Rangiroa Aranui Cruise

Day 14: April 20 – Rangiroa: Tuamotu Islands

When we had asked Silvie, one of the guides, what time we had to disembark on this our last stop we were told 8:30 AM. This didn’t sit too well for us as it is not an easy thing to pack up for 7 people in three cabins and get a good night sleep at the same time. When we quietly complained to another staff member about having to have our bags packed by 8 AM and be off the boat a half hour later, we were told that other arrangements could be made. So we contacted the other guide Vai who was more than happy to accommodate our request for a 10:30 AM departure. This was all of the extra time we needed and sure made the day much more enjoyable after a good night sleep. Although Silvie was not impressed with our alternate arrangements, she bit her tongue and allowed us to follow the schedule we had made for ourselves.

Because the last barge had departed two hours earlier to take passengers to shore, they floated one again for us and all of our baggage as we said goodbye to the crew members that would not be on shore. Once on shore we had a place to store our bags while we enjoyed a bit of time swimming in Rangiroa’s lagoon and saying farewell to our fellow passengers. The on-shore picnic was great food from the ship and all of the regular ship staff including the servers and bartenders were there to do their job (although the servers had a bit more of a relaxing time since it was a buffet style paper-plate meal).

It was sad to say goodbye to everyone as our Pension came by to pick us up. I was almost sure our ride would leave without us as it took at least 15 minutes to round up the children and say bye to everyone. But they did wait. As we filled up the car with our luggage, our hostess Vai, asked another vehicle that had just arrived if they would take some of our family members in their van and to where we were going. She said, he’s my uncle so its not a problem. It saved us a lot of waiting because there was no way we were going to fit into the 5 passenger vehicle with our family of 7, all of our luggage and the driver. We waved goodbye to all of our friends and were off for another adventure in Rangiroa. We were leaving the Aranui one day early and sad to leave but excited for more experiences to come.

Written by Norm Schafer, Victoria BC
CEO Of  FarAndAwayAdventures.com

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There are three main options for traveling from Tahiti to Bora Bora: flying, taking a boat (either a ferry or a catamaran), or a combination of both.

Prices for flights from Tahiti to Bora Bora can vary depending on the season, demand, and how far in advance you book. In general, prices are highest during peak season (July-August) and lowest during the off-season (January-March).

The ferry is the most affordable and frequent option for traveling by boat from Tahiti to Bora Bora, but it has basic amenities and no cabin area. The catamaran is a faster and more comfortable option, but it is more expensive and operates on a less frequent schedule.

There are several accommodation options on Bora Bora, including luxury hotels and resorts, guest houses, and vacation rentals. Luxury hotels and resorts tend to be the most expensive but offer the most comfort and convenience, while guest houses and vacation rentals are more affordable but may have fewer amenities.

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