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In the South Pacific Ocean, French Polynesia contains the tiny atoll of Tetiaroa. The island is renowned for its breathtaking beauty and diverse wildlife, including endangered bird species, sea turtles, and coral reefs. Tetiaroa has a special past because Marlon Brando reportedly called it his secret island and fell in love with it while filming Mutiny on the Bounty in 1960. After purchasing the island, Brando transformed it into his own personal paradise by creating an eco-friendly resort and advocating for environmental sustainability and protection. The Tetiaroa Society, a nonprofit organization devoted to safeguarding the island’s natural and cultural assets, now owns Tetiaroa. This article will discuss Tetiaroa Society employment opportunities and how they support the organization’s objectives.


People on a meeting roomThe Tetiaroa Society’s Mission and Values


Richard Bailey, a businessman and conservationist who embraced Marlon Brando’s philosophy of sustainable growth, established the Tetiaroa Society in 2010. “Protect and perpetuate the ecological and cultural richness of Tetiaroa and to inspire innovative ideas for sustainable development” is the organization’s stated aim. The Tetiaroa Society concentrates on a number of crucial issues, including:


Conservation: A variety of plant and animal species, some of which are endangered or threatened, can be found on Tetiaroa. The Tetiaroa Society uses research, monitoring, and management activities to safeguard these species and their habitats.


Education: The Tetiaroa Society wants to spread awareness of the value of sustainability and conservation among both residents and tourists. To encourage environmental responsibility and knowledge, the group provides educational tours, workshops, and other events.


The Tetiaroa Society advocates sustainable development methods that strike a balance between environmental preservation and economic expansion. The group collaborates with nearby businesses and communities to create eco-friendly programs that benefit both the economy and the environment.


Job Opportunities at Tetiaroa Society


For those with a love for community development, sustainability, and conservation, the Tetiaroa Society has a variety of employment options. The following are a few of the job openings at Tetiaroa Society:


A conservation scientist is in charge of developing and carrying out study plans with the objective of managing and safeguarding Tetiaroa’s natural resources. The scientist collaborates with a group of researchers and volunteers to gather information, evaluate findings, and create conservation plans.


An environmental educator is in charge of creating and implementing educational activities and programs that encourage environmental responsibility and awareness. To promote environmental stewardship and behavioral change, the educator works with community organizations, local schools, tourists, and visitors.


Manager of Sustainable Tourism: A manager of sustainable tourism is in charge of creating and carrying out eco-friendly projects that boost the regional economy and safeguard the environment. To promote sustainable tourism practices and policies, the manager collaborates with neighborhood companies, governmental organizations, and other stakeholders.


Building and sustaining connections with regional communities and stakeholders is the responsibility of a community outreach coordinator. The coordinator promotes community-based responses to environmental problems and tries to include local residents in conservation and sustainability efforts.


Environmental Policy Analyst: An environmental policy analyst is in charge of researching, evaluating, and creating rules and laws pertaining to sustainability and environmental protection. The analyst collaborates with NGOs, government organizations, and other stakeholders to create policies that advance environmental protection and sustainable development.


ReceptionistSkills and Qualifications Required for Tetiaroa Society Jobs


The Tetiaroa Society wants people who share its goal and values and who have the abilities and knowledge required to be successful in their chosen professions. The following are some examples of the abilities and credentials that Tetiaroa Society seeks:


  • Strong knowledge of conservation biology and ecology, including experience in designing and conducting research projects.

  • Excellent communication skills, including the ability to communicate complex scientific concepts to non-experts.

  • Experience in developing and delivering educational programs, workshops, and training sessions.

  • Experience in community outreach and engagement, including building relationships with local communities and stakeholders.

  • Strong analytical skills, including the ability to analyze and develop policies and regulations related to environmental protection and sustainability.

  • Experience in project management, including planning, budgeting, and implementation.

  • Knowledge of sustainable development practices and principles, including experience in developing and implementing eco-friendly initiatives.

  • Experience in the tourism industry, including knowledge of sustainable tourism practices and policies.


Benefits of Working for Tetiaroa Society


For those who are concerned about sustainability and conservation, working for the Tetiaroa Society can be a great and meaningful experience. Working at Tetiaroa Society has several advantages, including:


  • Working for Tetiaroa Society gives people the chance to support a worthwhile cause while inspiring creative approaches to sustainable development and protecting and preserving Tetiaroa’s natural and cultural heritage.

  • Working in a setting that is distinctive and inspiring: Tetiaroa is a lovely and exceptional location with amazing natural beauty and a rich cultural history. Working in a setting this amazing may be exhilarating and encouraging.

  • Acquiring new skills and gaining useful experience: Tetiaroa Society offers a variety of employment options that give people the chance to learn new skills and gain beneficial experience in community development, sustainability, and conservation.

  • Working with a dedicated and passionate group of people: Tetiaroa Society is a dedicated and passionate group of people who have the same mission of safeguarding and maintaining Tetiaroa’s natural and cultural legacy.

  • Having a good work-life balance: Tetiaroa Society encourages work-life balance and provides its employees with flexible working arrangements.

How to Apply for Tetiaroa Society Jobs


Those who are interested in working at Tetiaroa Society can explore current employment openings and submit an online application by visiting the organization’s website (tetiaroasociety.org). The organization’s mission, principles, projects, and initiatives are all covered in detail on the website. Before submitting, candidates are advised to thoroughly research the job descriptions and requirements. They should also include a cover letter and CV that highlight their relevant education and experience.


In conclusion, Tetiaroa Society provides a variety of employment options for people who are enthusiastic about community development, sustainability, and conservation. Working at Tetiaroa Society may be a fulfilling and rewarding experience since it gives people the chance to support a worthwhile cause, do so in a special and inspiring environment, develop new skills, gain experience, and collaborate with a passionate and dedicated team. Consider submitting an application for a position with Tetiaroa Society right away if you concur with the organization’s vision and values and are equipped with the knowledge and abilities required to be successful in a conservation or sustainability capacity.

Our Top FAQ's

The Tetiaroa Society is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the protection and preservation of Tetiaroa, a small atoll in French Polynesia. The organization’s mission is to inspire innovative solutions for sustainable development that benefit both people and the environment.

Tetiaroa Society offers a range of job opportunities in the fields of conservation, sustainability, and community development. Some of the positions available include conservation scientist, marine biologist, community outreach coordinator, and eco-tourism manager.

Qualifications vary depending on the specific job opening, but generally, Tetiaroa Society looks for individuals who have a strong background in conservation biology or ecology, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and experience in community outreach and engagement. Knowledge of sustainable development practices and principles, as well as experience in project management, is also highly valued.

Working for Tetiaroa Society can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience, providing individuals with the opportunity to contribute to a meaningful cause, work in a unique and inspiring environment, learn new skills and gain valuable experience, and work with a committed and passionate team. Additionally, Tetiaroa Society values work-life balance and offers flexible working arrangements to its employees.

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