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Oahu’s Best Wedding Venues

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Oahu, Hawaii, is a dream destination for couples looking to tie the knot. The island offers a variety of breathtaking wedding venues, from beachfront resorts to lush gardens, making it an ideal location for weddings of all sizes and styles. Whether you’re envisioning a grand celebration or an intimate gathering, Oahu has the perfect venue to make your special day unforgettable.

Key Takeaways

  • Kualoa Ranch offers a stunning backdrop with its lush landscapes and mountain views, perfect for a picturesque wedding.
  • Sunset Ranch provides a serene and private setting, ideal for couples looking for an intimate venue.
  • Turtle Bay Resort combines luxury and natural beauty, offering beachfront locations and top-notch amenities.
  • Waimea Valley is known for its botanical gardens and waterfall, creating a magical atmosphere for wedding ceremonies.
  • Loulu Palm features a beachfront setting with a rustic charm, making it a unique and memorable venue choice.

1. Kualoa Ranch

groom beside bride holding bouquet flowers

Kualoa Ranch on the island of Oahu is a slice of heaven on Earth. The white sandy beach, tropical gardens, feathery palm trees, and lush greenery all around make for the most picturesque destination wedding venue. There are various indoor and outdoor ceremony sites and reception venue options for your big day, each more beautiful than the last. Some standout options include Moli’i Gardens starring an 800-year-old Hawaiian fishpond and the Secret Island, which as its name suggests, is a secluded beach accessible only by boat.

The property’s event spaces provide access to event essentials such as power outlets, restrooms, sufficient exclusive parking stalls, and even bridal preparation suites. Kualoa Ranch is also known as the filming location for iconic movies such as 50 First Dates, Jurassic Park, Godzilla, and Jumanji.

Imagine saying “I do” on a tropical beach with just you, your guests, and your special someone digging your toes into the powdery white sand.

Why Choose Kualoa Ranch?

  • Stunning Views: The ranch offers some of the best views on Oahu, making it a perfect backdrop for wedding photos.
  • Privacy: Secret Island is so private that you and your guests can only access the beachfront by floating over an ancient fish pond via a Hawaiian fishing boat.
  • Versatility: Multiple indoor and outdoor venues to choose from, each with its unique charm.
  • Amenities: Comprehensive event essentials including power outlets, restrooms, and bridal suites.

2. Sunset Ranch

Sunset Ranch Hawaii is a choice wedding venue for couples who want a celebration with a distinct rustic theme. The property contains a meadow with a Banyan tree and a stable for indoor events. Sunset Ranch has magnificent views of the ocean and mountains on the northwest side of Oahu. This 30-acre estate on Oahu’s North Shore offers some of the best ocean and mountain views in Hawaii. It’s beyond gorgeous. Hence, why it’s made The Knot’s list of best wedding venues since 2012 and landed on the Hall of Fame list as well. Couples can select from different event spaces throughout the property, and Sunset Ranch also provides a list of their recommended vendors which makes the wedding planning process easier.

3. Turtle Bay Resort

Turtle Bay Resort, located on Oahu’s North Shore, is a true paradise for couples seeking a memorable wedding experience. This luxury beachfront resort offers a variety of options, from intimate elopements to grand outdoor weddings surrounded by friends and family. Don’t miss the resort’s wedding spa packages for pre-wedding relaxation, the big day, and unwinding during the honeymoon.

Key Features

  • Location: Kahuku, HI
  • Event Spaces: 10 versatile spaces including beaches, jungles, farmlands, and forests
  • Catering: In-house
  • Price Range: $$ – $$$

Unique Offerings

Turtle Bay Resort is the only hotel in Hawaii that can guarantee a true private beach wedding. The resort features pavilions, lawns, ballrooms, and a private beach, making it perfect for your dream island wedding. Their wedding packages provide excellent value for money and cover all the essentials.

With miles of pristine beaches and verdant natural settings, Turtle Bay is perfect for romantic escapes. Sparkling sandy beaches, soft breezes, and fragrant tropical blooms set the mood for romance.

4. Waimea Valley

grayscale shot of bride and groom

Waimea Valley, located in the heart of North Shore, offers couples a unique opportunity to say their "I dos" immersed in nature. Lush greenery envelopes the various ceremony and reception spaces available, which can accommodate small celebrations with 50 guests all the way to grand weddings with up to 500 guests. For a truly one-of-a-kind ceremony backdrop, look to Waimea Valley’s waterfall ceremony site which features—a beautiful 40-foot-waterfall framed by mountains and greenery.

Waimea Valley is perfect for those who want a natural and serene setting for their special day. The venue’s flexibility in accommodating different sizes of weddings makes it a versatile choice for many couples.

5. Loulu Palm

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Loulu Palm, located in Haleiwa, HI, is a dream wedding venue that began as a seed of an idea and has blossomed into a beautiful estate. This award-winning venue offers a beachside garden perfect for wedding ceremonies on the grass with stunning ocean views. The main house’s lanai can also be rented to provide shade for furniture and equipment, ensuring a comfortable and picturesque setting for your special day.

Key Features

  • Location: Haleiwa, HI, Oahu
  • Starting Price: $5,588 for 50 Guests
  • Award-Winning: Recognized for its exceptional service and setting

Wedding Packages

Loulu Palm offers several wedding packages and ala-carte event options, making wedding planning easy and stress-free for any couple. The estate is a private farm that sits on a mile of secluded beach, providing a paradise-like setting for your wedding.

The grounds boast beautiful sandy beaches and well-preserved tropical trees and plants, offering couples a paradise wedding.


  • Beachside garden for ceremonies
  • Main house lanai for shaded areas
  • Secluded beach
  • Tropical trees and plants

For those looking to have a unique and unforgettable wedding experience, Loulu Palm is an excellent choice.

6. Male’ana Gardens

Male’ana Gardens is an event design, planning, and management service located in Kailua that also serves as a gorgeous wedding venue. It is located close to the beach and specializes in intimate events. They host elopements from January through March with a maximum capacity of 2-6 including the couple. Their maximum capacity increases to 20 including the couple from April through December, making it an ideal venue for intimate weddings on Oahu! The venue is one of my favorites for a number of reasons.

Fab Features:

  • Tropical, luxury garden on the stunning island of Oahu
  • Tie the knot surrounded by your loved ones in this intimate setting
  • The beautiful and tranquil atmosphere makes for a magical and unique celebration

Catering: Preferred list, BYO

Price: $$

The beautiful and tranquil atmosphere makes for a magical and unique celebration.

7. Dillingham Ranch

Dillingham Ranch is a historic and picturesque venue located on Oahu’s North Shore. This venue offers a unique blend of rustic charm and natural beauty, making it an ideal choice for couples looking to tie the knot in a serene and scenic setting. The ranch features expansive lawns, a charming plantation-style home, and breathtaking views of the Waianae Mountains. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, Dillingham Ranch provides a versatile backdrop that can be tailored to your wedding vision.

  • Expansive lawns for outdoor ceremonies and receptions
  • Plantation-style home for indoor events
  • Stunning views of the Waianae Mountains
  • Versatile spaces to accommodate both small and large weddings

For couples seeking a venue that combines history, beauty, and flexibility, Dillingham Ranch is a top contender on Oahu.

Explore the possibilities and create unforgettable memories at this exceptional location.

8. Oahu Wedding Villas & Venues

If you’re looking for a more private setting to exchange vows and celebrate, Oahu Wedding Villas & Venues offers a unique wedding experience. The company has access to numerous villas and estates that can host from 20 to 250 guests, and can help you find the location that’s best for your destination wedding. All-inclusive packages featuring food, photography, music, flowers, cake, officiant and more make the planning process super-streamlined.

Oahu Wedding Villas & Venues in Hauula is an incredible getaway for your wedding! This intimate Hawaii wedding venue features an assortment of amenities that will make your stay in Oahu relaxing and comfortable. It features a tent, tables, chairs, a bar, and set up/tear down assistance as well as a variety of other amenities and add-ons for your wedding day. If you’re looking for a luxurious isolated location that can host your intimate wedding and house your closest friends and family members, then Oahu Wedding Villas & Venues is the perfect choice.

This venue offers a blend of luxury and privacy, ensuring your special day is both enchanting and memorable.

9. Haiku Gardens

Haiku Gardens is a prime wedding venue in Kaneohe, offering a private pond, beautiful gardens, and a spectacular view of the Ko’olau mountain range. Wedding ceremonies, whether big or small, can be held in a beautiful botanical garden or an open-air Tahitian Chapel, both of which set the scene for a dreamy Hawaii wedding. The striking Ko’olau Mountains in the backdrop add to the venue’s charm. The celebration then moves over to the restaurant overlooking the gardens, providing a seamless transition from ceremony to reception.

Haiku Gardens offers a range of wedding packages to suit different needs. From the "Sweet & Simple" package, which covers the basics for minimalist couples, to the "Fairy Tales Do Exist" package, there is something for everyone. Indoor and outdoor wedding ceremony sites are available on the property, providing flexibility for brides and grooms.

The award-winning food infused with local flavors and a staff full of aloha make Haiku Gardens a standout choice for weddings.

10. Lanikuhonua Cultural Institute

two people standing on brown wooden floor

Lanikuhonua Cultural Institute, located in the resort area of Ko’olina on Oahu’s west side, is a truly enchanting wedding ceremony venue that encapsulates the essence of Hawaiian paradise. Its name means "Where heaven meets earth," and it is an accurate description of how this place feels. This pristine, oceanfront location offers couples a breathtaking backdrop for their special day, with swaying palm trees, golden sands, and the sparkling waters of the Pacific Ocean.

This site has great cultural significance. The institute is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Hawaiian culture and uses the proceeds from events there to further that mission. Lanikuhonua is a gem for brides who have their heart set on an outdoor space for their wedding. The venue provides a beautiful natural backdrop for couples who want to take in the beauty that Hawaii has to offer.

In the resort area of Ko’olina on Oahu’s west side, Lanikuhonua is a truly enchanting wedding ceremony venue that encapsulates the essence of Hawaiian paradise. Its name means "Where heaven meets earth," and it is an accurate description of how this place feels.

The Lanikuhonua Cultural Institute offers a unique glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Hawaii. Immerse yourself in traditional Hawaiian practices and learn about the island’s history through engaging exhibits and activities. Don’t miss out on this enriching experience!


Oahu offers a diverse array of wedding venues that cater to every couple’s dream. From beachfront ceremonies with the sound of waves as your backdrop to lush garden settings that provide a serene and intimate atmosphere, Oahu has it all. Whether you’re planning a small, private gathering or a grand celebration, the island’s stunning landscapes and top-notch amenities ensure that your special day will be unforgettable. With the help of dedicated wedding planners and customizable packages, your vision can come to life effortlessly. Choose Oahu for a wedding experience that combines natural beauty, luxury, and heartfelt aloha spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of year to have a wedding in Oahu?

The best time to have a wedding in Oahu is during the dry season, which runs from April to October. The weather is typically warm and sunny, making it ideal for outdoor ceremonies and receptions.

Do I need a wedding planner for my Oahu wedding?

While it’s not mandatory to have a wedding planner, it is highly recommended. A wedding planner can help coordinate all the details, work with local vendors, and ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly.

Are there beachfront wedding venues in Oahu?

Yes, Oahu offers a variety of beachfront wedding venues, including Kualoa Ranch, Turtle Bay Resort, and Loulu Palm. These venues provide stunning ocean views and a romantic setting for your special day.

Can I have a small, intimate wedding in Oahu?

Absolutely! Oahu has several venues that cater to small, intimate weddings. Locations like Male’ana Gardens and Oahu Wedding Villas & Venues offer beautiful settings for a more private ceremony.

What should I consider when choosing a wedding venue in Oahu?

When choosing a wedding venue in Oahu, consider factors such as the size of your guest list, the type of setting you prefer (beachfront, garden, ranch), and the amenities offered by the venue. It’s also important to consider the season and weather conditions.

Are there all-inclusive wedding packages available in Oahu?

Yes, many venues in Oahu offer all-inclusive wedding packages that can include everything from catering and photography to music and floral arrangements. This can make the planning process much easier and more streamlined.