TIKEHAU Activity

Raie Manta Club Tikehau/Tikehau Plongee Initiation Dive

Located at the heart of Tikehau village, near the marina and Henriette grocery store, key location of the island, TIKEHAU PLONGEE offers great initiation dive. If the weather conditions are met, the dive will take place ocean side, where you will be able to see napoleons, turtles and kingfish. For 45 minutes and at a depth of 6 meters maximum, you thrive in water, accompanied by your dive instructor. 

Snorkeling Guided Tour- 03H00 / Morning Tour

Discover the beautiful underwater sceneries of Tikehau during this 3-hour guided tour with fins, mask and snorkel. Guided by a qualified instructor, you will snorkel at 2 different sites in the lagoon: the “cleaning station” of the gigantic peaceful manta rays and a marvelous coral garden. Come and see the enchanting world of triggerfish, damsel, parrot fish sergeant major, and plenty of other colorful reef fish. 

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