Moorea Ferry Terminal

The Moorea Ferry Terminal is an important transit hub for the French Polynesian island of Moorea. The terminal is a center for transportation to and from the adjacent island of Tahiti and acts as the primary point of entry and exit for tourists visiting the island. This article will go through the location, transportation alternatives, amenities and services, environmental impact, and planned developments of the Moorea Ferry Terminal.


phone directionLocation

The settlement of Vaiare, which is on Moorea’s northwest coast, is home to the Moorea Ferry Terminal. It is conveniently located close to the island’s primary port and is reachable by car, bus, or taxi. The station is ideally situated near a number of hotels and resorts, giving it a great place from which to explore the island. People traveling to or from the island of Tahiti will benefit most from the terminal’s location because it provides a quick and easy link between the two islands.

Visit the town of Vaiare proper, which is a quaint and scenic location. In addition to a handful of stores and restaurants that provide a sense of the local culture, it is home to numerous traditional Polynesian villages. Additionally, the town is well-known for its stunning beaches and waterways, which are excellent for swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports.

Transportation Options

There are numerous ways to get about at the Moorea Ferry Terminal. The ferry, which travels frequently to and from the island of Tahiti, is the primary form of transportation. Ferries connecting Moorea and Tahiti are run by a number of different firms, each with their own itineraries and schedules. The boats are up-to-date and well-appointed, with features including toilets, comfy seating, and air conditioning. Additionally, they provide a variety of services, such as food, beverages, and occasionally even live entertainment.

There are a number of different transit options, such as catamaran and fast boat services, in addition to the standard ferry services. These services offer a more opulent and exclusive experience than the ferries while typically being quicker and more expensive. They are also a fantastic choice for folks who are pressed for time and need to get where they are going as soon as possible.

Car and bicycle rentals are offered at the station for visitors wishing to tour Moorea independently. With the help of these services, visitors can explore the island at their own leisure and get to locations that are inconvenient for public transit. Although Moorea is a small island, it is hilly and rugged, so renting a car or a bike can be an excellent way to explore the island.

BurgersFacilities and Services

To make the trip as convenient and enjoyable as possible, the Moorea Ferry Terminal provides a wide choice of amenities and services. There are restrooms, a snack bar, and a welcoming waiting space in the terminal. Travelers can also take a bit of Moorea with them by purchasing souvenirs, clothing, and local goods from the numerous shops and merchants that are present.

For travelers who require baggage storage before or after their trip, the terminal also provides such an option. This service is especially beneficial for individuals who intend to see Moorea before or after their ferry trip or visit other islands. In this manner, individuals can avoid carrying their luggage around with them by leaving it at the airport terminal.

A tourist information center is also located at the terminal and it provides a plethora of information about Moorea’s attractions. The history, culture, and natural attractions of the island are all available to visitors, along with information on where to stay, eat, and buy. The center may assist guests with itinerary planning, tour and activity scheduling, and the provision of maps and brochures.

Environmental Impact

The Moorea Ferry Terminal has a large environmental impact. Major sources of air and water pollution are the ferry services that run out of the port. Additionally, the ferries harm the coral reefs and marine species in the area. The local fauna and habitat may potentially be harmed by the ships’ noise.

The terminal has taken a number of steps to lessen its influence on the environment. The use of low-emission ferries is one of the most crucial measures. These ships are built to emit fewer pollutants and use less energy. As a result, less pollutants are emitted into the atmosphere and water.

Implementing strategies for trash management and recycling is another crucial step. These initiatives aid in reducing the quantity of waste created at the terminal and ensuring that any waste generated is disposed of properly. This entails sorting recyclables, composting organic garbage, and getting rid of any dangerous stuff the right way.

The terminal also collaborates closely with regional government organizations and conservation organizations to safeguard the island’s natural resources. This entails keeping an eye on coral reef health, encouraging eco-friendly tourism, and informing tourists of the value of protecting the island’s distinctive ecology.

constructionFuture Developments

A significant repair and expansion project is now being carried out at the Moorea Ferry Terminal. The project calls for the development of a brand-new terminal structure, the renovation of current infrastructure, and the expansion of the parking space. Better facilities and services, such as more comfortable seats, more stores and restaurants, and better accessibility for those with disabilities, will be available in the new terminal.


The enlargement project will also emphasize environmental preservation and sustainability. Environmentally friendly design elements like solar panels and rainwater collecting systems will be incorporated into the new terminal. In order to accommodate more electric vehicles and encourage sustainable mobility, the parking lot will also be enlarged.

The expansion project’s completion is anticipated to expand the terminal’s capacity and enhance the overall traveling experience for Moorea visitors. Additionally, it will make the terminal more sustainable and less harmful to the environment. This will be advantageous for both tourists and the local population because it will let more people enjoy Moorea’s natural beauty while safeguarding it for future generations.

In conclusion, the Moorea Ferry Terminal is an essential hub for the island of Moorea’s transportation system. The terminal is a hub for transit to and from the adjacent island of Tahiti and is well-equipped with a variety of transportation options, amenities, and services. The terminal’s environmental impact has been decreased via the use of a number of strategies, and it is currently undergoing a significant extension and refurbishment project that will further enhance the terminal and make it an even more convenient and comfortable transport center for Moorea visitors. It’s a fantastic place for tourists to get a taste of the island’s beauty and culture while also safeguarding its natural riches for the future. Book Far and Away Adventure’s latest packages today!

Our Top FAQ's

The Moorea Ferry Terminal is located in the settlement of Vaiare on Moorea’s northwest coast.


The terminal is easily accessible by car, bus, or taxi.


The primary transportation option is the ferry, which connects Moorea and Tahiti. Additionally, there are catamaran and fast boat services for a more luxurious experience. Car and bicycle rentals are also available for independent exploration of the island.


The terminal offers restrooms, a snack bar, a waiting area, souvenir shops, and baggage storage services. There is also a tourist information center providing details about Moorea’s attractions, accommodations, and activities.


The ferry services contribute to air and water pollution, and the ships’ noise can harm local fauna and marine species, including coral reefs.


The terminal uses low-emission ferries to emit fewer pollutants. Strategies for trash management and recycling have been implemented. The terminal collaborates with government organizations and conservation groups to protect the island’s natural resources.


The terminal is undergoing a significant repair and expansion project. This includes constructing a new terminal structure, renovating current infrastructure, and expanding the parking space. Environmentally friendly elements such as solar panels and rainwater collection systems will be incorporated.


The project aims to improve the terminal’s capacity and enhance the overall travel experience for visitors. It will also make the terminal more sustainable, allowing more people to enjoy Moorea’s beauty while preserving it for future generations.


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