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In French Polynesia’s Society Islands is the stunning atoll of Tetiaroa. Formerly a private hideaway for the Tahitian royal family, it is today a well-liked location for affluent tourists looking for a getaway from the stress of daily life. A one-of-a-kind chance to discover this unspoiled paradise in elegance is provided by Tetiaroa Cruise.


farmerThe Tetiaroa’s History


Tetiaroa has a long, illustrious past that begins with the Tahitian royalty. No one else was permitted to enter the atoll because it belonged to the royal family and was a sacred space. The early Polynesian settlers gave the atoll the name “Tiaroa,” which means “faraway pearl.” The atoll is made up of twelve motus (islets) that surround a lagoon and is situated around 30 miles north of Tahiti. The Tahitian royal family found sanctuary on the atoll because of its seclusion and stunning surroundings.


During his second expedition to the South Pacific, British explorer Captain James Cook made his first known recorded visit to Tetiaroa in 1769. More European explorers, traders, and whaling crews came after Cook, bringing sickness, weapons, and other influences that had a significant influence on the island’s culture and society.


The French constructed a coconut plantation on Tetiaroa in the early 1900s, which gave the indigenous populace work. Yet, the plantation employees were exposed to difficult working conditions and frequently received payment in the form of commodities rather than cash. Due to dwindling revenues, the plantation was eventually closed down in the 1960s.


As Marlon Brando was filming “Mutiny on the Bounty” in 1960, he came across Tetiaroa. He fell in love with the location and ultimately purchased it. The goal of Brando’s design for Tetiaroa was to build an environmentally sustainable resort that would preserve the atoll’s beauty while showcasing it. Nowadays, Tetiaroa is home to The Brando, an opulent resort that provides its visitors with an exceptional experience.


The Accommodations


35 villas are available at The Brando, which are dispersed over the atoll. Every villa is created to provide visitors the height of luxury. Private pools, outdoor bathrooms, and breathtaking lagoon views are all features of the villas. Furniture and artwork with Polynesian influences are used in the interior design to create a cozy and welcoming ambiance.


The villas come in a variety of sizes, with options for one to three bedrooms. Modern amenities including Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and air conditioning are included in each villa. A photovoltaic power plant on the atoll produces solar energy, which is used to power the villas. The resort’s amenities, such as the restaurants, spa, and research center, are also powered by the power plant.


The Brando’s villas are constructed to meld perfectly with the surrounding landscape. The walls are built with local wood and stone, and the roofs are thatched. In order to have as little impact as possible on the local wildlife and plants, the villas are constructed on high platforms.


woman swimmingThe Activities


From snorkeling to bird watching, Tetiaroa Cruise provides a variety of activities for its patrons. Visitors can go diving or snorkeling to explore the underwater world, which is home to a variety of aquatic species. The resort provides a variety of snorkeling and diving tours to suit all ability levels. A variety of vibrant fish, sea turtles, and other marine life can be seen by visitors as they explore the coral reefs.


In addition, the resort offers training in surfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding for guests who desire to experience these water sports. For paddleboarding and kayaking, the lagoon’s tranquil waters are perfect, but surfers will find the outer reef’s waves to be a challenge. The resort’s instructors are skilled and capable of giving each visitor individualized tuition.


Tetiaroa is a birdwatcher’s delight for those who love the outdoors. The red-footed booby, brown noddy, and white tern are just a few of the many bird species that may be found on the atoll. Visitors can learn about the various bird species that live on the atoll and their distinctive behaviors on the resort’s guided birding tours.


A research facility at the Brando is devoted to the investigation and preservation of the atoll’s natural ecology. Visitors are welcome to take part in research projects like observing the condition of the coral reefs and observing the behavior of the island’s bird population. Visitors get a special chance to participate in these activities and learn about the atoll’s delicate ecosystem while also helping to preserve it.


A variety of wellness activities are available at The Brando for those who would rather unwind and unwind. The spa of the hotel provides a range of services, such as body wraps, facials, and massages. Yoga and meditation classes are also available to visitors, and they are held in a serene environment with a view of the lagoon.




Sustainability is one of The Brando’s main tenets. The hotel is dedicated to protecting the atoll’s ecosystem and minimizing its carbon imprint. Solar energy is used to power the villas, and the resort’s amenities are built with the least amount of environmental impact possible.


The resort’s dietary choices are consistent with its dedication to sustainability. The restaurants of The Brando serve sustainably produced, locally sourced, organic food. The resort cultivates a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs in its own organic garden for use in its cuisine.


The Tetiaroa Society, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving the atoll’s natural ecosystem, and the resort have a cooperation as well. The resort funds the group’s research and conservation projects, and visitors can take part in events that advance the group’s objectives.


Brando has received numerous honors for its dedication to sustainability, including the highest accreditation for sustainable building design, LEED Platinum.


beautiful atollThe Neighboring Atolls


While Tetiaroa is the main draw, French Polynesia also has a number of other atolls that are worth seeing. The Marquesas Islands, which are part of French Polynesia’s north, are renowned for their rocky landscape, voluminous culture, and lengthy history. Several archeological sites can be found on the islands, including the well-known Tik’i of Hatuana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


There are more than 80 atolls in the Tuamotu Archipelago, which is east of Tetiaroa. The lagoons on the atolls are clean and serve as a home for a diversity of aquatic species. The Rangiroa diving spot, famed for its large population of sharks, is also located within the archipelago.


The Society Islands are renowned for their breathtaking beauty and blue waters, and they are situated south of Tetiaroa. The islands are home to a number of opulent resorts, including Moorea and Bora Bora, both of which are well-liked honeymoon spots.


To sum up, Tetiaroa Cruise provides a one-of-a-kind and enduring experience for individuals seeking to elude a pure paradise. The atoll is the perfect place to visit if you want to see French Polynesia’s stunning natural scenery because of its fascinating history, opulent lodgings, and dedication to sustainability. There is something for everyone to enjoy with a variety of activities and nearby atolls to explore. Thus, if you’re searching for a trip that combines sustainability, elegance, and adventure, think about scheduling your Tetiaroa Cruise right away.

Our Top FAQ's

Tetiaroa has a rich history, as it was once the summer residence of the last Tahitian monarchs. It was also the location where Marlon Brando fell in love with Tahiti while filming the movie “Mutiny on the Bounty.” Today, it is considered a significant location for its pristine beauty and commitment to sustainability.

Guests can participate in a range of activities, including snorkeling, scuba diving, guided birdwatching tours, paddleboarding, kayaking, and hiking. There are also cultural activities, such as learning about traditional Tahitian dance and music.

The Brando is committed to sustainability in several ways. The villas are powered by solar energy, the resort’s facilities are designed to minimize their impact on the environment, and the restaurants serve locally sourced, organic food that is prepared using sustainable methods. The resort also has a partnership with the Tetiaroa Society, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the preservation of the atoll’s natural environment.

Some surrounding atolls that are worth exploring include the Marquesas Islands, the Tuamotu Archipelago, and the Society Islands. The Marquesas Islands are known for their rich culture and archaeological sites, while the Tuamotu Archipelago is known for its pristine lagoons and world-renowned diving site. The Society Islands are known for their stunning beauty and luxury resorts.

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