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Norfolk Island, Kingston – “The Historic Settlement”

Norfolk Island, a small yet captivating destination in the South Pacific, holds a treasure trove of history within its shores. The historic settlement of Kingston on Norfolk Island is a window into a tumultuous past, marked by convict settlements, colonial endeavors, and the resilience of its inhabitants. This article invites you to explore the echoes of Kingston’s history through immersive tours and unique accommodations that promise to transport you back in time.

Key Takeaways

  • Kingston’s history is brought to life through interactive tours, such as the Convict Kingston Tour and the spine-tingling Norfolk Island Ghost Tour, which provide a deep dive into the island’s rich and often dark past.
  • The Sound & Light Show and the 1856 untold story tour offer unique nighttime experiences that combine entertainment with education, shedding light on the island’s history through theatrical performances and storytelling.
  • Visitors can enhance their historical journey by staying in heritage-listed accommodations like Christian’s of Bucks Point and the Governor’s Lodge, which offer special deals for a culturally enriching stay amidst the island’s historical landmarks.

Unveiling the Shadows of Kingston: A Journey Through Time

Convict Kingston Tour: Echoes of the First Settlers

Embark on a historical journey with the Convict Kingston Tour, where the echoes of the first settlers resonate through the World Heritage Listed Kingston. This tour offers a unique opportunity to delve into the rich tapestry of Norfolk Island’s past, from the early Polynesian settlers to the tales of the Bounty mutineers’ descendants.

The tour is not just a walk through time but an intimate encounter with the island’s soul, where every stone and whisper adds to the narrative of resilience and cultural amalgamation.

Prices start from $60.00 per person, and the tour includes a visit to the historic cemetery, where you can hear the stories behind the intriguing convict and colonial headstones. Refreshments are provided, ensuring a comfortable and enlightening experience.

  • Sunday & Wednesday – 1:00pm
  • Insight into First and Second settlements
  • Learn about Polynesian settlers 900 years ago
  • Walk through the historic cemetery
  • Refreshments provided

A Taste of Norfolk: Sound & Light Show

As the sun sets, the Sound & Light Show transforms the historic Convict Settlement of Kingston into a stage where light and shadow play. The evening air fills with the echoes of the past, as costumed actors and theatrical lighting vividly recount the tales of those who once walked these grounds. This immersive experience is not just a performance but a journey through the island’s convict era, leaving visitors with a profound connection to Norfolk Island’s history.

The Sound & Light Show, held every Tuesday and Saturday at 7:15 pm, is a testament to the island’s commitment to preserving and sharing its unique heritage. The darkness of night provides the perfect backdrop for this dramatic retelling, where every sound and ray of light holds a piece of a story waiting to be told.

For a more intimate glimpse into local life, the ‘Taste of Norfolk’ tour offers a different kind of enlightenment. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, visitors can explore a beekeeper’s home, learn about the island’s honey bees, and even partake in a cooking demonstration to create green banana fritters flavored with local honey. It’s an opportunity to meet passionate locals and savor the flavors that make Norfolk Island special.

The Untold Story of 1856: Ghosts and Memories

In the chill of a blustery June evening, the echoes of the past come alive in Kingston. The 1856 untold story tour is a haunting hour-long journey that delves into the lives of the 194 souls who arrived on Norfolk Island to an eerie, abandoned penal settlement. Their arrival marked a chilling chapter in the island’s history, as they settled amidst the remnants of a place once reserved for the most notorious convicts.

The tour, led by Baunti Tours, is not just a walk through the historic site; it’s an immersive experience where the audio narratives aboard the coach breathe life into the stories of these families. It’s a poignant exploration of how they adapted and thrived in their new, formidable home.

The tour’s itinerary is as follows:

  • Wednesday & Saturday – Starting at 6:15 pm
  • Duration – Approximately 1 hour
  • Price – From $55.00 per person

For those seeking a deeper connection with the island’s history, the ‘Who Killed the Surveyor?’ Mystery Dinner offers a three-course meal and an interactive experience with the characters of the era. As the mystery unfolds, guests dine as the Commandants, Clergymen, and Convicts once did, engaging with history in a uniquely personal way.

Norfolk Island Ghost Tour: A Spine-Tingling Experience

Embark on the Norfolk Island Ghost Tour for an evening filled with chilling stories and eerie encounters. Begin with a sumptuous dinner in a historic Georgian edifice, setting the stage for the night’s haunting adventure. As the darkness envelops the island, follow the flickering lanterns through the time-worn Kingston Ruins, where whispers of the past seem to echo in the shadows.

The lantern’s glow casts an otherworldly light on the ruins, revealing a side of Norfolk Island that few dare to explore after dusk.

The tour not only promises to send shivers down your spine but also offers a unique perspective on the island’s tumultuous history. Listen closely as the guides recount tales of ghostly sightings and unexplained phenomena that have intrigued both locals and visitors alike.

Pricing for the Ghostly Experience

ActivityPrice per Person (pp)
Ghost Tour Dinner & Lantern WalkFrom $50.00
Wonderland by NightFrom $20.00
Dormitories of the DeadFrom $35.00

Secure your place on this spine-tingling journey and experience the haunting beauty of Norfolk Island after dark. It’s an adventure that will linger in your memory, long after the lanterns have been extinguished.

Accommodations with a Historical Twist

Christian’s of Bucks Point: Heritage House Stay

Nestled in the serene Bucks Point area, Christian’s of Bucks Point offers a unique accommodation experience that combines comfort with a touch of history. This self-contained heritage house is an ideal retreat for those looking to immerse themselves in the island’s past while enjoying modern amenities.

With a special offer currently available, groups of six can save significantly when booking by the specified date. The house boasts three bedrooms, catering to the needs of families or friends traveling together. Here’s a quick glance at the current deal:

OccupancyPrice per PersonTotal Savings
Six Share$2099$1,770

Embrace the tranquility of a beachfront property, where the boutique bungalows provide a private and secluded atmosphere. The inclusive amenities ensure a comfortable stay, with room configurations that offer stunning ocean views.

Please note that this property maintains a serene environment and as such, does not accommodate children under the age of 12. This policy helps to preserve the peaceful ambiance that guests cherish.

Governor’s Lodge: Resort-Style Accommodation Amid History

Discover resort-style accommodation at Governor’s Lodge, set on 12 acres of subtropical gardens, offering the perfect Norfolk Island escape. Close to the town and the historic sights of Kingston, this accommodation provides a serene retreat with a touch of elegance.

  • Location: A stone’s throw from Kingston’s historical sites
  • Ambiance: Nestled within lush subtropical gardens
  • Special: Stay 7 nights, pay for only 5

Embrace the tranquility and heritage of Norfolk Island with a stay at Governor’s Lodge, where history meets modern comfort.

With special offers like ‘Stay 7 Pay 5’, guests can enjoy exceptional value without compromising on the quality of their experience. The lodge’s proximity to the town and historical attractions makes it an ideal base for exploring the island’s rich past.

Special Offers: Experience History at Exceptional Value

Norfolk Island’s Kingston offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in history, and our special offers make it more accessible than ever. Take advantage of discounted rates and package deals to enrich your journey through time without straining your budget.

  • Hot Deals: Significant discounts on select tours and accommodations.
  • Packages: Bundled experiences for comprehensive historical exploration.
  • All-Inclusive Options: Stress-free travel with all the details handled.

Embrace the past with these curated offers designed to provide a deeper connection to Norfolk Island’s storied heritage.

Whether you’re a solo adventurer or planning a group excursion, our special offers cater to all. Keep an eye on our website or join our mailing list for the latest deals and make your historic getaway a reality.

Step back in time and indulge in the luxury of travel with a historical twist. Our carefully curated accommodations offer a unique blend of heritage and comfort, ensuring an unforgettable experience. From the grandeur of ancient castles to the charm of vintage seaside villas, each stay is a chapter in history waiting to be explored. Don’t just take a trip—embark on a journey through time. Visit our website now to discover the perfect historical accommodation for your next adventure.


Norfolk Island’s Kingston is a tapestry of history, woven with the threads of convict tales, Polynesian heritage, and the legacy of the Bounty mutineers. Through the immersive tours and experiences offered, visitors can step back in time to explore the hauntingly beautiful ruins, listen to the echoes of the past in the Sound & Light Show, and feel the chill of ghostly encounters. The historic settlement is not just a collection of stories and structures; it is a living museum that continues to captivate and educate. Whether you’re staying in a heritage house, enjoying resort-style accommodations, or taking part in the various tours, the rich history of Kingston is an integral part of the Norfolk Island experience. As the sun sets on the island, the past comes alive, offering a unique opportunity to connect with the souls who shaped this World Heritage Listed Georgian settlement. The journey through Kingston is more than a holiday; it’s a profound encounter with history that will leave an indelible mark on all who tread its storied grounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from the Convict Kingston Tour?

On the Convict Kingston Tour, you’ll explore the World Heritage Listed Kingston area, learning about the first Polynesian settlers, the first and second settlements, and the descendants of the Bounty mutiny. The tour includes a walk through the historic cemetery and is complemented with refreshments.

What is special about the accommodations at Christian’s of Bucks Point and Governor’s Lodge?

Christian’s of Bucks Point offers the unique experience of staying in a 3-bedroom heritage house rich with history, while Governor’s Lodge provides resort-style accommodation set amidst 12 acres of subtropical gardens, close to Kingston’s historic sights.

Are there any special offers available for accommodation or tours?

Yes, there are special offers available such as ‘Stay 7 Pay 5’ deals and discounts for group bookings if reserved by a certain date. Savings can be significant, so it’s advisable to book early to take advantage of these promotions.