You are currently viewing Romantic Getaways in French Polynesia with Paul Gauguin Cruises: Honeymoon and Couple’s Activities

Romantic Getaways in French Polynesia with Paul Gauguin Cruises: Honeymoon and Couple’s Activities

French Polynesia, with its idyllic islands and turquoise waters, is a dream destination for romantic escapes. Paul Gauguin Cruises offers couples the perfect blend of luxury, adventure, and intimacy, with tailored experiences that cater to honeymooners and those seeking a getaway filled with love and memories. From private balcony views to sustainable sailing, and from island hopping to cultural immersions, this article will guide you through the ultimate romantic journey aboard a Paul Gauguin cruise.

Key Takeaways

  • Paul Gauguin Cruises provide exclusive couple’s packages, ensuring a romantic and personalized experience for each couple.
  • The cruise offers stunning private balcony views and intimate dining options to create memorable moments for couples.
  • Island hopping is a highlight, with destinations like Bora Bora, Moorea, and Taha’a offering unique beauty and activities.
  • Paul Gauguin Cruises is committed to sustainable tourism, with eco-friendly practices and excursions that respect the local environment.
  • Planning your trip with Paul Gauguin Cruises is made easy with tips on choosing the right accommodation, preparing for the journey, and itinerary suggestions tailored for couples.

Embarking on Romance: Paul Gauguin Cruises for Couples

Embarking on Romance: Paul Gauguin Cruises for Couples

Exclusive Couple’s Packages

Paul Gauguin Cruises offers an array of exclusive packages designed to create the ultimate romantic experience for couples. From the moment you step aboard, you’re enveloped in a world of luxury and intimacy, perfect for honeymooners or those celebrating a special anniversary.

  • Champagne Welcome: Begin your journey with a toast to love and adventure.
  • Couples Spa Treatments: Unwind together with pampering spa services.
  • Private Excursions: Explore the beauty of French Polynesia with tours reserved just for the two of you.

Embrace the spirit of romance with tailored activities that enhance your connection and leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Each package is thoughtfully curated to ensure that your time at sea is as enchanting as the islands you’ll visit. With attention to every detail, Paul Gauguin Cruises sets the stage for a voyage filled with romance and wonder.

Private Balcony Views

Imagine waking up to the gentle lapping of waves against the hull, a fresh sea breeze, and the stunning vistas of French Polynesia’s islands from the privacy of your own balcony. Paul Gauguin Cruises offers this luxurious experience, ensuring that every moment of your journey is as romantic as it is breathtaking.

  • Wake up to panoramic ocean views
  • Enjoy breakfast al fresco
  • Witness unforgettable sunsets

With a private balcony, couples have an intimate space to create memories that will last a lifetime, all while surrounded by the unparalleled beauty of the South Pacific.

Each balcony is thoughtfully designed to provide not just a view, but an immersive experience of the ocean’s grandeur and the islands’ serene beauty. It’s a perfect retreat after a day of island exploration or a tranquil spot to start a day of adventure.

Intimate Dining Experiences

Paul Gauguin Cruises offers an unparalleled opportunity for couples to connect over exquisite meals in the most romantic settings. Savor gourmet cuisine as you dine under the stars or enjoy a private meal on your balcony overlooking the serene blue waters. The cruise’s culinary team prides itself on delivering a blend of Polynesian flavors and French culinary techniques, ensuring every bite is a celebration of your love.

The intimate atmosphere of the ship’s restaurants, coupled with personalized service, creates the perfect backdrop for a memorable evening.

For those seeking a truly exclusive experience, the cruise offers a special reservation-only dining venue where privacy and attention to detail are paramount. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect:

  • A dedicated maître d’ to cater to your every need
  • A selection of fine wines and champagnes
  • Tailored menus featuring the freshest local ingredients

Each meal becomes a moment to cherish, as the gentle ocean breeze and the soft melody of the waves complement the exquisite flavors on your plate.

Island Hopping Adventures: Discovering French Polynesia’s Gems

Bora Bora: The Jewel of the Ocean

Bora Bora, often hailed as the pinnacle of tropical romance, is a must-visit destination for couples seeking an unforgettable honeymoon or romantic escape. The island’s crystal-clear lagoon and iconic overwater bungalows create a serene and private atmosphere, perfect for lovebirds.

Activities in Bora Bora cater to both adventure seekers and those looking to unwind:

  • Snorkeling in the vibrant coral gardens
  • Jet skiing around the island for a thrill
  • Relaxing on the pristine beaches or at a luxury spa

Bora Bora’s allure is not just in its breathtaking scenery, but also in the unique experiences it offers couples. From intimate beach picnics to private lagoon tours, every moment is an opportunity to create lasting memories.

When planning your visit, consider the array of accommodation options, from cozy beachside villas to luxurious overwater bungalows with unparalleled views of the turquoise sea. The island’s beauty and tranquility make it an idyllic setting for romance to flourish.

Moorea: A Lush Paradise

Moorea, with its dramatic peaks and azure lagoons, is a haven for couples seeking tranquility and natural beauty. The island’s lush landscapes and crystal-clear waters create an idyllic backdrop for romance.

Activities on Moorea cater to all interests, from adventurous hikes to leisurely beach strolls:

  • Hiking through verdant trails to panoramic viewpoints
  • Snorkeling in the vibrant coral gardens
  • Kayaking along the calm lagoon waters
  • Cultural tours to learn about the rich Polynesian heritage

Moorea’s allure extends beyond its scenic charm; it’s a place where love and nature intertwine, offering a serene escape from the everyday.

When planning your visit, consider the diverse accommodations available, from overwater bungalows to cozy beachfront villas. Each offers a unique perspective of the island’s enchanting environment, ensuring your stay is as memorable as it is romantic.

Taha’a: The Vanilla Island

Taha’a, often referred to as ‘The Vanilla Island’, is a fragrant paradise where the sweet scent of vanilla orchids fills the air. This island is the heart of French Polynesia’s vanilla production, with numerous plantations that can be visited during shore excursions.

Visitors to Taha’a can indulge in a variety of activities that highlight the island’s natural beauty and cultural significance:

  • Vanilla Plantation Tours: Learn about the cultivation and processing of vanilla.
  • Pearl Farm Visits: Discover the intricate process of cultivating Tahitian pearls.
  • Lagoon Excursions: Explore the crystal-clear waters and vibrant coral reefs.

Embrace the slower pace of island life on Taha’a, where the simplicity of nature’s gifts offers a serene escape for couples seeking tranquility and romance.

For those interested in taking a piece of Taha’a home, the local markets offer a selection of vanilla-infused products and handcrafted jewelry, making it easy to find a unique and memorable souvenir.

Sustainable Sailing: Eco-Friendly Practices on the High Seas

Sustainable Sailing: Eco-Friendly Practices on the High Seas

Membership in Tahiti Tourisme

Paul Gauguin Cruises takes pride in being a member of Tahiti Tourisme, ensuring that every journey across the enchanting waters of French Polynesia not only promises romance and adventure but also adheres to responsible tourism practices. This commitment reflects a dedication to preserving the pristine beauty of the islands for future generations.

As part of this initiative, Paul Gauguin Cruises collaborates with local communities and businesses to promote sustainable tourism. Here’s how the cruise line contributes:

  • Supporting local economies by sourcing products and services.
  • Participating in cultural exchange programs to enrich the travel experience.
  • Implementing measures to reduce the environmental impact of cruising.

By choosing Paul Gauguin Cruises, couples are not only embarking on a journey of a lifetime but also contributing to the sustainability of the breathtaking destinations they visit.

Promoting Sustainable Tourism

Paul Gauguin Cruises is deeply committed to promoting sustainable tourism in French Polynesia. By working closely with local communities and organizations, the cruise line ensures that its presence contributes positively to the preservation of the islands’ unique ecosystems and cultural heritage.

The company’s initiatives focus on educating guests about the importance of eco-friendly practices and supporting local conservation efforts.

To further this mission, Paul Gauguin Cruises has taken several steps:

  • Encouraging guests to participate in eco-friendly activities and excursions that have minimal impact on the environment.
  • Collaborating with certified travel agents who are knowledgeable about sustainable travel options in The Islands of Tahiti.
  • Providing tips for a sustainable stay, which include respecting local customs, conserving water, and reducing waste during their voyage.

Eco-Conscious Excursions

Paul Gauguin Cruises is dedicated to providing guests with eco-conscious excursions that highlight the natural beauty of French Polynesia while preserving its delicate ecosystems. These carefully curated activities allow couples to explore the enchanting environment responsibly.

  • Snorkeling in coral gardens teeming with marine life
  • Guided nature hikes through lush rainforests
  • Kayaking in serene lagoons and untouched waters
  • Educational tours with a focus on conservation efforts

Embrace the spirit of adventure and environmental stewardship as you connect with the pristine landscapes and vibrant cultures of French Polynesia. The commitment to eco-friendly practices ensures that the paradise you fall in love with today will remain for generations to come.

Activities Afloat and Ashore: Entertainment for Honeymooners

Activities Afloat and Ashore: Entertainment for Honeymooners

Cruising and Boating

For couples seeking the quintessence of romance on the high seas, Paul Gauguin Cruises offers an unparalleled cruising experience. Glide over the azure waters of French Polynesia, where each moment aboard is a celebration of love and togetherness.

The gentle sway of the ship, the whisper of the ocean breeze, and the stunning vistas that unfold at every turn create an ambiance of intimate connection.

Choose from a variety of boating excursions that cater to different tastes and preferences:

  • Sunset sails that paint the sky with hues of passion.
  • Private charters for a secluded day on the water.
  • Guided tours to explore the hidden coves and lagoons.

Each journey is a chance to create memories that will last a lifetime, with the serene backdrop of the South Pacific enhancing every shared glance and tender touch.

Diving and Snorkeling

French Polynesia’s crystal-clear waters are a haven for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. Discover an underwater world teeming with vibrant marine life, from colorful coral gardens to majestic manta rays. Paul Gauguin Cruises offers excursions that cater to both beginners and experienced divers, ensuring an unforgettable experience beneath the waves.

The warm, calm seas surrounding the islands provide ideal conditions for exploring the depths at any time of year. With visibility often exceeding 30 meters, you’ll have a clear view of the ocean’s wonders.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

  • Bora Bora: Swim alongside turtles and sharks in the famous Lagoonarium.
  • Moorea: Encounter dolphins and whales in their natural habitat.
  • Taha’a: Drift through coral gardens perfumed by the island’s vanilla-scented air.

Whether you’re looking to get PADI certified or simply want to snorkel around your cruise ship, the opportunities for aquatic adventures are boundless.

Cultural Experiences and Shopping

Paul Gauguin Cruises offers an enriching blend of cultural experiences and shopping opportunities that cater to the tastes of honeymooners and couples alike. Discover the vibrant local culture through traditional dance performances, artisanal workshops, and visits to historical sites. Each island presents a unique cultural tapestry for travelers to explore.

  • Tahiti: Immerse in the bustling markets and sophisticated art galleries.
  • Moorea: Engage with local artisans and their exquisite handicrafts.
  • Bora Bora: Experience the legendary warmth of Polynesian hospitality.

Embrace the opportunity to take home a piece of French Polynesia with you. Whether it’s handcrafted jewelry, locally made fabrics, or the renowned black pearls, shopping in these islands offers a treasure trove of unique souvenirs.

As you sail from one island to another, the onboard boutiques also provide a selection of fine goods, allowing you to shop at your leisure without ever leaving the ship. This convenience ensures that your romantic getaway is as relaxing as it is culturally enriching.

Planning Your Perfect Getaway: Tips for a Seamless Journey

Planning Your Perfect Getaway: Tips for a Seamless Journey

Choosing the Right Cruise Accommodation

Selecting the ideal accommodation is crucial for a romantic getaway. Consider the ambiance, amenities, and privacy when choosing your stateroom or suite. Paul Gauguin Cruises offers a variety of options to suit different preferences and budgets.

  • Staterooms provide cozy comfort with essential amenities.
  • Suites offer more space, luxury, and often come with additional perks.
  • Overwater bungalows are available on some itineraries for an immersive Polynesian experience.

When planning your cruise, think about the kind of experience you want to have. A private balcony can be worth the splurge for breathtaking ocean views and intimate moments.

Lastly, consider the location of your accommodation on the ship. Proximity to certain areas can enhance your experience, whether you prefer easy access to dining and entertainment or a quiet corner of the ship for relaxation.

Preparing for Your Trip

As you anticipate the enchanting escape with Paul Gauguin Cruises, preparing for your trip is key to a seamless experience. Start by consulting with a Certified Tahiti Specialist who can provide tailored advice and handle the intricate details of your travel plans.

  • Ensure your travel documents are in order, including Visa & Passport Entries if required.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Exchange & Currency to avoid any financial surprises.
  • Consider the timing of your visit and choose a period that aligns with your preferences for weather and local events.

Embrace the spirit of adventure and romance by planning ahead, allowing you to fully immerse in the beauty and tranquility of French Polynesia upon arrival.

Lastly, don’t forget to pre-register with your cruise line and look into travel insurance for peace of mind. With these preparations in place, you’re set to embark on a journey filled with intimate moments and breathtaking scenery.

Itinerary Suggestions for Couples

Crafting the perfect itinerary for a romantic getaway with Paul Gauguin Cruises is an art that combines relaxation with adventure. Begin your journey by selecting the right duration that suits both your vacation time and desire for exploration. Most couples find that a 7 to 10-day cruise strikes the perfect balance, allowing for immersive experiences without feeling rushed.

When planning your days, mix leisurely activities with engaging excursions. A typical day might include a morning snorkel in the crystal-clear waters, followed by an afternoon spa session, and culminating with a sunset dinner on deck.

Here’s a sample itinerary to inspire your travel plans:

  • Day 1: Embarkation and welcome cocktail
  • Day 2: Discover Bora Bora’s lagoon with a private boat tour
  • Day 3: Explore Moorea’s volcanic peaks and waterfalls
  • Day 4: Visit a pearl farm on Taha’a and indulge in vanilla-infused cuisine
  • Day 5: Enjoy on-board activities and a Polynesian show
  • Day 6: Relax on a secluded beach or take a guided eco-tour
  • Day 7: Leisure day at sea with couples massage
  • Day 8: Disembarkation and farewell

Remember to leave some room for spontaneity, as the islands often present unexpected delights. Whether it’s stumbling upon a local market or joining a traditional dance, these serendipitous moments can become the highlights of your romantic escape.


Embarking on a romantic getaway with Paul Gauguin Cruises offers couples the perfect blend of luxury, adventure, and intimacy amidst the breathtaking backdrop of French Polynesia. From the enchanting waters of Bora Bora to the untouched beauty of the Marquesas Islands, each destination presents a unique opportunity to create unforgettable memories. Whether it’s diving into the vibrant underwater world, indulging in sustainable tourism, or simply relaxing on the deck as you cruise from one idyllic island to another, the experiences are as diverse as they are romantic. With a variety of cruises and accommodations to choose from, including the M/S Paul Gauguin and the Mahana Retreat, couples can tailor their journey to their desires. As you plan your trip, consider the tips for a sustainable stay and immerse yourself in the local culture and nature. A honeymoon or couple’s retreat in French Polynesia is more than just a vacation—it’s a celebration of love and connection in one of the world’s most magical settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some romantic activities for couples on Paul Gauguin Cruises?

Couples can enjoy exclusive packages offering private balcony views, intimate dining experiences, and personalized excursions across French Polynesia’s stunning islands, such as Bora Bora and Moorea.

Which islands will we visit on a Paul Gauguin cruise in French Polynesia?

The cruise itinerary includes visits to enchanting islands like Bora Bora, Moorea, Taha’a, and several others, each offering unique experiences and breathtaking scenery.

How does Paul Gauguin Cruises promote sustainable tourism?

As a member of Tahiti Tourisme, Paul Gauguin Cruises is committed to eco-friendly practices, including sustainable sailing and offering eco-conscious excursions to protect the delicate marine environment.

What types of accommodations are available on Paul Gauguin Cruises?

Guests can choose from a variety of accommodations, including luxurious staterooms with private balconies and suites, ensuring comfort and spectacular views throughout their journey.

Are there diving and snorkeling activities available for honeymooners?

Yes, couples can explore the underwater wonders of French Polynesia through diving and snorkeling excursions, experiencing the rich marine life and coral reefs that surround the islands.

What should we consider when planning our romantic getaway with Paul Gauguin Cruises?

Couples should consider the duration of the cruise, the type of accommodation that suits their preferences, and the activities they are interested in, as well as preparing for the trip by reviewing itinerary suggestions and travel tips for a seamless experience.

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