Rarotonga Island

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Rarotonga Island – A Romantic Retreat to Your Remote Island

Located in the middle of South Pacific, Rarotonga Island is the largest and the most populous Cook Island. Away from large chunk of lands of the continents, Rarotonga is very remote but easily approachable by direct flights from New Zealand and Auckland. It has three harbors. So, many people also choose to cruise to the island to absorb the oceanic hues and have a raw experience. It is truly a heaven reserved for those who appreciate it and know its importance. It will be a memory for the lifetime for you and your loved ones if you wish to travel to Rarotonga. Here’s the list of why Rarotonga is the right honeymoon or vacation destination for you and your loved one(s):

Rarotonga Island - A Lagoon

Rarotonga Island is bordered by a small lagoon extending about hundreds of meters to the barrier reef. There are many areas to the south of the island ideal for swimming and diving where you can experience marine life up-close. The lagoon and the barrier reef are one of the main tourist attractions for Rarotonga.

The Legends of Rarotonga Island

The earliest settlements of Rarotonga were Polynesian French settlers about 14 centuries ago. The legend further elaborates that 7 centuries ago, two warriors Tangi’ia and Karika with their armies came from Tahiti and Samoa to rule the island together. Therefore, they divided the lands to rule in harmony. Other myths state that the lake of Auparu is a bathing lake for nymphs and fairies. There are many fables, legends and myths about the island which will awestrike you.

Perfect for Honeymooners

Rarotonga has many spots for honeymooners looking for marital bliss and romance. The beaches and resorts are peaceful and soothing which will amplify your romance and make your intimate moments extra-special. And what is better than diving into crystal waters, going onto hikes and enjoying fun activities on your honeymoon? Rarotonga is the answer to all honeymooners looking for a private adventure and retreat.

Exploring Te Rua Manga – The Needle

The highest peak of Rarotonga where you can gaze into the island’s impeccable beauty is just about an adventure away. Located in the middle of the island, Te Rua Manga is a pointed peak in middle of hills ideal for hiking and camping.

Punanga Nui Market

Punanga Nui Market, the local market of Rarotonga is filled with souvenirs, floral pieces, fresh fruits and much more which depict the raw culture of the island. This market has everything that has any connection to the culture of Rarotonga.

Tribal Culture

The land of Rarotonga is divided among three major tribal areas. Te Vara Nui village, along with other small villages, form a major tourist attraction. Here you can see Rarotongans’ tribal dance, enjoy the bonfire and join them in their cultural celebrations. You will also meet famous storytellers, witchdoctors, fishermen and carving experts who’ll take you to their huts and show you their culture from up-close. You can also wear their costumes and cultural dresses.

Fun Activities

At Rarotonga, you will experience all the fun activities including diving, snorkeling, canoeing, meditation, yoga, dancing, cycling, and much more. Spas specializes in the local ayurvedic massages ideal for detoxification. You can also book villas to have a luxury high-end experience in the middle of a paradise. These activities will make your stay at Rarotonga extra memorable.

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