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Vava'u, Tonga Kayaking Trips

Situated approximately 240 kilometres north of Tongatapu, the Vava’u Island Group is a smattering of 50-odd islands, in an area 23 by 25 kilometres, protected by a semi-circular reef. The islands are separated by reefs or open water, but are not great paddling distances apart.
Tonga is in the top 10 beaches and small islands for travel in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2014 guide. Shh, don’t tell everyone!

Vava'u 3-Day Starter

This no frills 3-day Tonga kayaking tour is designed for travellers short of time or wanting a brief taste of tropical kayaking and camping. It's also an ideal teaser for families with young children (exclusive family trips available on request). Transfers and accommodation (pre/post tour) are not included, but can be arranged.

[ Easy-Moderate ] [ 3 days Tonga Kayaking Trip]



This 7-day package with 4 days of kayaking and 4 nights camping has a similar itinerary as the Vava'u 5-Day Special plus includes transfers, 2 nights pre-/post-tour accommodation, a Polynesian feast in an outer island village and a farewell dinner.

[ Moderate ] [ 5 days Tonga Kayaking Trip ]

Vava'u 7-Day Tropical Escape

Escape away to the jewels in the King's crown! Visit Kapa, Vaka'eitu, Nuapapu, Sisia, Taunga, Eueiki (AKA Treasure Island), 'Euakafa and Mala Islands of the Vava'u Archipelago. Experience 4 days of tropical paddling, snorkelling, a Polynesian feast in an outer island village and 4 nights camping. Includes 2 nights' accommodation pre/post kayak tour.

[ Moderate ] [ 4 days kayaking / 4 nights camping ]

Vava'u 8-Day Adventure

A popular package for those who prefer an activity-packed vacation including 3 days of sea kayaking, 3 nights camping, 4 nights apartment or guesthouse accommodation, a day of whale watching and your choice of a full day of sailing or a two-tank scuba dive. Suitable for the active traveller with physical stamina and a moderate degree of fitness. Includes 4 nights' accommodation and 3 nights' camping.

[ Moderate+ ] [ 3 days kayaking / 1 day whale watching / 1 day sailing or scuba diving ]

Vava'u 8-Day Classic

This popular tour features kayaking and snorkelling in azure blue waters, visits to remote island villages and 5 nights' camping. With 6 days up our sleeves, we have time to paddle to Vaka'eitu and Nuapapu Islands on the western fringe of the Vava'u Group before exploring the more central islands. Includes 2 nights' accommodation pre/post kayak tour.

[ Moderate ] [ 5 days kayaking / 5 nights camping ]

Vava'u 10-Day Island Explorer

For those wanting to truly unwind and gain a deeper experience of Vava'u's tropical paradise and its friendly locals! On this extended tour, we have time to visit the contrasting western and eastern islands in the Vava'u Archipelago. Includes 2 nights' accommodation pre/post kayak tour.

[ Moderate ] [ 7 days kayaking / 7 nights camping ]

Ha'apai, Tonga Kayaking Trips

Situated approximately halfway between Vava’u and Tongatapu, the Ha’apai Islands are everything you might imagine of a tropical island paradise.
Ha’apai is a top 10 travel region according to Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2014 guide. Get there with Friendly Islands Kayak Company before word gets out!
Photographer: Glenn Ord
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Ha'apai 7-Day Serenity Eco-Resort

A good choice for non-campers. Paddle the lee side of the Lifuka Archipelago to Serenity, an eco-resort situated on picturesque Uoleva Island, renowned for its expansive white sandy beaches. Three days kayaking, one day whale watching (Jul-Oct), snorkelling and island walks feature in this all-inclusive resort based package. Includes 6 nights' accommodation and all meals.

[ Easy-Moderate ] [ 3 days kayaking / 1 day whale watching or snorkelling ]

Ha'apai 11-Day Tropical Expedition

Our longest expedition, the Ha'apai Tropical Expedtion remains our flagship adventure tour in this very special Conservation Area. Weather and sea conditions permitting, we paddle the length of the Lifuka Archipelago. Our base camp at the southernmost uninhabited island of Uanukuhahake is about as remote as one can get in Tonga! Even the ubiquitous coconut tree struggles to survive in this wild, windswept environment. Though nothing stops the nesting green turtle's annual return. Includes 2 nights' accommodation pre-/post-kayak tour.

[ Moderate+ ] [ 8 days kayaking / 8 nights camping ]

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