.

The wave at Swimming Pools gets its name from the pool-like formations that occur during low tide, creating perfect barrels. These barrels attract experienced surfers who are looking to test their skills and ride through the challenging sections of the wave. The powerful nature of Swimming Pools requires surfers to have a good understanding of wave dynamics and the ability to make quick adjustments.

Another advantage of Swimming Pools is its location. Situated near other popular surf breaks in the area, surfers can take advantage of the proximity and explore different spots throughout the day. This versatility allows surfers to experience a variety of waves and enjoy the diverse surfing opportunities Fiji has to offer. (best surf breaks in Fiji)


Situated on the Coral Coast of Viti Levu, Desperations is a reef break that offers a challenging and rewarding experience for experienced surfers. This powerful right-hand wave breaks over a shallow reef, producing steep drops and long rides. Desperations is known for its consistency, with the wave holding its shape even during smaller swells. Surfers can expect fast and hollow waves that will put their skills to the test.

Desperations is a wave that demands respect and skill from surfers. The powerful and steep drops require precise timing and a solid understanding of the wave’s behavior. The fast sections and hollow barrels provide experienced surfers with an opportunity to showcase their abilities and ride through challenging and exhilarating sections of the wave.

One of the advantages of Desperations is its consistency. Even during smaller swells, the wave at Desperations maintains its quality and offers thrilling rides. This makes it a reliable option for experienced surfers who want to have a great session regardless of the size of the swell.

When planning a surf trip to Fiji, it’s essential to be mindful of the local conditions, tides, and seasons. While Fiji offers surf breaks for experienced surfers throughout the year, the best time to visit is during the dry season (May to October) when the swells are more consistent, and the weather is generally drier. Additionally, it’s important to be respectful of the local communities and the natural environment, ensuring that your surf adventure in Fiji is sustainable and leaves a positive impact.

In conclusion, Fiji is a surfer’s dream come true, with its incredible surf breaks and stunning natural beauty. For experienced surfers seeking a challenge, Cloudbreak, Restaurants, Frigates, Namotu Lefts, Swimming Pools, and Desperations are among the best surf breaks in Fiji. These breaks offer powerful and consistent waves that will provide an exhilarating experience for any experienced surfer. So, pack your board, grab your wetsuit, and get ready for the surf adventure of a lifetime in the beautiful waters of Fiji.

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Cloudbreak, Restaurants, Frigates, Namotu Lefts, Swimming Pools, and Desperations.

Cloudbreak is famous for its powerful and hollow waves, consistent swells, and long rides. It can handle large swells, offering a thrilling experience.

Restaurants is known for its steep takeoffs, long rides, and the opportunity to ride through hollow sections of the wave, creating barrels.

Frigates produces fast and hollow left-hand waves over a shallow reef, with intense barrel sections. It offers a remote and uncrowded surfing experience.

Namotu Lefts offers consistent and hollow waves, suitable for challenging conditions and longer rides. It requires good wave-reading skills and precise maneuvers.

Swimming Pools is known for its powerful right-hand wave, hollow barrels, and fast sections. Its location allows surfers to explore multiple surf spots in a day.

Desperations is a powerful right-hand wave that breaks over a shallow reef. It offers steep drops, long rides, and consistent quality even during smaller swells.

The dry season from May to October is generally the best time to visit Fiji for experienced surfers, as the swells are more consistent and the weather is drier.

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