Paul Gauguin Cruises Review: Luxurious French Polynesia Voyages and Cultural Excursions

Embark on an unforgettable journey with Paul Gauguin Cruises, where the allure of French Polynesia unfolds in a symphony of luxurious amenities, cultural richness, and breathtaking landscapes. From the moment you set sail from Papeete to the final anchor drop, you’ll be enveloped in an exclusive world of elegance and Polynesian charm that promises a voyage like no other. Discover the enchanting islands, engage with local traditions, and indulge in the all-inclusive experience that sets Paul Gauguin Cruises apart as a premier choice for discerning travelers seeking the ultimate South Pacific adventure.

Key Takeaways

  • Paul Gauguin Cruises offers an intimate and luxurious experience, with an emphasis on Polynesian culture and local knowledge that enriches the journey.
  • The all-inclusive nature of the cruises, including on-board spend, ensures a worry-free and indulgent adventure around the stunning islands of French Polynesia.
  • A diverse range of itineraries, from the Society Islands to the Marquesas and Tuamotus, caters to different preferences and allows for a comprehensive exploration of the region.
  • Exclusive excursions and cultural encounters provide opportunities for guests to immerse themselves in the local way of life and discover the unique gems of each island.
  • Personalized service and luxury amenities, from elegantly appointed staterooms to gastronomic delights, contribute to the creation of unforgettable memories and the desire to return to paradise.

Embarking on a Journey with Paul Gauguin Cruises

Embarking on a Journey with Paul Gauguin Cruises

First Impressions: Setting Sail from Papeete

The anticipation builds as you step onto the luxurious decks of Paul Gauguin Cruises, greeted by the warm smiles of the crew and a complimentary glass of sparkling wine. The embarkation process is seamless, allowing guests to quickly settle into the rhythm of island life as the ship departs from Papeete.

The first day on board is a delightful preview of the journey ahead. After a refreshing afternoon tea, passengers are invited to explore the ship’s amenities or simply unwind in their well-appointed staterooms before enjoying a sumptuous dinner at L’Etoile restaurant.

The evening sets the tone for the voyage, with every meal crafted to perfection and paired with exquisite wines. The ship’s itinerary, which includes stops at Huahine, Bora Bora, and the Tuamotus, promises a voyage filled with enchanting destinations and unparalleled experiences.

The All-Inclusive Experience: Luxury at Sea

Paul Gauguin Cruises redefine the all-inclusive cruising experience, offering guests a seamless luxury voyage through French Polynesia. Every aspect of your journey is meticulously catered to, ensuring that your focus remains on the breathtaking scenery and the rich cultural tapestry of the islands.

The all-inclusive package includes:

  • FREE Unlimited Shore Excursions
  • FREE 2- or 3-night land programs on select voyages
  • FREE 1-night pre-cruise hotel package in Concierge Suites and higher
  • FREE unlimited beverages, including fine wines and spirits
  • FREE open bars and lounges, plus in-suite mini-bar replenished daily
  • FREE pre-paid gratuities
  • FREE specialty restaurants
  • FREE transfers between airport and ship
  • FREE unlimited Wi-Fi
  • FREE valet laundry service

Additionally, guests may find themselves delighted by unexpected upgrades, enhancing their voyage even further.

The essence of luxury at sea is not just in the lavish amenities, but in the freedom it grants; every need is anticipated and every comfort provided, allowing you to surrender to the serenity of the ocean and the allure of the islands.

Cultural Immersion: Polynesian Flavors Onboard

Aboard the Paul Gauguin Cruises, the spirit of French Polynesia is not just a destination; it’s a vibrant, living experience. Guests are enveloped in the rich Polynesian culture through an array of onboard activities and entertainment. The cruise’s own troupe of Polynesian performers brings the legends and lore of the islands to life with enchanting music and dance, creating an atmosphere that’s both exotic and authentic.

The all-inclusive fare of Paul Gauguin Cruises ensures that the journey is as carefree as it is culturally enriching. From complimentary beverages to all on board meals in a choice of venues, the focus remains on experiencing the destination’s essence.

The culinary offerings are a highlight, with menus that feature local flavors and ingredients, providing a delicious gateway to understanding the local culture. Here’s a taste of what you can expect:

  • Complimentary beverages, including select wines and spirits
  • On board meals in a variety of venues
  • 24-hour room service
  • Themed dining experiences that reflect the Polynesian Seascapes

With every sip and bite, passengers not only savor exceptional cuisine but also partake in the traditions of the islands they visit.

Exploring the Society Islands and Beyond

Tahiti and the Society Islands: A Tropical Paradise

Embarking on a voyage to the Society Islands with Paul Gauguin Cruises is to enter a world where the vibrant blues of the sea meet the lush greens of tropical landscapes. The allure of Tahiti and its neighboring islands is the epitome of a tropical paradise, offering an escape to a realm of natural beauty and serenity.

The Society Islands itinerary typically includes stops at some of the most enchanting locations in French Polynesia:

  • Papeete (Tahiti), the vibrant capital city that is the gateway to the islands
  • Bora Bora, with its iconic overwater bungalows and mesmerizing lagoon
  • Moorea, known for its dramatic volcanic peaks and crystal-clear waters
  • Huahine, where tradition and tranquility go hand in hand
  • Taha’a, the ‘Vanilla Island’, which shares its lagoon with the legendary island of Raiatea

Each destination within the Society Islands archipelago offers a unique experience, from the bustling markets of Papeete to the quiet, untouched beauty of Taha’a. The journey is as much about discovering the diverse cultures and landscapes as it is about indulging in the luxury and comfort of the cruise itself.

Travelers can expect a seamless blend of adventure and relaxation, with ample opportunities to explore the islands’ rich cultural heritage and partake in a variety of water-based activities. Whether it’s snorkeling in the lagoons, exploring archaeological sites, or simply soaking up the sun on pristine beaches, the Society Islands cater to all desires for a dream getaway.

Society Islands and Tuamotus: A Diverse Itinerary

The Society Islands and Tuamotus itinerary offers a rich tapestry of landscapes and experiences, seamlessly blending the lush beauty of the Society Islands with the pristine atolls of the Tuamotus. Over the course of 10 nights, guests aboard the luxurious Le Paul Gauguin can expect an adventure that tantalizes the senses and immerses them in the vibrant culture of French Polynesia.

The journey begins and ends in the bustling port of Papeete, Tahiti, setting the stage for an unforgettable voyage through some of the most enchanting islands in the world.

Here’s a glimpse of the destinations included in this dreamy itinerary:

  • Papeete (Tahiti): The vibrant capital city, where the journey commences.
  • Huahine (Society Islands): Known for its lush forests and sacred temples.
  • Bora Bora: Twice the charm with two days in this iconic island paradise.
  • Rangiroa (Tuamotus): A diver’s haven with crystal-clear waters and abundant marine life.
  • Fakarava: A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve boasting rare wildlife and stunning coral.
  • Taha’a (Society Islands): The ‘Vanilla Island’ with sweet aromas and tranquil scenery.
  • Moorea: A geological marvel with dramatic peaks and friendly locals.

Each destination is a chapter in a storybook, with its own unique allure and opportunities for discovery. From the dual days in Bora Bora, allowing for in-depth exploration, to the natural wonders of Fakarava, this itinerary promises a voyage of both relaxation and adventure.

Society Islands to the Marquesas and Tuamotus: Venturing Further

Embarking on the 14-night voyage aboard Le Paul Gauguin, travelers are treated to a tapestry of islands each with its own unique allure. The Marquesas, untouched for centuries, offer a glimpse into a culture that has captivated artists like Paul Gauguin.

The itinerary is a blend of cultural depth and natural beauty, from the ‘Mystic Island’ of Nuka Hiva with its ancient religious sites to the stunning coral gardens of Raiatea. Each destination is an opportunity to delve deeper into the rich tapestry of French Polynesia.

The journey is not just about the destinations but the transformative experiences they provide. The Marquesas, with their fertile valleys and plummeting waterfalls, are a testament to the raw beauty of nature, while the Society Islands bring a sense of serenity with their tranquil waters and vibrant marine life.

Here’s a snapshot of the voyage:

  • Papeete (Tahiti): The starting point of the journey, offering vibrant markets and a bustling harbor.
  • Fakarava (Tuamotus): Known for its dreamlike scuba diving spots and pristine beaches.
  • Omoa (Fatu Hiva, Marquesas Islands): A place to witness traditional Polynesian culture and crafts.
  • Atuona (Hiva Oa): The final resting place of the famous painter Paul Gauguin.
  • Tiaohae (Nuku Hiva): Home to awe-inspiring valleys and ancient sites.

This cruise promises an unforgettable adventure, where each island stop is a chapter in a story of discovery and enchantment.

Exclusive Excursions and Cultural Experiences

Exclusive Excursions and Cultural Experiences

Pearls of French Polynesia: Discovering Local Gems

The allure of French Polynesia extends beyond its crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches; it’s also home to the world-renowned Polynesian black pearls. Each pearl reflects the beauty of the ocean, capturing the essence of the islands in their lustrous hues. On your voyage with Paul Gauguin Cruises, you’ll have the opportunity to visit pearl farms on various islands, where you can witness the meticulous process of cultivation and even select your own pearl as a timeless souvenir.

The intimate connection between the pearls and the Polynesian culture is palpable, as these gems have been an integral part of the local heritage for centuries.

The markets of Papeete are a treasure trove for pearl enthusiasts, offering a spectrum of pearls from the iridescent black to shades of green, blue, and pink. Here’s a glimpse of what you might find:

  • Black Pearls: Known for their unique multicolored sheen.
  • Green Pearls: A rare find, reflecting the lush landscapes of the islands.
  • Blue Pearls: Mirroring the deep hues of the Pacific.
  • Pink Pearls: Delicate and sought after for their soft glow.

As you explore the islands, each stop unveils new varieties and opportunities to appreciate the natural elegance of these oceanic jewels.

Shore Excursion Ideas: Tailored Adventures

Paul Gauguin Cruises offers a plethora of shore excursion options, ensuring that every traveler finds their perfect adventure. Choose from a variety of tailor-made experiences that cater to your interests, whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or cultural immersion.

  • Beach/Islands Escapes
  • Private Experiences
  • Self-Drives
  • Stays of Distinction
  • Active & Adventurous
  • Day Trips
  • Escorted Coach Touring

Each excursion is carefully crafted to provide an intimate and authentic glimpse into the heart of French Polynesia. From idyllic island retreats to active explorations, the possibilities are as diverse as the islands themselves.

Embrace the spirit of adventure with personalized excursions that resonate with your travel aspirations. Whether it’s a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a solo journey, the memories you create will be as unique as the destinations you explore.

Cultural Encounters: Engaging with Island Traditions

The islands of French Polynesia are steeped in rich traditions that have been preserved and celebrated for centuries. Engaging with these traditions offers a deeper understanding of the island’s soul, from the intricate art of Tahitian tattooing to the captivating performances of Polynesian dance. Each cultural encounter is an opportunity to connect with the local way of life and to appreciate the beauty and artistry that define these communities.

The Marquesas Islands, untouched for hundreds of years, present a culture that has fascinated artists and travelers alike. Here, one can witness a blend of ancient religious sites and the awe-inspiring natural beauty of valleys and waterfalls.

Paul Gauguin Cruises meticulously curates excursions that allow guests to immerse themselves in these cultural experiences. Below is a list of some of the cultural activities available:

  • Visits to historical sites like the ‘Mystic Island’ of Nuka Hiva
  • Experiencing a traditional Hawaiian Luau
  • Learning about Polynesian history and traditions at the Polynesian Cultural Centre
  • Discovering the art of Tahitian tattooing and its significance

These activities not only enrich the voyage but also create a lasting impression, making the journey with Paul Gauguin Cruises an unforgettable exploration of French Polynesia’s heart and heritage.

Luxury Amenities and Personalized Service

Luxury Amenities and Personalized Service

Stateroom Elegance: Comfort Meets Style

The staterooms aboard Paul Gauguin Cruises are a haven of elegance and comfort, designed to be your home away from home as you sail through French Polynesia. Each stateroom is an abode of luxury, complete with plush amenities to ensure a restful and opulent stay.

The attention to detail in each stateroom is evident, from the pillow menu catering to your comfort preferences to the luxury bath amenities that transform your private space into a spa-like retreat. Champagne on arrival sets the tone for the indulgent experience that awaits.

Here’s a glimpse of what guests can expect in their staterooms:

  • Complimentary Shore Excursion in Every Port
  • Butler Service in select stateroom categories
  • Refrigerator and bar set-up stocked to your preferences
  • A variety of pillow options for your utmost comfort
  • Luxury bath amenities for a touch of pampering
  • Plush bathrobe and slippers for lounging
  • Personalized stationary for correspondence
  • An umbrella for tropical showers
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi to stay connected
  • Direct-dial telephone(s) for convenience

In addition to these amenities, guests staying in Inside & Oceanview Staterooms receive a $100 onboard credit per couple and an enhanced afternoon tea service with champagne. The commitment to guest satisfaction is clear, with every detail meticulously crafted to enhance your journey through paradise.

Gastronomic Delights: Dining with a View

Aboard Paul Gauguin Cruises, every meal is an exquisite affair, with panoramic views that complement the flavors on your plate. The dining experience is designed to tantalize your taste buds while you gaze upon the endless blue of the Pacific Ocean.

The culinary journey is as diverse as the islands themselves, offering a blend of local Polynesian and French cuisine. Guests can indulge in a variety of dining options, from casual al fresco lunches to elegant dinners under the stars.

The specialty dining experience is a highlight, featuring a three-course meal that showcases the finest ingredients and culinary craftsmanship.

For those seeking an intimate dining experience, the Grill Suites offer an exclusive package:

  • $250 per Couple Onboard Credit
  • One Specialty Dining Credit at Steakhouse at The Verandah for two
    • Includes a three-course meal
    • Alcoholic beverages, specialty coffees, and additional charges apply
  • Enhanced Afternoon Tea Credit for Two Guests, served with a glass of Champagne

The attention to detail and personalized service ensure that each meal is not just a dining event, but a cherished memory of your voyage.

Attentive Crew: Personal Touches that Make a Difference

The heart of the Paul Gauguin Cruises experience lies in the unparalleled service provided by the crew. Guests consistently praise the attentive and cheerful nature of the staff, who are always eager to go above and beyond to ensure a memorable voyage. The personal touches, from remembering your favorite drink to greeting you by name, create an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality that is hard to match.

The crew’s dedication to guest satisfaction is evident in every interaction, making each moment onboard feel special.

The inclusive amenities for all guests enhance this personalized service, offering a range of comforts and conveniences:

  • Complimentary AzAmazing Evenings event (on most voyages)
  • A selection of standard spirits, international beers, and wines
  • Gratuities included
  • Bottled water, soft drinks, specialty coffees, and teas
  • Self-service laundry
  • Shuttle service to and from port communities, where available
  • Concierge services for personal guidance and reservations

For suite guests, additional inclusions provide an even more luxurious experience. The crew’s commitment to excellence is a cornerstone of the Paul Gauguin Cruises, making every journey not just a trip, but a truly personal adventure.

Concluding the Voyage: Reflections on a Dream Escape

The Final Anchor: Saying Goodbye to Paradise

As the ship docks for the last time, the air is filled with a bittersweet symphony of farewells. The final anchor is not just a conclusion to the voyage, but a bookmark in the diary of your life, marking the end of an extraordinary journey through French Polynesia’s embrace.

The sun dips below the horizon, casting a golden glow over the deck. In this moment, the memories of the islands seem as vivid as the colors of the sunset.

The ports of call, each a unique gem, have left an indelible mark on your soul. From the vibrant life of Papeete to the serene beauty of Bora Bora, the journey has been nothing short of magical.

  • Papeete
  • Moorea
  • Fakarava
  • Nuku Hiva, Marquesas
  • Bora Bora
  • Raiatea

As you collect your belongings, the spirit of Mana seems to whisper a soft ‘until we meet again’. The voyage with Paul Gauguin Cruises may have reached its end, but the stories and connections forged will sail with you forever.

Customer Testimonials: Unforgettable Memories

The voices of our guests echo the enchantment of their journey, each one a testament to the transformative experience of Paul Gauguin Cruises. Their memories, a mosaic of paradise found and cherished.

  • "Altogether an exceptionally good holiday one which we’ll never forget."
  • "The personalized travel service made all the difference – it felt like our own slice of heaven."
  • "The exclusivity and attention to detail on every excursion were beyond compare."

The warmth of the Polynesian sun was only matched by the warmth of the crew, making every moment onboard an intimate discovery.

The overwhelming consensus is clear: a voyage with Paul Gauguin Cruises is not just a trip, but a profound journey that lingers in the heart long after the sails have been folded. The table below encapsulates the essence of guest satisfaction:

AspectSatisfaction Rating
Overall Experience5/5

Each rating, a reflection of the commitment to excellence and the unforgettable nature of the adventures shared.

Why It’s Worth the Journey: Final Thoughts

As the Paul Gauguin cruise ship docks for the last time in Papeete, a collective sense of longing fills the air. The journey through French Polynesia, with its intoxicating beauty and cultural richness, leaves an indelible mark on the soul. The essence of paradise is not just seen but deeply felt, a testament to the immersive experience Paul Gauguin Cruises offers.

The voyage may span great distances, but the memories created are even more vast. Each island, from the lush Society Islands to the enigmatic Marquesas, unfolds like a chapter in an epic tale, with the cruise ship serving as both the narrator and the vessel that carries you through this dreamlike odyssey.

The luxury and comfort aboard Paul Gauguin are unparalleled, crafting an environment where every need is anticipated and every comfort provided. This is not merely a trip; it’s a grand voyage that beckons with the promise of discovery and relaxation.

The reasons to embark on this journey are as numerous as the stars that light up the Polynesian night sky:

  • The allure of exotic ports-of-call
  • Rarely visited coastlines that inspire wonder
  • The opportunity to share unforgettable moments with loved ones
  • The blend of luxury and adventure that defines a truly grand voyage

In the end, the question isn’t why one should journey with Paul Gauguin Cruises, but rather, how soon can one return to this slice of heaven on earth?


Embarking on a journey with Paul Gauguin Cruises offers an unparalleled opportunity to immerse oneself in the luxurious embrace of French Polynesia. From the moment the ship leaves Papeete until its return, travelers are enveloped in an atmosphere that captures the essence of the South Pacific islands. The local knowledge and Polynesian hospitality on board Paul Gauguin enrich the experience, making passengers feel a deep connection to the stunning landscapes and vibrant culture even while at sea. The variety of itineraries, including the Society Islands, Tuamotus, and even the Marquesas, ensures that there is a voyage to satisfy every desire for adventure and relaxation. The unanimous sentiment of longing upon departure is a testament to the unforgettable nature of the journey. Despite the distance, the consensus is clear: a cruise with Paul Gauguin is not just a trip, but a voyage to paradise that is truly worth every mile traveled.

Frequently Asked Questions

What destinations can I explore with Paul Gauguin Cruises?

With Paul Gauguin Cruises, you can explore the breathtaking islands of French Polynesia, including Tahiti, the Society Islands, the Tuamotus, and the Marquesas Islands, each offering unique experiences and scenic beauty.

What is included in the all-inclusive experience on Paul Gauguin Cruises?

The all-inclusive experience on Paul Gauguin Cruises includes luxury accommodations, gourmet dining, onboard entertainment, cultural activities, and select shore excursions that highlight the local culture and natural wonders of the regions visited.

Are there any exclusive excursions offered by Paul Gauguin Cruises?

Yes, Paul Gauguin Cruises offers exclusive excursions that provide guests with unique opportunities to discover local gems, engage with island traditions, and enjoy tailored adventures that enhance the cruising experience.

Can you describe the staterooms on the Paul Gauguin cruise ship?

The staterooms on the Paul Gauguin cruise ship are designed with elegance and comfort in mind, featuring stylish decor, luxurious amenities, and often providing stunning views of the surrounding ocean and islands.

How does Paul Gauguin Cruises ensure personalized service?

Paul Gauguin Cruises prides itself on its attentive crew, who provide personalized touches and exceptional service to ensure each guest’s needs are met, making the voyage a truly memorable experience.

Is a cruise with Paul Gauguin Cruises worth the journey?

Absolutely, a cruise with Paul Gauguin Cruises is considered well worth the journey for its luxurious amenities, cultural immersion, and the unparalleled beauty of French Polynesia that guests get to experience.

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