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MV Silver Supporter

Silver Supporter is a ship that was built in 1998. Initially, it was a Norwegian supply ship. But it was transformed into a cargo-passenger ship in February 2019. Silver Supporter provides travelers with comfortable conditions necessary for the most exciting journey to Pitcairn and other islands.
Although Silver Supporter is a working freighter and not a cruise ship, it feels cozy. The passengers plunge into a fascinating atmosphere of the freighter the moment they get aboard. The crew is very friendly and always ready to help. They do their best to turn your voyage into an unforgettable adventure. If you are a true adventurer, traveling on this ship will help you experience new emotions and see things you have never seen before.
MV Silver Supporter
The ship has 3 decks. Silver Supporter can carry 12 passengers in 6 cabins. There are 5 twin-share cabins and 1 cabin with two single bedrooms. The cabins are fully air-conditioned with private ensuite facilities, storage, and office areas. The crew provides passengers with bedding and towels.
Travelers have a shared dining area and comfortable area for relaxing and socializing. The dining area has 12 seats. The meals are usually served buffet style. That means that the passengers can see all the dishes offered and choose the meals they want to eat. Plus, they can select the amount of food they would like to consume.
There is also a snack bar where guests can find light snacks, cold as well as hot beverages. The travelers with special dietary requirements can contact the crew and inform them about it. So, the ship’s cook will consider their preferences while preparing the meals.
Passengers should keep in mind that alcoholic drinks are not served on the ship. However, alcohol can be purchased in Mangareva, Tahiti, and the Pitcairn Islands. All visitor areas are smoke and vape free.
Silver Supporter has 2 cozy lounges where guests can have a great time relaxing and socializing. Both lounges have 49″ LED TVs with USB and DVD players.
Travelling on a cargo ship is a fascinating experience. And visiting the most remote places on earth is an adventure like no other. People, who dream about visiting places that only a few others have managed to see, should think about traveling to the Pitcairn Islands. These volcanic islands include 4 islands – Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands located in the South Pacific Ocean.
Pitcairn is an extremely popular tourist destination. It is a tiny island where only 50 people live today. The other islands in this group are uninhabited. The population of Pitcairn comprises the descendants of the Bounty mutineers and the Polynesians.
The island has unique flora, bird and marine life as well as picturesque views and pristine waters. The locals are very friendly and hospitable. There are 12 registered accommodation providers. The travelers have an exquisite opportunity not just to meet local people, but even share their homes, culture, and lifestyle. Here, travelers can buy fabulous gifts – hand-made soaps, woven baskets, wood carvings, and hand-painted leaves.
Pitcairn is home to the world’s largest marine reserve. During your trip, you will be able to meet incredibly beautiful whales and enjoy their company.
Getting to Pitcairn Island is no easy task. But Silver Supporter is ready to take you there. The ship sails from the port of Mangareva in French Polynesia to Pitcairn on specific Tuesdays. The voyage usually takes about 32 hours (2 nights and a day). Then the passengers disembark the vessel and reach the shore by a longboat. The speed of the ship is 10 knots.
Silver Supporter usually carries residents who leave and get back to the island, service providers as well as people seeking adventure.
Silver Supporter sails to Pitcairn 1 to 4 times a month. The stopover usually lasts 4, 11 or 18 days. The climate on the island is tropical. It rains most of the time. Travelers should consider it when planning their voyage. August is the driest month and June is the wettest one. So, it would be better to avoid visiting Pitcairn in June.
The fact that Pitcairn is so remote and isolated attracts tourists. However, getting there can be difficult because there is no airport. If you have decided to visit Pitcairn, the first thing you should do is to fly from your home via Los Angeles, Auckland or Tokyo to Tahiti that is located in French Polynesia. From Tahiti, you will be able to fly to Mangareva. The plane flies on Tuesdays.
So, you must make sure that you will have a ticket for the Air Tahiti Tuesday flight before you contact the Silver Supporter office. Mangareva is situated only 300 miles away from Pitcairn. You will take the ferry to get to Rikitea village from Mangareva airport. Silver Supporter will be waiting for you near that village. And your fascinating voyage to Pitcairn will begin!

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