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All You Need to Know About the Geography of New Zealand

Ever planned on travelling to New Zealand but can’t decide which place to opt? Or ever wondered about the geography of New Zealand? Well, you don’t need to wonder any longer because this blog is an ultimate travel guide for choosing the best location(s) for your dream vacation.

The Northland Region – Te Tai Tokerau

The northmost region of New Zealand is also known as Te Tai Tokerau. Closest to tropic of Capricorn, the land has subtropical climate with warm to hot temperature throughout the year. This is the region with the greatest majority of Maori people. So, you’ll meet many tribes of indigenous people, all having their own culture, traditions and symbols. 

Northland has many natural wonders including heavy waterfalls, small islands, thick and lush green forests and breathtaking beaches. Must travel sites in the region include Cape Reinga, Whangarei Falls, Rainbow Falls, Ninety Mile Beach, and Waipou Forest.

Auckland Region

Auckland is the most populous land of New Zealand with 33% of the nation’s total population. The region is famous for skyscrapers, historic buildings, adventure parks and beaches. Auckland is ideal for family vacation which encompasses experiencing both natural wonders and the city life.

Waikato Region

Waikato is another urbanized land with numerous spots to enjoy and absorb the city life. Waikato region is famous for immaculate gardens, aquatic centers, zoos, stadiums, art and cultural museums, restaurants and bars. However, the region has many agricultural zones and thoroughbred horse racing stables.

Bay of Plenty

Located on the northern coast of New Zealand, Bay of Plenty is a mesmerizing bight which incorporates many impeccable and heavenly islands with active and non-active volcanic sites. The bay has many striking waterfalls, breathtaking lakes, hiking trails, lush green forests and above all, geothermal reserves and geysers. You must visit Bay of Plenty if you want to experience different wonders of nature in the same place.

Gisborne Region

One of the least inhabited regions of New Zealand, Gisborne is located in the northeastern lands of the state. The region has been named after its largest urban settlement known as the Gisborne city. Surrounded by the Pacific from one side and mountains by the other, the region has many sites which behold immense natural beauty including East Cape, Eastwoodhill Arboretum, Hikurangi, and Rere Falls.

Hawke’s Bay Region

Located in the east coast of North Island of New Zealand, Hawke’s Bay Region is a land of coastal hills, small mountain ranges, floodplains, river waters, and fertile plains. The bay is famous for vineyards and exquisite wine tasting spots. The must-visit places in Hawke’s Bay include Cape Kidnappers, Lake Waikaremoana, and Te Urewera.

Taranaki Region

Located in the west of North Island of New Zealand, the region is named after its famous Taranaki Volcanic Peak surrounded by Egmont National Park. Due to high rainfall, the land is extremely fertile. Therefore, there are numerous vegetation farms and dairy farms around the region. This region is ideal for having a close look on nature and experiencing the country vibes.


The region of Manawatu-Whanganui is located at the South of North Island. The region is a heaven with bright green plains, fortified cliffs and plenty of rainfall. This region also possesses some volcanic sites, tropical forests and lakes. On the other hand, the region further possesses high altitude sites which receive the blessing of snowfall and form major tourist attractions for skiing and hiking. Must travel places of the region include Taupo, Tongario National Park, Whakapapa, Rhapehu District, Mangakino and Kuratau.

Wellington Region

Wellington Region, named after the capital city Wellington of New Zealand located in the region, is the southmost region of the North Island. The region is covered by the Pacific from three sides, yet is the most urbanized areas of the state, hence ideal for luxury vacations. The region has many natural parks with exotic bird species, breathtaking beeches, botanic gardens, interactive zoos and much more.

Tasman Region

Tasman is the northmost region of the South Island of New Zealand. Matiri range on one side, Tasman mountains from the other and the Tasman Sea on the third side, Tasman region is the most diverse region of New Zealand with plains, mountains, hills, beaches, limestone reserves and rivers. Must visit places in the region included Abel Tasman National Park, The Maruia Falls, Farewell Spit, Kahurangi National Park and Nelson Lakes National Park.

Nelson Region

Nelson Region is located on the eastern shore of Tasman Bay in the South Island of New Zealand. The region is in the middle of three mountain ranges and the Tasman Bay. Nelson region also retained many of its old cultural architectures from early settlements of the 18th century. The region has the greatest number of caverns attracting ecotourism and adventure tourism from all around the world. Famous places of Nelson region include Abel Tasman National Park, Founders Heritage Park, Queens Gardens, and Tahunanui Beach.

Marlborough Region

Located in the northeast of the South Island, Marlborough Region is a small area located in New Zealand. Marlborough region is bordered by Kaikoura range from two sides and a coastline on one side. The region is a beautiful valley with dry climate and fertile soil which forms the hub of wine industry of New Zealand. It is ideal for camping, wine tasting, hiking, fishing, and sightseeing. Must visit places in the region include Rai Valley, French Pass, Okiwi Bay, Lake Grassmere, Waihopai Valley, Forsyth Island, Picton, and Blenheim.

West Coast Region

Located on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand, as the name suggests, the West Coast Region is the most remote land of the state with scenic coastlines, mountains, alps, rocks, bushes and glaciers which will blow your mind away. Gold, greenstone and coal mines are found in abundance in the region which is a huge tourist attraction. Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers, Punakaiki Cliffs and caves, Hokitika, Westland Tai Poutini, Paparoa and Mount Aspiring National Parks, Kokatahi and Westport are some of many places that you must visit in order to experience raw nature. The region also has many viewpoints for penguin watching.

Canterbury Region

Located in the center of South Island, Canterbury region is one of the most populous and urbanized regions of New Zealand. This region has many contemporary architectural buildings including many cathedrals, churches and museums from earlier New Zealand settlements.

Otago Region

Located in the south of South Island, Otago is a mesmerizing scenic region with glaciers, valleys, lakes and plains. Must travel places of Otago region include Wakatipu, Wanaka, and Hawea lakes, Larnach Castle, Coronet Peak Ski Area, Blue Pool’s Track and Tunnel Beach.

Southland Region

Located in the southmost region of South Island of New Zealand, Southland region is bordered by the Pacific from two sides. The region is a hub of scenic wonders which extend from lush green valleys, to endless beaches and breathtaking mountain ranges. Must travel places of the region include Milford Sound, Te Anau caves, Fiordland National Park, and Stewart Island.

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