The Brando Villas

The Villas

Inspired by the rich Polynesian culture, the property’s thirty-five villas, ranging in size from one to three bedrooms, have each been carefully designed to reflect the lifestyle and traditions of the local people. Featuring wooden walls and roofs covered with pandanus leaves, large picture windows in every room, a private pool and garden, each, these villas have truly been created to reflect the beauty of the islands.
Relax on your private wooden deck while you admire the white sand beaches, or watch friends and families unwind in your personal pool. Each of the one-bedroom villas contains a large king-size bed with a lagoon view, a fantastic walkthrough closet, and a sitting room, and a media space with a TV, where you may decide to listen to music, watch a romantic movie, or simply access wifi hotspots to keep in touch with friends back home. Each of these units span 1033sqft (96sqm), and feature a 603sqft (56sqm) deck, as well as a 107sqft (10sqm) ‘plunge pool’. These incredible, oceanfront villas also feature a spectacular outdoor bathtub, surrounded by greenery. This unit can accommodate up to two adults, and two children.
Enjoy the luxury and extravagance of a one-bedroom villa, but with more space and benefits! The spectacular two-level, two-bedroom villas span 1808sqft (168sqm), with 2217sqft (206sqm) private yard featuring a private wooden deck and a 236sqft (22sqm) pool. Each of the 4 two-bedroom villas contains two bedrooms with a large king-size bed and lagoon view, each, a large living room, a private dining area that can seat six people, and a kitchen, for in-house meals prepared by one of the resort’s own chefs. Each bedroom also features a private dressing area, bathroom and outdoor bathtub. These units can accommodate up to four adults.
For those who seek to accommodate larger groups or families, The Brando resort property also features a single, three-bedroom villa that includes all of the features of the two-bedroom villas but with a third bedroom. The extra room is separated from the main part of the unit by an aboveground walkway, and features its own dressing room, bathroom and outdoor bathtub. This unit spans 2648sqft (246sqm) and is located on Mermaid Bay. This fabulous two-level, three-bedroom villa features a slightly larger dining room than the two-bedroom villas, with space for up to eight guests. Feel like royalty in this villa fit for a King.