RANGIROA Activities

The Blue Lagoon Tour- Full Day (BBQ Lunch included)/(Motu Lunch included)

At one hour boat ride away from the main village of Rangiroa stands the amazing spot known as the Blue Lagoon. Literally a lagoon within a lagoon. In the program of your day: swim in a coral garden, stroll to the nearby bird island, enjoy weaving demonstrations and workshops or simply relax on a beautiful pink sand beach. At noon, a delicious barbecue (drinks included) will be prepared by the team on site. On your way back, snorkelling among sharks and in Avatoru pass if the current allows it.

Discovery of the Reef Island - Full Day (BBQ Lunch included)

Head towards South, an hour away from the main village towards the unique Ile aux Récifs (Reef Island) where sits the “Feo”: walls made up of fossilised coral located behind the island’s stunning beaches. A guided walk on the reef flat will allow you to fully understand the peculiar geology of the place and discover its flora and fauna (pencil urchins, reef fish, crustaceans etc). At noon, a delicious barbecue (drinks included) will be offered. Afternoon spent relaxing and swimming in the natural pools and braiding workshops.

Eco tour & Dolphin Watch - 02H00

The Eco Tour & Dolphin Watch excursion is one of the best way to discover the wonders of Rangiroa. Enjoy a tour at the famous Aquarium, experience a drift snorkeling within the great pass of Tiputa, and look for the playful Tursiops dolphins along with friendly turtles. A tour which is not to be missed in Rangiroa !

Six Passengers, Initiation Dive

On the west side of the motu “Nuhi Nuhi” is the Aquarium, sheltered from currents and in shallow waters, this place is perfect for beginners. You will discover in this world famous diving paradise, a beautiful coral garden and many species


Sporty Snorkeling in Tiputa Pass - 02H00

Dive deep into the depths of Tiputa Pass with your flippers, mask and tuba on and get up close and personal with a range of marine life: schools of fish, humphead wrasse, manta and leopard rays etc. Snorkelling couldn’t get any better! Finish up with a visit of the natural aquarium home of Rangiroa’s multi-coloured fish. 

Topdive Initiation Dive

Tryout an introduction to diving in one of the most famous diving destination: Rangiroa. Discover a new world, along with the unique sensation of being weightless under water, escorted by your diving guide and hundreds of colorful fish species. Our warm waters provide an excellent visibility, ensuring a successful introduction to diving, in complete safety. Accessible to all, it requires no particular skills 


ATVQuad Ride & Tiputa Discovery - 02H00 (2Pers max per Quad)

Welcome to Tiputa! After a quick grip of the Quad, follow your guide for a 2-hour ride to discover the authentic landscapes of Rangiroa. Progress in the village (town hall, church, school, port) and meet the population. At the wheel of your ATV machine, go to the “secteur”. Leave the asphalt and move on a coral soup road. Side reef, walk on the flat in search of small crustaceans; lagoon side take a break swimming in the turquoise waters. Easy to drive and easy to use, indulge yourself with this ride in Quad.  

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