Raiatea Yachts

You should definitely be aware of Raiatea Yachts if you’re thinking about taking a sailing vacation in the South Pacific. Our business has built a solid reputation as one of the top charter companies in the area by offering excellent sailing charters in French Polynesia for more than 15 years.


yacht maintenanceHistory of Raiatea Yachts



A group of sailors who wished to spread their passion of the South Pacific and sailing formed Raiatea Yachts in the year 2000. Due to its dedication to providing top-notch service and meticulously maintained boats, the company immediately gained a following despite starting out with a tiny fleet of boats and a limited number of staff.



Raiatea Yachts now provides a variety of vessels and locations across French Polynesia after growing both its fleet and its reach over the years. Despite its expansion, the business is still dedicated to its basic ideals of excellence and keeps spending money on cutting-edge equipment and personnel training.


Fleet and Destinations


There are many different types of boats available from Raiatea Yachts, ranging from big, opulent yachts to small, cozy catamarans. Each boat is well-kept and furnished with the most modern conveniences, such as air conditioning, fridge, and top-notch stereo systems.


The company’s fleet is situated in Raiatea, the second-largest island in French Polynesia, which gives easy access to some of the most spectacular and inaccessible destinations in the South Pacific. Popular vacation spots include the Tuamotu Islands, Bora Bora, Moorea, Huahine, and Huahine, each of which has its own special charms and attractions.


Charter Services



To meet every requirement and price range, Raiatea Yachts provides a variety of charter services. Bareboat chartering, which enables seasoned sailors to take command of their own yacht and explore the South Pacific at their own leisure, is the company’s most well-liked option.


Raiatea Yachts also provides crewed charters, which include a qualified captain and chef who will handle all the sailing, cooking, and cleaning, for those who prefer a more laid-back experience. Customers can completely unwind and enjoy their holiday thanks to this service without having to worry about any of the small details.


Customers can pre-order all the food and beverages they’ll need for their vacation through the company’s provisioning services, saving them time and hassle once they get there. Raiatea Yachts also provides sailing lessons and guided tours for those who require a little additional assistance, ensuring that even inexperienced sailors may take in the splendor of the South Pacific.


snorkeling gearsAdditional Services


To make sailing as easy and fun as possible, Raiatea Yachts offers a variety of supplementary services in addition to its main charter services. The company’s provisioning service, which enables clients to order all the food and beverages they’ll need for their trip in advance, is one of these offerings that is most in demand.


The concierge service provided by Raiatea Yachts may help with everything from making bookings for restaurants and spa services to coordinating airport transportation. Customers can relax and enjoy their holiday instead of worrying about logistics and small issues thanks to our service.


The business employs a staff of skilled chefs that can prepare mouthwatering dishes utilizing local, fresh products that are customized to the tastes and dietary needs of the customer. Customers may completely unwind and enjoy their holiday thanks to this service without worrying about cooking or cleaning.


In addition to these services, Raiatea Yachts also provides a variety of items that are optional and chargeable, like stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, and snorkeling equipment. Customers can also get comprehensive cruise manuals and maps from the business, as well as round-the-clock assistance in case of problems or emergencies.


Customer Reviews


Raiatea Yachts has developed a reputation for offering outstanding customer service and life-changing sailing adventures. Consumers gush about the company’s attentiveness to detail, experienced and helpful staff, and well-kept boats. Many reviews also praise French Polynesia’s breathtaking natural beauty as well as the exceptional and unforgettable experiences they had while sailing with Raiatea Yachts.


One commenter stated, “Sailing with Raiatea Yachts was the highlight of our family’s incredible holiday. The crew was incredibly welcoming and helpful, and the boat was lovely and well-kept. We cherished discovering the many islands and taking in the splendor of the South Pacific. We are eager to sail with Raiatea Yachts once more.”


One more reviewer stated, “With Raiatea Yachts, we had a wonderful crewed charter experience. The cuisine was incredible, and the chef and skipper were both extremely attentive and competent. The entire week, we experienced perfect pampering and relaxation, and the surroundings were gorgeous. To anyone seeking an opulent and amazing sailing experience, we heartily recommend Raiatea Yachts.”


Raiatea Yachts appears to be a top option for anyone wishing to sail in French Polynesia, according to user reviews overall. The organization is a fantastic option for both experienced and inexperienced sailors due to its dedication to excellence, well-kept boats, and variety of services. Sailing with Raiatea Yachts is certain to be a wonderful experience because there are so many beautiful places to visit.


In conclusion, Raiatea Yachts has established a solid reputation as one of French Polynesia’s top yacht charter providers. Anybody wishing to experience the splendor of the South Pacific will find it to be a top choice thanks to its dedication to excellence, variety of services, and well-kept fleet. Raiatea Yachts offers much to offer sailors of all levels, and the experiences you’ll create on one of their boats are certain to last a lifetime.

Our Top FAQ's

Raiatea Yachts offers both bareboat charters, which allow experienced sailors to take control of their own vessel, as well as crewed charters, which include a professional captain and chef who will take care of all the sailing, cooking, and cleaning.

The fleet of Raiatea Yachts is based in Raiatea, the second-largest island in French Polynesia, which offers easy access to some of the most beautiful and remote destinations in the South Pacific.

In addition to its core charter services, Raiatea Yachts offers a range of additional services, including provisioning, concierge services, chef services, and the option to rent additional equipment like stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, and snorkeling gear.

Customer reviews suggest that Raiatea Yachts is a top choice for anyone looking to sail in French Polynesia. Customers praise the company’s knowledgeable and friendly staff, well-maintained boats, attention to detail, and stunning destinations, making it a great choice for both experienced sailors and those new to sailing.

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