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7 Things You Need to Do While Travelling Through Niue Island, Heaven of The Pacific

Traveling to the South Pacific is a dream of every traveler. When it comes to choosing an island, you should definitely opt for Niue Island. Never heard of it before? Let’s have a quick introduction.

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Quick Introduction

The smallest country in the world, which is situated on the island with only 260 km square as its area, Niue Island is located to the east of Tonga, 2400 miles Northeast of New Zealand. The island is also known as “The Rock” because it is the largest coral island of the world. The citizens of Niue Island speak Niuean, although English is widely spoken and understood throughout the island. Niue island is known for its unique culture, hospitable people, privacy, mesmerizing landscapes, crystal waters, and the intrepid travel adventure it beholds.
Now let’s look at the fun activities you don’t want to miss out while traveling through Niue Island.


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Niue Island beholds the most exotic and exhilarating sites which will take your breath away. The island itself is a wonder surrounded the bluest chunk of the Pacific with rich biodiversity. These include chasms, coral formations, caves, limestones cliffs, and pinnacles, which will blow your mind away. The island has the best oceanic view, which will detoxify your soul from all the worries of the world. Sunset and sunrise at Niue Island behold a magnificent sight when the sun appears in the middle of the spectrum of pristine and turquoise hitting sky-blue. You are in for a treat if you love nature.


Where there are islands, there is yachting. Yachting at Niue Island means sailing through one of the deepest waters near islands, along with many sea creatures. It’s the perfect spot for a party. If you want to have a calming and soothing experience, carry a book, a sunscreen and a hat to absorb vitamin D, while you experience ocean hues.

Snorkeling or Scuba Diving

If you have a thirst for adventure and want to experience the richest species of fish and sea creatures from few meters away, you must snorkel or dive into the Pacific near Niue Island. It will be the most thrilling and memorable experience of your life.

Tracking and Biking

While visiting Niue Island, you must pass through the depths of the temperate forests and limestones hills. You should also bike through the hills if given a chance. You will meet many exotic animal friends, or enemies too, be aware! But the adventure you will have in those places will accompany you as a cherished memory throughout your life.


You must try yoga and meditation during your visit to Niue Island. It will result in cleansing of your mind from the monotonous and worrisome daily routine. Remember, if you want detoxification and cleansing of your soul, reduce the use of technology and social media.

Watching Whales and Dolphins

Since waters near the island are very deep, you may experience exotic marine life by sitting on the island. Humpback whales and spinner dolphins are a common sight at the island. And who knows, you might get to swim across the waters with these magnificent beasts (whales) or the friendliest marine acrobats (dolphins).
Whales Watching - Half Day

Trying Niuean Tropical Cuisine

Niue Island’s cuisine contains many tropical and Polynesian dishes. Generally, these dishes are made from seafood, mainly fish, and the combination of coconut products. You must try the Niuean food to experience the authentic culture of the island.

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