Top 10 Things to do on Kiritimati
(aka Kiribati & Christmas Island)

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#1 - Go Fishing

Kiritimati Island is a world class fishing destination offering both fly fishing on the flats and offshore blue water game. With consistent all year round fishing  season, Kiritimati is a fishing paradise for anglers who are keen to explore the endless flats home of the fighting bonefish, mighty Giant Trevally and the strong trigger fish. On the other side of the reef you can test your stamina with the tuna, marlin, sailfish, wahoo, giant trevally, mahimahi, milk fish, barracuda who are out there just
waiting. Fishing on Kiritimati has long been sustained through catch & release and so we ask that you also help us preserve our fishery. The fishing guides are experts who know their craft and they always produce a big difference in fishing as they know their own flats, tides, reefs, waters, and fish. If you’re interested in doing some fishing, you can always arrange it with your hotel as most hotels on the island provide fishing activity.

#2 - Birdwatching

Kiritimati is truly an exceptional island for bird watching experience offering you the opportunity to see 19 species of birds (tropic and land birds) including the endemic bird the “Christmas Island Warbler” locally known as the “Bokikokiko,”and including other endangered species and extensive colonies of interesting sea birds. There are 9 protected zones that support bird breeding and nesting. These zones are under the protection of the Wild Life Unit.
If you’re interested in doing some Birdwatching you can always arrange your tour with your hotel who will further engage you with the Wild Conservation Unit Rangers. Please be advised, fees and tour costs will be applicable.

#3 - Surfing

Kiritimati island offers stretches of points, reefs and channels with excellent surf breaks. Of the 24 breaks, two third are user friendly with deep channels and sand of soft reef bottom. The other third is has rough coral bottoms and are for experienced surfers only. Kiritimati surf season is between October to March, where the swell hits Kiritimati Island a day or two days after it hits Hawaii. Surfing in Kiritimati is different with other surfing destinations because here you own your surf and you don’t have to yell at any surfer or swimmer in the water in front of you. Simply saying, “its Your Wave, Your Surf, Zero Crowds’. Recommended surfing spots are at Cochrane reef, Cook islet and Paris. When Prevailing easterly winds are strong then Paris reef is always perfect for surfing.

#4 - Do some Diving & Snorkelling

Kiritimati Island is surrounded by a narrow tropical reef which plunges into a bottomless abyss laced with many unspoiled corals and abundant species of marine life. This makes it the perfect destination for scuba diving and snorkeling trips! The northern coast in particular boasts some of the most unspoiled corals in the world such as Acropora and plate corals which play host to a wide variety of small tropical species such as surgeon fish, wrasse, butterfly fish, gobies, anemones, Dragon Moray, Flame Angelfish, Mantas, and Eagle Rays, turtles and fabulously colored corals and many others which are a photographers delight. You are most likely to encounter the majestic whale shark, spinner dolphins and manta rays. Whale shark encounters is most likely between November and April; certainly a dive experience that you don’t want to miss!! Wreck diving can be done at the Bay Wrecks where you explore underwater ship wrecks. Snorkeling trips on Kiritimati can also be organized with most of the hotels on the island. For Diving activity on Kiritimati please contact the following.

#5 - Mantis Shrimp Hunting to Plate Experience

Mantis Shrimps are known to inhabit the vast lagoon flats of Kiritimati Island burrowing in the sand. The mantis shrimps of Kiritimati Island are unique because they are very huge measuring up to 14+ inches, and the best part about hunting these shrimps is eating them because they are considered the best tasting shrimp on the planet… period.
The shrimp has razor sharp slicers that can severely lacerate your fingers so during the hunting we encourage you to observe rather than to try and catch one. The local guides would normally use fish bait to lure the mantis shrimp to the top of its burrow before grabbing it out by its razor sharp claws
To experience some Mantis Shrimp Hunting you can always arrange it with the hotels or during your fishing outing you can always ask your fishing guides to hunt these shrimps for your dinner. Considered a delicacy you can always have them grilled on the BBQ, fried, baked or boiled to your liking.

#6 - Explore Operation Grapple Relics Tour

From 1957 to 1964 Kiritmati Island was a military base for British and US nuclear bomb test programmes known as Operations Grapple. During this post war period, a series of tests were conducted. Many of the facilities constructed for the tests were removed by the British Government in 2004 to 2006. Not all the relics and monuments were removed and today they stand as a reminder of the history.
As part of your experiencing Kiritimati Island you can always go on a guided tour to visit the remains of Operation Grapple. Some highlights of the tour include the Operation Grapple monument at London town, gun emplacement, bunkers, old church ruins, Aeon Airfield, Main Camp, Ground Zero and more. You don’t have to worry about any radioactive contamination because a number of surveys since 1964 confirms that there is no radioactive contamination on the atoll.

#7 - Cultural & Community Tour

The Cultural and Community tour offers you the opportunity to explore and learn of our unique Kiribati culture and customs as well as exploring life in a local community. During the tour you will get to observe our local people as they demonstrate traditional and survival skills using naturals resources and observe traditional skills on display like making a local garland, mat weaving, traditional dancing, cutting toddy and so forth. You might even learn a skill or two as part of the experience. During the tour you will also get the time to visit the local handicraft shops to look at local products and maybe if you’re interested you might purchase some souvenirs as a reminder of your travel experience in Kiritimati Island. We would appreciate if you can purchase souvenir or two as a way of showing support to our local community on Kiritimati Island.

#8 - NW & NE Points Island Tour & sightseeing

This tour allows you to explore the NW & NE part of the atoll extending from London town to Banana. During the tour you will be able to visit interesting places and sites that tell of their own unique story of history and place. The tour will commence at London town, the capital of Kiritimati Island providing you a perfect introduction to Kiritimati island and an excellent insight to both the local and modern life style of the Kiribati people here. At London you can observe old and new developments on the island like the KPF complex, government offices, hospital and schools. You will also visit sites like the Millennium monument, Decca Water Reserve, Jaxa Tracking Station among others.

#9 - SE & SW Points Island Tour & sightseeing

This tour allows you to explore the SE point and the SW Point of the atoll extending from SE point to Poland area on the South Western part of the atoll. These parts of the atoll has a number of interesting places and sites to see that tell of their own unique story of history and place. The tour will involve an early long drive from London. During this tour you will be able to visit interesting sites like the solar salt farm, 9 branch coconut tree, Joe’s Hill, honey bee nesting sites, Marty weather site, the highest point, Aeon field, Ground Zero, Korean Wreck, Long Beach at Poland, South Pacific Hotel & Seaplane Jetty site, NZ Airfield and turtle nesting sites (nesting season is around November to January) are among the main highlights of this tour. If you’re interested, a tour can always be arranged with your hotel through the following tour services.

#10 - Lagoon Cruise with Whale & Manta Ray Watching

This is a fun and exciting tour involving some cruising across the beautiful lagoon of Kiritimati where you can get the opportunity to come across some friendly encounters with the manta rays and whales of Kiritimati Island. Manta Rays are one of the wildlife attractions in Kiritimati Island lagoon. In the lagoon these creatures will swim near the water surface looking like a slick of oil on the water surface. A tour of the lagoon on boat or while diving or snorkeling will give you an opportunity to come close and personal with these beautiful creatures. Meanwhile, Kiritimati Island is also a land of whales and dolphins; out in the water you will spot these friendly mammals doing flips, turns and jumps, and they will even come up swimming to your boat to greet you. Part of the cruise will also include visiting Cook Islet for some birdwatching and then for some fun time in the water swimming and snorkeling. This tour activity can be arranged with your hotel.

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