Tetiaroa Hotel Restaurant

The opulent Tetiaroa Private Island, which houses the Tetiaroa Hotel Restaurant, is situated on the magnificent atoll of Tetiaroa, not far from the island of Tahiti. The hotel is an opulent retreat where visitors may savor the French Polynesian cuisine and the beauty of nature.


hotel restaurantThe Tetiaroa Island and Hotel’s History


In the South Pacific, not far from the island of Tahiti, is the magnificent atoll of Tetiaroa Island. The island has a lengthy and illustrious history. The island was formerly a holy retreat used by the Tahitian royal family as a location for rest and renewal. Later, the Tahitian monarchy bought the island and utilized it as a vacation home.


Marlon Brando traveled to Tetiaroa Island in 1960 while making the motion picture Mutiny on the Bounty. He chose to buy the island after falling in love with its natural beauty and peace. After living on the island for a while, Brando developed a deep love for the environment and preservation of its natural beauty.


After Brando passed away in 2004, his estate made the decision to develop an opulent eco-resort on the island that would highlight its natural beauty and offer visitors an exceptional experience. A five-star resort with 35 private villas, a spa, and the Tetiaroa Hotel Restaurant, The Brando debuted in 2014.


The Brando resort is run primarily on solar energy and coconut oil and was built with sustainability in mind. Moreover, the resort contains an eco-station devoted to studying and protecting the island’s flora and fauna. The resort is a very unique destination because of its dedication to sustainability and emphasis on conserving the island’s natural beauty.


The Culinary Philosophy of the Tetiaroa Hotel Restaurant


The Tetiaroa Hotel Restaurant is a distinctive dining establishment that fuses Polynesian flavors with classic French cooking. Guy Martin, the restaurant’s executive chef and Michelin-starred chef, has created a cuisine that emphasizes the fresh fish and locally produced ingredients from the island.


The utilization of regional foods and sustainability are the two pillars of the restaurant’s culinary concept. The seafood at the restaurant is caught by neighborhood fishermen who follow established, environmentally friendly fishing techniques. The eatery also emphasizes the island’s strong agricultural background by using fruits and vegetables that are grown nearby in its recipes.


The utilization of Polynesian tastes is one of the restaurant’s distinctive culinary concepts. To create a distinctive combination of French and Pacific flavors, the restaurant uses traditional Polynesian ingredients including taro, coconut, and vanilla in its meals. This culinary philosophy gives traditional French food a distinctive spin while reflecting the island’s cultural background.


breakfastThe Tetiaroa Hotel Restaurant’s Menu


The menu at the Tetiaroa Hotel Restaurant is varied and features the best in French and Pacific cooking. Each meal at the restaurant—which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner—offers a distinctive gastronomic experience.


A continental breakfast featuring pastries, fresh fruits, and freshly cooked eggs is available to guests for breakfast. The restaurant’s morning menu also offers a selection of fruit-based juices and smoothies.


The restaurant provides a variety of lunch selections that are light and cool and ideal for a hot day. The seafood salad at the restaurant is a favorite since it includes fish from the neighborhood, mixed greens, and a tart vinaigrette. Another well-liked menu item at the restaurant is the grilled fish, which comes in a range of fish varieties like tuna, mahi-mahi, and snapper.


A five-course tasting menu with foods like poached lobster, grilled fish, and roasted duck is available for supper to visitors. Depending on the availability of ingredients and the chef’s imagination, the menu of the restaurant is subject to periodic modifications.


The restaurant’s utilization of regional ingredients is one of its distinguishing menu elements. The restaurant uses locally grown produce and spices from the island, like vanilla, coconut, and tahitian lime, in its meals. The use of regional ingredients guarantees that visitors will enjoy a special dining experience that honors the island’s rich cultural history and natural beauty.


The Tetiaroa Hotel Restaurant offers themed dining experiences in addition to its standard menu that highlight various facets of Polynesian cuisine. For instance, the eatery provides a Polynesian barbecue with customary fare including imu-roasted pig, taro, and breadfruit. During the restaurant’s theme nights, patrons may get a taste of the island’s delectable cuisine and become more familiar with the way of life there.


The Atmosphere of the Restaurant at the Tetiaroa Hotel


With amazing views of the South Pacific, the Tetiaroa Hotel Restaurant is located in an incredible area. The open-air layout of the restaurant enables customers to comfortably dine while admiring the island’s natural splendor.


The restaurant’s interior design is tasteful and subtle, with a focus on organic elements like wood and stone. Tables and seats at the restaurant are fashioned of materials found nearby, further demonstrating the establishment’s dedication to sustainability and the utilization of local resources.


The atmosphere of the restaurant is laid-back and quiet, with a focus on giving customers a tranquil dining experience. Due to the restaurant’s island setting, customers can enjoy a singular dining experience that is unequaled by any other restaurant in the globe.


ReceptionistThe Food Service of  Tetiaroa Hotel


The Tetiaroa Hotel Restaurant offers great customer service with an emphasis on giving diners a personalized and attentive dining experience. The crew at the restaurant is quite skilled and informed, so patrons can expect a seamless dining experience from beginning to end.


The personnel at the restaurant are also quite educated about the ingredients used in the restaurant’s meals as well as the island’s culinary history. They can provide visitors a deeper insight of the island’s culinary and cultural traditions thanks to their knowledge.


The restaurant also provides a variety of eating choices, such as private dining events that let customers eat in a smaller, more private setting. Private dining experiences at the restaurant may be customized to each guest’s individual requirements, guaranteeing that they will have a meal that suits their tastes.




With a dedication to sustainability and the use of regional resources, the Tetiaroa Hotel Restaurant is a special dining experience that mixes the finest of French and Polynesian cuisine. A memorable dining experience that showcases the island’s natural beauty and cultural legacy is created by the restaurant’s menu, setting, and service. The Tetiaroa Hotel Restaurant is certain to exceed your expectations and leave you with memories that will last a lifetime, whether you’re searching for a simple lunch or a five-star evening.

Our Top FAQ's

The cuisine at the Tetiaroa Hotel Restaurant combines French and Polynesian influences and uses local ingredients, such as vanilla, coconut, and Tahitian lime, to create a unique culinary experience that reflects the island’s cultural heritage and natural bounty.

In addition to its regular menu, the Tetiaroa Hotel Restaurant offers themed dining experiences that showcase different aspects of Polynesian cuisine. For example, the restaurant offers a Polynesian-themed barbecue that features traditional dishes such as imu-roasted pig, taro, and breadfruit.

The Tetiaroa Hotel Restaurant is situated in a stunning location that offers breathtaking views of the South Pacific. The restaurant’s open-air design allows guests to enjoy the island’s natural beauty while dining in comfort. The restaurant’s décor is elegant and understated, with a focus on natural materials such as wood and stone.

The service at the Tetiaroa Hotel Restaurant is exceptional, with a focus on providing guests with a personalized and attentive dining experience. The restaurant’s staff is highly trained and knowledgeable, ensuring that guests are treated to a seamless dining experience from start to finish. Additionally, the restaurant offers private dining experiences that can be customized to meet the specific needs of guests.

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