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The South Pacific has the stunning archipelago of French Polynesia. The islands of French Polynesia provide a variety of tourist activities and attractions, and they are a paradise for beachgoers and nature lovers. French Polynesia is home to many different islands, but Raiatea is one of the undiscovered treasures that has recently become more well-known to tourists. A local tour company called Raiatea Tours focuses on giving visitors to the island uncommon experiences.


nature guided tourOverview of Raiatea Tours


A family-run tour company called Raiatea Tours provides a variety of excursions to discover the island of Raiatea. A local family founded the business in 2005 with the goal of introducing tourists to the splendor and culture of their community. The major settlement on Raiatea Island is Uturoa, where the tour company is headquartered. Experienced local tour guides who are educated about the island’s history, culture, and natural wonders makeup Raiatea Tours’ staff. They are dedicated to giving visitors a unique and genuine experience that highlights the best of Raiatea Island.


Exploring the Island


French Polynesia’s Leeward Islands contain the volcanic island of Raiatea. A gorgeous lagoon that is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and diving surrounds the island. A variety of trips are available from Raiatea Tours that let travelers discover the island’s scenic beauty and rich cultural history. The island tour, which brings guests to the island’s key attractions, is one of the most well-liked excursions. The Marae Taputapuatea, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and formerly the spiritual and cultural hub of Polynesia, is one of the destinations on the tour. The only navigable river in French Polynesia, the Faaroa River, can be explored by tourists, and the Belvedere Lookout offers breathtaking views of the island. The tour also includes a stop at the Uturoa Market, where tourists may sample local produce and shop for crafts and mementos made by local artisans.


Raiatea Tours also provides various trips that highlight the island’s natural beauty in addition to the island tour. Tourists can go on a hiking excursion to explore Raiatea’s lush rainforest and find undiscovered streams and waterfalls. Also, there is a sunset cruise that takes guests around the lagoon to take in the breathtaking hues of the setting sun.


Aquatic Activities


A wide variety of marine life can be seen in the gorgeous blue lagoon that surrounds Raiatea Island. A variety of water-based activities are available from Raiatea Tours that let guests discover the lagoon and its residents. The lagoon tour, which brings guests to some of the best snorkeling locations in the lagoon, is one of the most well-liked excursions. In a secure setting, visitors can swim among vibrant tropical fish, turtles, and even sharks. A few motus (small islands) in the lagoon are also visited during the cruise; here, guests can have a picnic lunch and unwind on the white sand beaches.


Raiatea Tours offers kayaking trips around the lagoon for individuals who would like a more strenuous water-based activity. Tourists may paddle around the lagoon’s tranquil waters and find remote beaches and coves that are only reachable by water. Another option is to go on a scuba diving excursion, which takes people to some of the top dive sites in the lagoon where they can see shipwrecks, coral reefs, and underwater caverns.


Tourists talking to a local personCultural Pursuits


The island of Raiatea has a long history of rich cultural treasures. Visitors can learn about the island’s history and culture by participating in a variety of cultural events offered by Raiatea Tours. The cultural trip, which takes guests to the Marae Taputapuatea, which historically served as Polynesia’s religious and cultural center, is one of the most well-liked attractions. The tour includes a stop at the historic museum, where artifacts and records from the island’s past are on exhibit, as well as the old stone temples and ceremonial buildings that were formerly utilized for worship and rituals.


A tour to a vanilla plantation is another cultural experience provided by Raiatea Tours. Visitors can discover how to grow and harvest vanilla, a significant export crop for Raiatea. Visitors can also try some of the delectable vanilla items made on the island, like vanilla ice cream and rum that has been flavored with vanilla.


In addition, Raiatea Tours provides a Polynesian entertainment where guests can take in traditional dance and music from the region. Local musicians and dancers also participate in the program, showcasing French Polynesia’s unique culture through their performances. A Polynesian cooking lesson is another option for tourists, where they may learn how to prepare traditional foods like fafa and poisson cru (raw fish marinated in coconut milk) (taro leaves cooked in coconut milk).


Sustainable Tourism and Responsible Travel Practices


Responsible travel and sustainable tourism are important to Raiatea Tours. The business works to reduce its environmental impact while also supporting the neighborhood and community. Using eco-friendly techniques, such as minimizing waste and preserving water and energy, is one of the ways Raiatea Tours promotes sustainable tourism. In order to strengthen the neighborhood economy and lessen the carbon footprint of tourism, the organization also works with local companies and buys products that are sourced locally whenever possible.


Via its social responsibility program, Raiatea Tours also aids the neighborhood. The business supports neighborhood activities and programs including tree-planting campaigns and beach clean-ups. Also, they give up a portion of their earnings to neighborhood nonprofits and groups that promote social welfare and environmental preservation.


Raiatea Tours is dedicated to educating tourists about sustainable tourism and responsible travel habits in addition to these programs. Throughout their stay on Raiatea Island, tourists are given information by the company on how to reduce their environmental impact and aid the community. Raiatea Tours aids in preserving Raiatea’s natural beauty and cultural heritage for future generations by promoting sustainable tourism and ethical travel habits.




A tour company called Raiatea Tours provides tourists with a distinctive and genuine experience on the stunning island of Raiatea. Raiatea Tours is the ideal option for tourists who want to explore the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Raiatea Island while also giving back to the neighborhood and protecting the environment thanks to their local knowledge, individualized service, and dedication to sustainable tourism and responsible travel practices. Raiatea Tours features activities for all interests, whether you want to discover the island’s natural beauty, learn about its cultural history, or enjoy the ocean.


Our Top FAQ's

Raiatea Tours offers a range of activities including island tours, snorkeling and diving excursions, cultural experiences, and water-based activities such as paddleboarding and kayaking.

Raiatea Tours promotes sustainable tourism by using eco-friendly practices such as reducing waste and conserving water and energy. They also support the local community and economy by using locally sourced products and sponsoring community events and projects. They educate visitors about responsible travel practices and donate a portion of their profits to local charities.

Raiatea Island is considered the spiritual center of French Polynesia, and is home to many sacred sites and ancient temples. It is also known for its vibrant Polynesian culture, which includes traditional dance and music, cuisine, and art.

The best time to visit Raiatea Island is during the dry season, which runs from May to October. During this time, the weather is warm and dry, with less rainfall and more sunshine. The water is also clearer and calmer, making it ideal for water-based activities such as snorkeling and diving.

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