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Dive & sail with us in dozens of locations around the world. With expert guides and magnificent corals these trips will leave you breathless and awed.

Dive & Sail In The Bahamas

dive and sail in the bahamas

Fiji Scuba Cruise

Excellent soft coral encrusted pinnacles with abundant marine life from tiny pipefish, nudibranch and blue dragons, right through to larger pelagic fish patrolling out in the blue…
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French Polynesian Dive & Sail

French Polynesia vacation packages

Galapagos Island Dive & Sail

Galapagos islands dive and sail trips

Indonesian Dive & Sail

Indonesia cruise dive and sail


Massive fish and exotic seas, sailing and diving the reefs of the Maldives is sure to take your breath away.
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Palau scuba diving


Close by to Monad Shoal and running along the same outer reef ridge is another superb site to spot for thresher sharks and a variety of rays, but the main draw is the opportunity to see hammerhead sharks…
scuba diving in the phillipines

Red Sea

Diving in the red sea


Diving in Truk

Explore the Lagoon of Truk in this legendary dive experience.

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