Wedding in tahiti

The islands of Tahiti are surrounded by crystal clear waters and are home to a variety of landscapes and ecosystems, including black sand beaches, lush rainforests, and sparkling lagoons. The island’s tropical climate and pristine natural surroundings make it an ideal location for a romantic wedding ceremony and reception.


Newly weds with overwater bungalows at the backAccommodations

Couples planning their wedding in Tahiti have a wide range of accommodation options to choose from, ranging from luxury resorts to overwater bungalows and more rustic beachside cottages.

One popular option for a Tahiti wedding is to stay in an overwater bungalow, which offers the ultimate in luxury and romance. These bungalows are built on stilts over the crystal clear waters of the lagoon and offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Many overwater bungalows also come equipped with private decks, outdoor showers, and Jacuzzis, making them the perfect place to relax and celebrate your special day.

If you’re looking for something a little more rustic, there are also a number of beachside cottages and villas available for rent on the islands of Tahiti. These options offer a more laid-back atmosphere and often come equipped with amenities such as outdoor kitchens and BBQs, making them a great choice for couples who want to have a more informal wedding celebration.

Regardless of which type of accommodation you choose, most options in Tahiti offer a range of amenities and services to make your wedding stay even more special. This could include on-site dining, spas, and recreational activities such as snorkeling and surfing.

Wedding Planning Services

Planning a wedding can be a stressful and time-consuming process, which is why many Tahiti wedding packages include a range of wedding planning services to help couples plan and execute their perfect wedding. These services can include everything from coordinating with local vendors to arranging transportation and entertainment.

Some Tahiti wedding packages may also include assistance with obtaining a marriage license and arranging the actual wedding ceremony. This could include help with selecting a venue and officiant, as well as arranging for any necessary decorations or equipment.

In addition to these basic planning services, many Tahiti wedding packages also offer a range of additional services that can be added on for an additional fee. This could include things like photography and videography, floral arrangements, and hair and makeup services.

Newly weds with flower crownsCultural Traditions

Tahiti has a rich cultural history, and many couples choose to incorporate traditional Tahitian elements into their wedding ceremony and reception. Some popular cultural traditions that may be incorporated into a Tahitian wedding include:

  • The traditional Polynesian wedding dance: This dance, known as the “ote’a,” is a lively and energetic performance that involves intricate footwork and hand gestures. It is typically performed by a group of dancers dressed in traditional Polynesian costume and is a highlight of many Tahitian weddings.
  • The use of local flowers and plants: Tahiti is home to a variety of beautiful flowers and plants, and many couples choose to use these in their wedding decorations. Popular choices include fragrant plumeria, vibrant hibiscus, and delicate orchids.
  • The presentation of the “tiara” (flower crown): In Tahitian culture, the bride is presented with a flower crown, known as a “tiara,” as a symbol of her beauty and femininity. The tiara is typically made of fragrant flowers and is worn by the bride during the wedding ceremony and reception.
  • The exchange of “tifaifai” (quilts): It is traditional for the bride and groom to exchange handmade quilts, known as “tifaifai,” as a symbol of their commitment to each other. The tifaifai are typically made of brightly colored fabric and are adorned with intricate embroidery and appliqué.
  • The presentation of the “maeva” (gift): In Tahitian culture, it is customary for the groom to present the bride with a gift, known as a “maeva,” as a symbol of his love and devotion. The maeva can be anything from a piece of jewelry to a special item of clothing or a sentimental trinket.

Activities and Excursions

In addition to the wedding ceremony and reception, a Tahiti wedding package should also offer a range of activities and excursions for couples and their guests to enjoy during their stay on the islands. Some popular options include:

  • Snorkeling: Tahiti’s crystal clear waters are home to a diverse array of marine life, making it a great destination for snorkeling. Many wedding packages include snorkeling trips to some of the island’s most popular spots, such as the coral reefs of the Tuamotu Archipelago or the shark-filled waters of Rangiroa.
  • Surfing: Tahiti is a haven for surfers, with a variety of breaks suitable for all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, there are plenty of options for catching some waves on the islands of Tahiti.
  • Hiking: The islands of Tahiti are home to a variety of landscapes, including lush rainforests, waterfalls, and mountains. Many wedding packages include guided hikes through these stunning landscapes, allowing couples and their guests to experience the island’s natural beauty up close.
  • Cultural activities: For couples interested in learning more about Tahitian culture, many wedding packages offer a range of cultural activities, such as traditional Polynesian cooking classes or lessons in traditional dance. 

Couples planning their wedding in Tahiti have a wide range of accommodation options to choose from, including luxury resorts, overwater bungalows, and beachside cottages or villas.

Wedding planning services that are typically included in a Tahiti wedding package can include coordinating with local vendors, arranging transportation and entertainment, and assisting with obtaining a marriage license and arranging the actual wedding ceremony. Additional services, such as photography and videography, may be available for an additional fee.

Traditional Tahitian elements that may be incorporated into a wedding ceremony or reception include the traditional Polynesian wedding dance, the use of local flowers and plants, the presentation of a flower crown (known as a “tiara”), the exchange of handmade quilts (known as “tifaifai”), and the presentation of a gift (known as a “maeva”) by the groom to the bride.

Activities and excursions that are typically offered as part of a Tahiti wedding package include snorkeling, surfing, hiking, and cultural activities such as traditional Polynesian cooking classes or dance lessons. Additional excursions and activities, such as boat trips and helicopter tours, may be available for an additional fee.

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