10 Must-know Tahitian Words

Unlock the soul of Tahiti by diving into its linguistic treasures with Must-know Tahitian Words. By grasping the Tahitian Words You Must-know, not only will you enrich your travel experiences, but you’ll also foster genuine connections with the island’s inhabitants. This article isn’t just a simple vocabulary guide; it’s a bridge to understanding the heart and spirit of Tahiti. Whether you’re planning a visit or just curious about Polynesian culture, these ‘Tahitian Words You Must-know’ are your gateway to a deeper appreciation of this paradise on Earth. Let’s embark on this linguistic journey together.


Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Tahiti by exploring the ‘Tahitian Words You Must-know’. Dive into these 10 essential terms to truly connect with the island’s spirit.

Welcome, Tahitian WordsIa Orana

This is the traditional Tahitian greeting that means “Hello” or “Welcome.” Use it to greet locals and fellow travelers.


This word expresses gratitude and means “Thank you.” Show appreciation to the locals for their hospitality and assistance.


When it’s time to say goodbye, use “Nana” to bid farewell. It’s the equivalent of “Goodbye” or “See you later.”


This Tahitian word means “Welcome” or “Hospitality.” Experience the warm and friendly welcome of the Tahitian people.

Good, Tahitian WordMaita’i

Use this word to describe something that is “Good” or “Great.” It can refer to delicious food, beautiful scenery, or enjoyable experiences.


This word represents “Love” or “Affection” in Tahitian. Embrace the spirit of love and respect for the land and people.


In Tahitian, “Fare” means “House” or “Home.” It can also refer to a traditional thatched-roof hut found throughout French Polynesia.


Use this word before a meal to say “Let’s eat” or “Bon appétit.” Tahitian cuisine is a delightful fusion of flavors, so enjoy the local delicacies.

Wave, Moana, Tahitian WordMoana

Tahitian for “Ocean,” this word perfectly captures the essence of the vast, breathtaking waters that surround the islands.


This Tahitian word refers to the “Moon.” The moon holds great significance in Tahitian culture, inspiring legends and guiding navigation.

By familiarizing yourself with the ‘Tahitian Words You Must-know’, you’ll enhance your interactions with the local community, deepen your understanding of the culture, and make your visit to Tahiti even more memorable.

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Our Top FAQ's

The article aims to introduce readers to essential Tahitian vocabulary that can enhance their understanding of Tahitian culture and improve interactions during a visit to the islands.

Yes, these are fundamental terms that you’ll frequently encounter in daily interactions, making them invaluable for travelers and those interested in Tahitian culture.

While these 10 words provide a good starting point, having a broader understanding of the language will further benefit your communication efforts. However, these terms cover fundamental greetings and expressions you’re likely to use daily.

The article focuses on the meanings and context of each word. For pronunciation, it would be beneficial to listen to audio recordings or consult locals for guidance.

While Tahitian shares similarities with other Polynesian languages, there are distinct differences in vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. The ’10 Must-know Tahitian Words’ focuses specifically on the Tahitian language.

Yes, since Tahiti is part of French Polynesia, these words are commonly understood and used across the islands. However, there might be regional variations and additional dialects in different islands.

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