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The Cook Islands

The Cook Islands is the geographical area that consists of 15 amazingly beautiful islands which are located in the South Pacific Ocean. This exotic island country has a close association with New Zealand. Fabulous beaches, coral structures, volcanic peak and lagoons with turquoise waters make the Cook Islands an extremely attractive tourist destination.
The Cook Islands are divided into the two groups of the islands. These are the Southern Cook Islands as well as the Northern Cook Islands.

Explore the unique culture of the Cook Islands that will take you to the dream beach centered holiday you have always dreamed of. Visit the beautiful beaches on the main island of Rarotonga or venture out to the breathtaking lagoon of Aitutaki. For the adventure seeker, try a visit to Atiu with its burial caves and rare birds. If you want to escape the world completely, visit the oldest Pacific Island in the world, Mangaia with its incredible underground caves. There are 9 islands you can potentially visit by commercial flight, each with its own unique features and friendly experiences.

The Southern Cook Islands

The Southern Cook Islands consist of such islands as Aitutaki, Atiu, Mangaia, Manuae, Mauke, Mitiaro, Palmerston Island, Rarotonga, and Takutea.

Rarotonga and Aitutaki are two stunning islands most frequently visited by tourists. Rarotonga is the most populated island. Its beauty is really breathtaking. There are so many hotels, bars, restaurants, and beaches located in Rarotonga.

Rarotonga is the most populated island. When you first arrive on the island, it may seem quiet to you. In fact, Rarotonga is a big and bustling city in comparison with the other islands. This volcanic island is surrounded by a lagoon. The water is so blue here that it doesn’t even seem to be real.

Aitutaki is known to be the second most visited island. Here you will see an incredibly beautiful lagoon called the Blue Lagoon. Aitutaki has great beaches and nice resorts. This island can make your vacation unforgettable. The local population is very friendly here. This fabulous island is extremely popular among honeymooners.

Atiu is the island located 187 km northeast of Rarotonga. It is a volcanic island surrounded by a reef. The land is very fertile here. So, you will be able to see breadfruit, coconuts, bananas, papaya as well as citrus fruits. Atiu is home to five villages. Although this island has a small lagoon, it has beautiful beaches, picturesque views and other interesting things that attract visitors.

Mangaia is the second-largest island after Rarotonga. Geologists say that this island is the oldest in the Pacific region because it was formed about 18 million years ago. Mangaia is a small island with only 700 people constantly living on it. This island is known for its neckbands made from the shell of a tiny yellow snail.

Manuae is an uninhabited island situated 100 km southeast of Aitutaki. This island is an ideal breeding ground for turtles and seabirds. The waters around Manuae attract fishers from Aitutaki.

Mauke is a small island that’s located in the central-southern Pacific Ocean. Nowadays, only 300 people live on this volcanic soil. The land of the island is also fertile and is often called “The Garden of the Islands”.
Mitiaro is another island that has a volcanic origin. It used to be a volcano that became a coral atoll. There are not so many beaches in comparison with the other islands. However, you can swim in crystal-clear pools that can be found in subterranean limestone caves.
Palmerston Island belongs to the group of sandy islets that occupy the area of 2.6 square kilometers. If you visit this island, you’ll see a large coral reef as well as a lagoon. The coral reef occupies an area of 15 square kilometers. The lagoon occupies an area of 56 square kilometers.
Takutea is a very beautiful small island with amazing wildlife. The island is the home to the red-tailed tropicbirds, the red-footed boobies and many other interesting inhabitants.
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The Northern Cook Islands include Manihiki, Nassau, Penrhyn Island, Pukapuka, Rakahanga, and Suwarrow. The islands have been created by volcanic activity. The climate usually varies from moderate to tropical. Each island is gorgeous and unique, with hidden secrets that are waiting for curious tourists to discover them.

Manihiki (also known as the “Island of Pearls”) belongs to the group of the Northern Cook Islands. Less than 500 people live on the island these days. Manihiki has a school, stores, churches as well as the public airport.

Nassau is a small island with an oval sandy cay and beautiful coral reefs. The island is surrounded by a narrow reef flat. Nassau has a village that’s located in the northern-western part of the island.
Penrhyn (also known as Tongareva) is the island with the highest submarine volcano in the Cook Islands. The island is inhabited. The island’s population is constantly decreasing. According to the latest data, approximately 200 people live on the island today.
Pukapuka (also known as Danger Island and Wale) is one of the most islands in the group of the Northern Cook Islands and the Pacific Ocean. The island is small. Pukapuka impresses travelers with its ancient culture and distinct language.
Rakahanga is the island that belongs to the group of the Cook Islands. The island is located in the central-southern part of the Pacific Ocean. The latest data show that only 83 people live on the island today. They use solar-generated power.
Suwarrow is located near 20 small islets. One part of the island’s land is lying extremely low.

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