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Aitutaki Island – Your Intimate Paradise

One of the Cook Islands, Aitutaki Island is located to the North of Rarotonga in the Central Southern Pacific Ocean. With a population of less than 2,000, it is one of the most remote islands of the world. Unlike other Pacific islands, Aitutaki is safe from massive tourism. So, it is an ideal location for a romantic retreat for you and your partner where no one is going to distort your intimate memories. Here is the list why Aitutaki is an ideal location for vacations and celebrations.

An Atoll in the Middle of the Pacific

Aitutaki Island is a barrier reef island with small patches of land located in a triangular atoll in the middle of nowhere. The lagoon located inside the atoll is a mesmerizing natural wonder and ideal for aerial photography. Satellite images of Aitutaki Island capture the unique shape and the impeccable beauty of the island which forms a major tourist attraction.

A Romantic Retreat

Since Aitutaki Island is not a subject to massive tourism, it is ideal for a romantic vacation with your partner. The resorts and businesses have recognized this fact and made it extra special for you and your loved ones. All the spa packages, dining packages, and other activities are designed for the honeymooners to make their stay ultra-memorable.

The Legends

Aitutakians have their own legends which represent their culture and beliefs. They believe that they are the descendants of Ru, who was the first settler of Aitutaki along with his four wives and a Polynesian. While looking upon his reflection, he saw a blindly beautiful full moon in the lagoon. He named the Island O’otu which means full moon. Another legend relates the highest hill of Maungapu with Rarotonga island and narrates that the hill has been carried by the warriors of Aitutaki as a winning prize. The island is full of such legends which captivate tourists from all around the world.


The resorts of Aitutaki have been designed to showcase its culture and give privacy to the couples. These resorts are luxurious and peaceful to give you maximum pleasure with least interference.


Much like other Pacific islands, the beaches of Aitutaki are breathtaking and mesmerizing. You can either soak vitamin D and relax at the beach or do boating, swimming, yachting, snorkeling or diving. You might also meet many friendly sea animals to accompany you through the crystal waters.


The cuisine of Aitutaki is a variation of Polynesian cuisine which has fish, sea food, fruits, coconut and other healthy things as its main ingredients. The Aitutaki delicacies also form a huge tourist attraction for the travelers.

Breathtaking Views

The mesmerizing views you’ll see at the island will blow your mind. The tall mountains, the clear skies, the twinkling constellations, the never-ending beaches, the coconut trees, the beautiful sunsets and sunrise, and the giant whales casually passing close to the island are some of the views which will make your vacation even more memorable. Aitutaki can be your private paradise; you just have to book your tickets and pack your bags.

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