Tetiaroa Marlon Brando

One of the most beautiful places on earth for a very long time is Tetiaroa, an atoll in French Polynesia. It is renowned for its unmatched natural beauty and is home to a wide variety of exotic plants and animals. The island is also rich in history and has hosted a number of famous people, including the illustrious Marlon Brando. This article will examine Tetiaroa Marlon Brando’s allure and dive into its fascinating past.


tribe leaderThe History of Tetiaroa


Tetiaroa is a collection of tiny atolls and coral reefs in the French Polynesian Society Islands archipelago. The islands, which have a total area of 2.3 square miles, are about 33 miles north of Tahiti. There are 13 motus, or islets, that make up the atoll; they are connected by sandbanks and are encircled by coral reefs. Onetahi, the longest motus among them, with a length of about one mile.


Tetiaroa’s history began in the eleventh century, when the first Polynesians landed on its shores. The Te-Ito tribe was the first to occupy the island; they were drawn to it by its thriving marine life and verdant landscape. The Te-Ito tribe inhabited the island for numerous centuries and established a sophisticated society that depended on agriculture and fishing.


Many European explorers, notably James Cook and Louis Antoine de Bougainville, traveled to Tetiaroa in the early 1800s. In honor of the British king, Cook gave the island the name “King George III’s Island,” whereas Bougainville gave it the name “Île de la Céleste Pureté” (Island of Heavenly Purity).


Teriieroo, a Tahitian chief, paid for Tetiaroa in 1904. He constructed a number of homes on the island, which he used as a getaway for his family. Moreover, Teriieroo started a coconut plantation on the island, which later developed into a significant source of revenue for the locals.


Tetiaroa was sold to Richard Bailey, an American businessman, in 1960. Bailey had grand ambitions for the island, which included developing it into a five-star resort. He soon learned, though, that the island’s isolation and lack of infrastructure made it challenging to develop.


Marlon Brando and Tetiaroa


As “Mutiny on the Bounty” was being filmed in the 1960s, Marlon Brando made his first trip to Tetiaroa. He was enthralled by the island’s natural beauty right once and made the decision to buy it in 1967. Brando labored to make Tetiaroa into a self-sustaining eco-resort over the course of the following few years.


Tetiaroa was intended by Brando to be a haven where people could get away from the pressures of contemporary life and re-connect with nature. He had an idea of a resort that would run in harmony with nature and would be powered by renewable energy.


In an effort to preserve the island’s flora and animals, Brando spent years researching the island’s environment. Also, he hired professionals to create sustainable techniques including solar energy and the composting of food waste.


Brando established the nonprofit Tetiaroa Society in 1990 with the goal of safeguarding the island’s nature and advancing sustainable lifestyles. The group conducts study on the island’s coral reefs and marine life and collaborates with neighborhood organizations to monitor the wildlife.


air conditioningThe Brando Resort


2014 saw the Brando Resort’s official opening, and it immediately rose to the top of the list of travel hotspots worldwide. The resort has 35 villas, some of which are positioned above the lagoon or on the beach. Each villa comes equipped with opulent facilities like private pools, outdoor bathtubs, and cutting-edge entertainment systems and is designed to effortlessly integrate into the island’s natural surroundings.


The resort’s usage of renewable energy is one of its most distinctive aspects. Solar panels, coconut oil generators, and a seawater cooling system are all used to power the Brando. Several honors and medals, such as the LEED Platinum accreditation for its environmental performance, have been bestowed upon the resort in recognition of its dedication to sustainability.


The Brando Resort provides visitors with a variety of services and activities in addition to its opulent villas. The resort contains a spa that provides a variety of treatments utilizing materials that are sourced locally, a fitness facility, and a number of restaurants and bars that serve delectable cuisine made with fresh ingredients.


The Brando Resort also provides a range of activities for visitors to experience the natural beauty of the island. Tourists can go on guided hikes through the island’s verdant forests, snorkel or scuba dive in its coral reefs, or paddleboard or kayak across its lagoon.


Sustainability and Conservation Efforts


On Tetiaroa, The Brando Resort is dedicated to supporting conservation and sustainability initiatives. The resort has taken a variety of steps to lessen its negative environmental effects and maintain the island’s natural beauty.


The resort’s utilization of renewable energy sources is one of its biggest sustainability initiatives. Solar panels, coconut oil generators, and a seawater cooling system are all used to power the Brando. The resort also has an extensive waste management program, which includes employing eco-friendly cleaning supplies and composting food waste.


The Tetiaroa Society, a nonprofit group started by Marlon Brando in 1990, is an example of the resort’s dedication to conservation. Tetiaroa’s society seeks to promote sustainable practices and save the island’s environment. The group studies the island’s coral reefs and marine life, keeps an eye on the island’s bird population, and collaborates with regional groups to advance conservation efforts.


The creation of a seabird sanctuary on Tetiaroa is one of the society’s biggest initiatives. The Tahiti petrel and the white tern are two of the rare seabird species that call the refuge home. With the adoption of sustainable fishing methods and the creation of marine protected zones, the society also aims to safeguard the coral reefs and marine life on the island.


Exploring Tetiaroa


Tetiaroa is a genuinely exceptional location that provides travelers with the chance to discover an unspoiled paradise. The Polynesian ground dove and the Pacific reef heron are two examples of the uncommon and endemic wildlife that may be found on the island. Tourists can also stroll around the island’s lush woodlands and marvel at the blue waters that surround it.


Scuba diving or snorkeling on Tetiaroa’s coral reefs is one of the most well-liked activities there. Diverse marine life, such as vibrant fish, sea turtles, and even sharks, can be found on the reefs. Tourists can also paddleboard or kayak in the lagoon on the island and take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding motus.


The Brando Resort provides a variety of spa services and health activities for people looking to unwind. Visitors can enjoy a massage using coconut oil that is produced nearby or attend a yoga or meditation lesson on the sand.




Tetiaroa Marlon Brando is a genuinely special place where travelers can enjoy the beauty and serenity of an unspoiled paradise. The Brando Resort, which runs in harmony with nature and encourages sustainability and conservation, has helped to realize Marlon Brando’s vision for the island.


Tetiaroa has something to offer everyone, whether they are looking for excitement or relaxation. The island provides a variety of activities and sights that are guaranteed to please, including snorkeling and paddleboarding as well as spa services and gourmet dining. You can take pleasure in your visit knowing that you are contributing to the preservation of this priceless treasure for future generations thanks to the Brando Resort’s dedication to protecting the island’s natural beauty.

Our Top FAQ's

Tetiaroa is a small atoll located in French Polynesia and it is important because it was once owned by Marlon Brando who had a vision to turn it into an eco-friendly resort that would operate in harmony with the environment.

The Brando Resort is a luxury eco-resort located on Tetiaroa that offers luxurious villas, a spa, fitness center, several restaurants and bars, and a variety of activities for guests to enjoy such as guided hikes, snorkeling, and paddleboarding.

The Brando Resort has implemented a range of sustainability efforts such as using renewable energy sources and a comprehensive waste management program. The Tetiaroa Society, a nonprofit founded by Marlon Brando, conducts research on the island’s coral reefs and marine life and works to promote conservation efforts.

Visitors to Tetiaroa can enjoy a range of activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and paddleboarding to explore the island’s coral reefs and lagoon. The island is also home to rare and endemic wildlife and visitors can explore the island’s lush forests. The Brando Resort offers spa treatments and wellness activities for those seeking relaxation.

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