Navette Maupiti

In French Polynesia, the Navette Maupiti, commonly referred to as the Maupiti shuttle, is a well-liked mode of public transportation. The shuttle provides travelers with an easy and economical method to explore the area by linking the island of Maupiti with surrounding islands including Bora Bora and Raiatea. The Navette Maupiti will be covered in-depth in this page, with five subtopics covered: its history, schedule and route, features and facilities, ticket costs, and advice for utilizing the shuttle.


Ferry beside the islandHistory of the Navette Maupiti


A group of local business people who saw a need for a more accessible transportation service between the islands of French Polynesia launched the Navette Maupiti in 1999. Travelers who desired to visit surrounding islands had few options for transportation before the Navette Maupiti, with the majority of services consisting of pricier air travel or private boats.


By offering a dependable and reasonably priced transportation service that would make it simpler for tourists and locals alike to explore the area, the Navette Maupiti’s founders hoped to remedy this. With few destinations and departures, the shuttle initially only had one boat and a few staff.


Yet as demand for the Navette Maupiti increased, the company extended its fleet and travel options, adding more vessels and locations to its list of offerings. With frequent departures from Maupiti to surrounding islands like Bora Bora, Raiatea, and Taha’a, the Navette Maupiti is a well-known transportation service today.


Schedule and Route of the Navette Maupiti


With multiple weekly departures from Maupiti to various islands, the Navette Maupiti runs on a set schedule. Throughout its itinerary, the shuttle makes stops at well-known resort areas like Bora Bora and Raiatea as well as on lesser-known islands like Taha’a and Huahine.


Depending on the weather and other considerations, the Navette Maupiti’s timetable and route may alter. Before purchasing tickets, customers are advised to confirm the shuttle’s schedule and route by contacting their local travel agency or visiting the shuttle’s website.


Travellers can customize their journey to suit their unique requirements and preferences by selecting from a variety of departure times and locations. Private charters are another service provided by the Navette Maupiti for tourists who want to design their own schedule and tour the area at their own speed.


Features and Amenities of the Navette Maupiti


With a variety of features and facilities created to make the trip as pleasurable as possible, the Navette Maupiti gives passengers a comfortable and joyful transportation experience. The boats that make up the shuttle are furnished with cozy seats, air conditioning, and restrooms so that guests may unwind and enjoy the trip.


The Navette Maupiti offers a variety of conveniences in addition to these standard features to make the voyage even more pleasurable. For instance, there are a variety of refreshments and snacks available to passengers onboard, such as soft drinks, water, and regional specialties. Also, the shuttle provides free Wi-Fi so that users can stay connected while traveling.


The Navette Maupiti’s boats are built to give passengers a clear view of the surrounding islands and canals, so passengers may also take in the breathtaking scenery. The company’s knowledgeable captains and crew members are also available to respond to any inquiries and share knowledge about the area’s past, present, and future attractions.


Ticket Prices for the Navette Maupiti


The Navette Maupiti provides accessible transportation for both locals and visitors by charging reasonable ticket fees to its passengers. The cost of the tickets varies based on the location and the time of year, with greater costs during the busiest travel times.


Both local travel agencies and the Navette Maupiti website allow customers to purchase tickets online. To get the greatest deals and prevent disappointment, it is advised that travelers purchase their tickets in advance.


For frequent passengers and large parties, the Navette Maupiti also provides a variety of ticket bundles and discounts. Passengers can buy discounted tickets for groups of friends or family members traveling together, or round-trip tickets for various destinations.


ticket typesTips for Using the Navette Maupiti


While traveling on the Navette Maupiti is convenient and pleasurable, there are a few pointers and suggestions that travelers should be aware of to make their trip go more smoothly.


As previously indicated, it is advised that travelers purchase their tickets in advance to lock in the best rates and prevent disappointment. Planning ahead and making early reservations are essential because popular locations and popular vacation times might sell out rapidly.


Examine the schedule and route: It’s crucial to review the Navette Maupiti’s timetable and route before purchasing tickets or beginning your journey. This will guarantee that you have the most recent information and can plan your trip accordingly.


Pack appropriately: French Polynesia is renowned for its warm, tropical environment, so be sure to bring the right clothing and equipment for your trip. This could entail wearing breathable, light clothing, sunscreen, a hat, or sunglasses.


Come early: Travelers should plan to arrive at the departure location at least 30 minutes prior to their planned departure time. This will give you enough time to check in, board the boat, and guarantee a smooth departure.


Though the Navette Maupiti provides beverages and snacks during the trip, travelers may choose to pack their own food and water. This can make it easier for you to keep hydrated and energized throughout the journey.


Respect for local traditions and practices is expected of travelers to French Polynesia, which has a rich and distinctive culture. Avoiding loud or disruptive conduct and dressing modestly are two examples of this.


Passengers traveling on the Navette Maupiti can experience a smooth and delightful trip by following these suggestions and advice while also learning about the natural beauty and rich culture of French Polynesia.

Our Top FAQ's

The Navette Maupiti is a boat transportation service that connects the island of Maupiti to nearby islands in French Polynesia, such as Bora Bora and Tahiti.

Using the Navette Maupiti allows travelers to experience the beauty of French Polynesia from a unique perspective, as well as providing a convenient and cost-effective transportation option between islands.

The frequency of Navette Maupiti services varies depending on the season and demand. It is recommended to check the schedule before booking tickets and planning travel itineraries.

Travelers should book tickets in advance, check the schedule and route, pack appropriately, arrive early, bring snacks and water, and respect local customs and culture to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey on the Navette Maupiti.

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