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French Polynesia’s Moorea is a well-liked vacation spot for travelers seeking a blend of adventure, culture, and natural beauty. Kayaking is one of the greatest methods to explore the island and its environs. The various facets of Moorea kayaking will be covered in this article, along with advice on where to go, what to anticipate, and how to have a fun and safe time.


kayak activityBest Kayaking Locations in Moorea


Opunohu Bay: Located on the island’s northwest side, this bay is renowned for its crystal-clear water and breathtaking views of the mountains in the area. Diverse marine life, such as dolphins, rays, and turtles, can be found in the area. Kayakers can anticipate seeing schools of vibrant fish swimming beside their kayaks, and during the winter they might even glimpse a humpback whale. The well-known “Two Sisters” rock formation is situated in the bay and is a well-liked site for photographs.

Cook’s Bay is a bay on the east coast of the island that is renowned for both its beautiful surroundings and its calm waters. Sharks and rays are among the many marine animals that call the bay home. Kayakers can anticipate seeing a range of coral reefs and a vast diversity of fish swimming in the crystal-clear seas. A kayak can be used to explore the little islets that are located in the bay.

Tiahura Beach: Situated on the southwest coast of the island, this beach is renowned for its stunning white sand and clear water. Dolphins and turtles are only two examples of the diverse marine life that calls the seashore home. Kayakers can anticipate seeing a range of coral reefs and a vast diversity of fish swimming in the crystal-clear seas. Several people enjoy swimming and snorkeling at the beach.


The northwest corner of the island is home to the Maraa Grotto, which is renowned for its extraordinary and stunning rock formations. Sharks and rays are among the many marine animals that call the grotto home. Kayakers can anticipate seeing a range of coral reefs and a vast diversity of fish swimming in the crystal-clear seas. The grotto is a well-liked location for snorkeling and swimming.


Expectations for Kayaking in Moorea


Visitors to Moorea can anticipate seeing a variety of marine species when kayaking, including dolphins, rays, turtles, and sharks. In addition, kayakers could come across schools of vibrant fish swimming close to them, and in the winter, they might even glimpse a humpback whale. Kayakers can experience amazing views of the majestic mountains and rich foliage that surround the island’s lagoon. Moorea’s normally warm and sunny climate makes it the ideal destination to spend a day on the ocean. The adventure of kayaking on Moorea gives tourists the chance to discover the island and its environs in a special and thrilling way.


safety kayakingWhat to Do to Have a Safe and Fun Kayaking Experience in Moorea


It’s crucial to dress appropriately for the weather and the state of the water, including your footwear. It is advised to wear clothing that is light and dries quickly, as well as water sandals or shoes. Applying sunscreen and donning a hat will help shield you from the sun’s rays because they may be rather intense in Moorea. Kayaking may be physically taxing, so it’s crucial to pack lots of water and food to stay hydrated and motivated. It’s crucial to adhere to the safety precautions and instructions given by the kayaking tour provider or guide, including the correct handling of the kayak and safety gear as well as any rules or regulations for dealing with marine species. Check the weather and water conditions to make sure they are safe for kayaking before embarking on a tour in a kayak. Kayaking can become more difficult and dangerous when there are strong winds or heavy seas.

It’s also critical to be aware of local tides and currents because they can change how challenging and safe a kayaking path is. Additionally, it’s crucial to be aware of any potential dangers around, such as any shallow reef regions or rocky outcroppings.


The fundamental safety and rescue techniques, such as how to correctly re-enter a kayak in case of a capsize and how to signal for assistance in an emergency, should be familiarized with before beginning your kayak excursion.

In order to ensure your safety while kayaking, it is crucial to use a personal flotation device (PFD) at all times.


kayaksMoorea Kayaking Tours


In Moorea, there are numerous kayaking tours that each provide a distinctive experience. Popular choices comprise:

Half-day kayaking excursions: These excursions take tourists on a guided tour of the island’s lagoon over the course of 4 hours, giving them the chance to explore marine life and take in the stunning surroundings. For individuals who wish to spend less time on the water, these cruises are perfect.

Full-day kayaking excursions: These excursions last for approximately 8 hours and provide a more thorough exploration of the island’s lagoon. They also include breaks for snorkeling, swimming, and lunch. These excursions are perfect for people who wish to spend more time on the water and discover more of the lagoon on the island.

Tours that include kayaking and snorkeling enable tourists to get up up and personal with the marine life of the island’s lagoon. For individuals who wish to try both kayaking and snorkeling, these tours are perfect.

Private kayaking excursions: These excursions give customers a more individualized experience by letting them design their own itinerary and explore the island’s lagoon at their own leisure. For those seeking a more exclusive and personal experience, these tours are perfect.




A distinctive and thrilling method to discover Moorea and its environs is by kayak. Diverse marine life, stunning landscapes, and a sense of adventure can all be expected from visitors. There is something for everyone among the several kayaking tours that are offered, including half-day, full-day, and private experiences. Visitors can assure a safe and enjoyable kayaking trip in Moorea by adhering to safety precautions and advice. The lagoon in French Polynesia is especially beautiful when viewed from the water, and Moorea has a variety of kayaking alternatives to suit all interests and skill levels. Moorea is the ideal location to explore by kayak, whether you desire a short or lengthy tour, or a mix of kayaking and snorkeling.

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Some of the best places to go kayaking in Moorea include Opunohu Bay, Cook’s Bay, Tiahura Beach, and Maraa Grotto.

Visitors can expect to encounter a variety of marine life, enjoy beautiful scenery, and experience a sense of adventure when kayaking in Moorea.

Some tips for a safe and enjoyable kayaking experience in Moorea include wearing appropriate clothing and footwear, bringing sunscreen and a hat, bringing plenty of water and snacks, following safety guidelines, and being aware of the weather and water conditions.

Types of kayaking tours available in Moorea include half-day tours, full-day tours, kayak-snorkeling tours, and private tours.

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