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French Polynesia’s Tetiaroa is a little atoll that lies close to Tahiti. It is regarded as one of the most stunning and exclusive locations in the world, and it is the location of the opulent eco-resort The Brando. Marlon Brando, a well-known Hollywood actor and longtime admirer of the island, inspired the hotel’s name. Celebrities and wealthy tourists frequently stay at The Brando, but many people are curious about how much it costs to book a room there. We will examine the Tetiaroa Hotel Brando cost in this article and respond to some of the most often asked queries about this opulent resort.


coinsWhat is the price of staying at The Brando?


The Brando is renowned for being one of the most expensive hotels in the world, with rates for a one-bedroom villa starting at $3,500 a night. The hotel has a range of lodging options, including villas with one, two, or three bedrooms as well as a four-bedroom house. Depending on the villa’s size and location, nightly rates for these villas can range from $3,500 to $15,000.


It is significant to note that The Brando’s rates are all-inclusive, so visitors don’t have to be concerned about paying more for meals, beverages, or activities. A variety of complementary services are also provided by the hotel, such as a 24-hour fitness facility, bicycles for exploring the island, and snorkeling gear.

What is included in the price of staying at The Brando?


The cost of staying at The Brando is all-inclusive, as previously stated. This indicates that there are no additional payments needed for visitors to take advantage of all the hotel’s amenities and services. The following are some of the extras that come with staying at The Brando:



  • Meals: Guests can enjoy three meals a day at the hotel’s restaurants, which offer a range of cuisine from Polynesian to French.
  • Drinks: The Brando offers a range of beverages, including soft drinks, beer, wine, and premium spirits.
  • Activities: The hotel offers a variety of activities, including snorkeling, paddleboarding, kayaking, and fishing.
  • Spa treatments: Guests can enjoy a range of spa treatments at the hotel’s Varua Polynesian Spa.
  • Transportation: The Brando provides transportation to and from the airport, as well as daily transportation around the island.

lovers on the sandWhy is The Brando so expensive?


There are several factors that make The Brando one of the most costly hotels in the world. The hotel is situated on a private island, therefore everything must be transported there by boat or airplane. As a result, operating expenses at the hotel are substantially more than they would be on the mainland.


Second, The Brando is an eco-resort dedicated to environmental preservation and sustainability. The hotel gathers rainwater for use in the villas, generates electricity using solar energy, and employs organic and regionally grown food in its restaurants. Although these actions are admirable, they also raise the expense of maintaining the hotel.


Last but not least, The Brando provides a level of exclusivity and elegance that is difficult to find anywhere else in the globe. With only 35 villas, the hotel offers solitude and individualized service that are unequaled by larger resorts. Together with these special experiences, the hotel also provides access to the island’s bird sanctuary and a tour of the coral reefs of the atoll.


Are there any methods for reducing the cost of a stay at The Brando?


Even though The Brando is a pricey hotel, there are a few methods to cut costs while visiting the resort. Traveling from January and April, which is considered the low season, is one option to save costs. The hotel offers less expensive rates at this period, but guests can still expect the same level of elegance and service as during the peak season.


Booking a less expensive villa is another option to reduce costs. The one-bedroom villa is still fairly opulent, but it is less expensive than the other villas, and visitors can still take advantage of all the hotel’s amenities and services.


Throughout the year, The Brando also provides special packages, such as a romance package for couples or a family package for families. These packages can save you a lot of money and come with extra benefits like spa services or excursions to private islands.

Is The Brando worth the price?


Whether The Brando is pricey or not is a personal judgment call that depends on each person’s interests and tastes. Yet, many visitors who have stayed at the hotel are really happy with their stays and think they were worthwhile.


The level of service and individualized attention guests receive at The Brando is one of the key reasons visitors think the price is reasonable. Due to the hotel’s high staff-to-guest ratio, visitors can count on having all of their needs and wants met. Due to their extensive training and in-depth knowledge of the island, the personnel can recommend activities and other experiences.


The Brando’s guests value its solitude and seclusion as well. There are just 35 villas in the hotel, so visitors may have a quiet and private experience. Also, the villas are made to fit in with their natural surroundings, heightening the peace and relaxation.


Finally, visitors value The Brando’s dedication to sustainability and environmental preservation. In addition to being admirable, the resort’s eco-friendly practices, such the utilization of solar electricity and organic food, also add to the distinctive experience that visitors have there.


In summary, The Brando is one of the most prestigious and opulent hotels in the world, and it is expensive. The Brando offers a special and remarkable experience, nonetheless, for those who are prepared to pay the price. The Brando is a genuinely unique hotel, from the attentive service to the dedication to sustainability and environmental preservation. Even though it might not be within everyone’s budget, a stay at The Brando is an unforgettable experience that is well worth the money for those who can afford it.

Our Top FAQ's

The Brando hotel is unique for several reasons. Firstly, it is located on a private island in French Polynesia, which offers seclusion and privacy to guests. Additionally, the hotel is committed to sustainability and environmental conservation, and guests can enjoy a luxurious experience while knowing that their stay is not harming the environment.

The Brando hotel offers a wide range of activities for guests, including snorkeling, diving, kayaking, paddleboarding, tennis, and hiking. Guests can also enjoy spa treatments and yoga classes, as well as cultural experiences, such as a visit to a local village.

The cost of staying at The Brando hotel varies depending on the season and the size of the villa. The starting rate for a one-bedroom villa during the high season is around $4,000 per night, while larger villas can cost upwards of $15,000 per night.

Guests can save money by traveling during the low season, booking a smaller villa, or taking advantage of special packages offered by the hotel throughout the year. The hotel also offers a loyalty program, which rewards repeat guests with discounts and upgrades.

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