The 5 Best Private Islands in Vanuatu for an Exclusive Vacation

Imagine yourself on a secluded beach, surrounded by pristine waters that shimmer in hues of turquoise and azure. The soft white sand caresses your toes as a gentle breeze rustles the palm trees. You take a deep breath, inhaling the scent of tropical flowers, and revel in the tranquility of your surroundings. If this sounds like the perfect vacation, then the private islands in Vanuatu are calling your name. In this article, we will delve deeper into the exquisite private islands of Vanuatu, exploring their unique offerings and unrivaled luxury, to help you find the ultimate exclusive getaway.

A crystal clear beach in Vanuatu

  • Ratua Private Island 

Tucked away in the northern part of Vanuatu lies Ratua Private Island, a true haven for those seeking a harmonious blend of rustic elegance and environmental sustainability. This pristine island spans 146 acres and is enveloped by lush tropical vegetation, magnificent beaches, and a vibrant coral reef teeming with marine life. What sets Ratua apart is its commitment to sustainable practices, making it an ideal choice for eco-conscious travelers.

Accommodations on Ratua are housed in traditional Indonesian-style villas constructed from reclaimed wood, creating a charming and eco-friendly atmosphere. Each villa exudes a sense of understated luxury and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. From the moment you step onto the island, you’ll be transported to a world where time slows down, and nature takes center stage.

Guests can partake in a variety of activities, ensuring an immersive and unforgettable experience. Explore the island’s organic farm, where you can learn about sustainable agriculture and sample fresh, organic produce. Engage in horseback riding along the pristine beaches or embark on a snorkeling adventure to discover the vibrant underwater world. The island also offers kayaking, fishing, and cultural tours, allowing you to delve into the rich heritage of Vanuatu.

With its emphasis on sustainability, genuine hospitality, and a true sense of seclusion, Ratua Private Island beckons travelers seeking an authentic and exclusive experience that harmonizes with nature. (private islands in Vanuatu)

  • Havannah Island 

Just a short boat ride from the mainland, Havannah Island stands as a secluded haven, known for its breathtaking natural beauty and unspoiled beaches. This private island retreat offers luxurious villas that blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, providing stunning ocean views and direct access to the pristine white sands.

Havannah Island caters to water enthusiasts, offering excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities in the crystal-clear waters. Discover vibrant coral reefs teeming with exotic marine life or embark on a fishing expedition to catch your own dinner. For those seeking tranquility, the island’s spa and wellness facilities provide a range of rejuvenating treatments in a serene setting, ensuring a truly blissful experience.

With its palm-fringed shores, turquoise waters, and luxurious accommodations, Havannah Island offers an exclusive and tranquil escape for the discerning traveler. Whether you prefer lounging by the infinity pool, sipping cocktails while watching the sunset, or indulging in gourmet cuisine prepared by talented chefs, this private island promises an unparalleled level of luxury and relaxation. (private islands in Vanuatu)

  • Eratap Island 

Nestled in a picturesque bay on the southern coast of Efate Island, Eratap Island is a tropical paradise that epitomizes privacy, luxury, and natural beauty. With only twelve beachfront villas, Eratap ensures an intimate and exclusive experience, perfect for couples or small groups seeking seclusion.

Each villa on Eratap Island is beautifully appointed, featuring private plunge pools, expansive decks, and stunning ocean views. Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance as you wake up to the sound of gentle waves lapping against the shore. Spend lazy afternoons lounging on the sun-kissed beaches or venture out to explore the island’s breathtaking natural wonders.

Eratap Island offers a range of activities to keep you entertained and captivated throughout your stay. Dive into the turquoise waters and discover an underwater paradise teeming with vibrant coral formations and exotic fish. Engage in guided tours to nearby attractions, such as the stunning Mele Cascades or the mesmerizing Blue Lagoon. For a truly unforgettable experience, indulge in a private sunset cruise or a romantic beachfront dinner, savoring delicious cuisine accompanied by the gentle ocean breeze.

Eratap Island embodies luxury, seclusion, and the spirit of Vanuatu, making it a top choice for an exclusive vacation experience. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or simply a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Eratap Island promises to fulfill your desires and create memories that will last a lifetime. (private islands in Vanuatu)

A woman on a beach in Vanuatu

  • Moso Island 

If you yearn for a complete escape from the modern world, Moso Island is the perfect choice. Located just a short boat ride from the main island of Efate, this private island retreat offers a remote and untouched setting that allows you to disconnect from the chaos of everyday life and immerse yourself in nature.

Moso Island boasts limited accommodations, ensuring a high level of privacy and exclusivity for its guests. The eco-friendly resort provides charming bungalows nestled amidst tropical gardens, offering direct access to pristine beaches. Wake up to the soothing sounds of nature, inhaling the crisp ocean air as you step out onto your private deck to witness breathtaking sunrises or sunsets.

The island offers a range of activities to suit every traveler’s desires. Explore the island’s untouched beauty on hiking trails that wind through lush forests and reveal hidden waterfalls. Snorkel in crystal-clear waters, discovering vibrant coral gardens and swimming alongside colorful fish. Engage in guided eco-tours that showcase the island’s unique flora and fauna, providing an educational and enriching experience.

Moso Island is a sanctuary for those seeking peace, solitude, and a true connection with nature. Embrace the simplicity of life as you unwind in a hammock, lose yourself in a good book, or simply enjoy the company of loved ones against the backdrop of a pristine tropical paradise. (private islands in Vanuatu)

  • Aore Island 

Situated off the coast of Espiritu Santo, Aore Island stands as a hidden gem, offering a serene and exclusive vacation experience. This private island paradise is renowned for its pristine beaches, lush tropical vegetation, and vibrant marine life.

Aore Island Resort provides luxurious accommodations, including private beachfront villas and waterfront bungalows. Each room is meticulously designed to harmonize with the natural surroundings, ensuring a sense of tranquility and comfort throughout your stay. Step outside your door to discover the beauty of the island, where you can unwind by the pool, stroll along the soft sands, or simply bask in the sunshine.

The island’s pristine waters offer exceptional opportunities for snorkeling and diving, allowing you to witness the kaleidoscope of colors beneath the surface. Swim alongside graceful sea turtles or explore hidden caves and shipwrecks that lie beneath the waves. For a change of pace, embark on a scenic boat tour to nearby attractions, such as the famous Champagne Beach or the awe-inspiring Blue Holes.

Aore Island embodies the untouched beauty and tranquility that Vanuatu is known for, making it a haven for those seeking an exclusive and immersive experience. Whether you’reimmersed in thrilling water sports, indulging in relaxing spa treatments, or simply savoring the serenity of your surroundings, Aore Island promises an unforgettable and exclusive vacation in Vanuatu.

In conclusion, Vanuatu’s private islands offer a gateway to unparalleled luxury, seclusion, and natural beauty. From the sustainable retreat of Ratua Private Island to the beachfront paradise of Havannah Island, each private island in Vanuatu has its own unique charm and allure. Whether you seek eco-friendly accommodations, water sports adventures, cultural immersion, or simply a tranquil escape from the modern world, these private islands cater to your desires.

As you step onto the soft sands and feel the warmth of the South Pacific sun on your skin, the worries of the outside world will fade away. Vanuatu’s private islands are waiting to provide you with an exclusive and unforgettable vacation experience. So, pack your bags, leave the world behind, and let the enchantment of Vanuatu’s private islands whisk you away to a tropical paradise where luxury and seclusion intertwine. Book Far and Away Adventure’s latest packages and discover the best private islands in Vanuatu!

Our Top FAQ's

Some of the best private islands in Vanuatu for an exclusive vacation include Ratua Private Island, Havannah Island, Eratap Island, Moso Island, and Aore Island.

Ratua Private Island stands out for its rustic elegance and commitment to sustainability, offering traditional Indonesian-style villas constructed from reclaimed wood and a focus on organic farming.

Havannah Island is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, pristine beaches, and luxurious beachfront villas that provide stunning ocean views and direct access to the beach.

Eratap Island is situated on the southern coast of Efate Island in Vanuatu, offering picturesque views, beautiful beachfront villas, and a tranquil atmosphere.

Moso Island offers a remote and untouched setting, limited accommodations, and a range of activities such as hiking, snorkeling, and guided eco-tours, providing a true escape from the modern world.

Aore Island, located off the coast of Espiritu Santo, offers pristine beaches, lush tropical vegetation, and opportunities for snorkeling, diving, and boat tours to nearby attractions.

Ratua Private Island stands out for its commitment to sustainability, with eco-friendly villas constructed from reclaimed wood and an organic farm on the island.

Vanuatu’s private islands are typically accessible via boat rides from the mainland, such as Efate Island, where visitors can take short trips to reach their desired private island retreats.

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