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Aremiti and Moorea Express are the two primary businesses that run the ferries to Moorea. Regular ferries operated by Aremiti run many times daily, whilst high-speed ferries operated by Moorea Express have fewer stops and shorter journey durations. Both businesses provide a range of ticket choices, including VIP, first-class, and economy.


Ship in the middle of the ocean surrounded by mountainsFerry Ticket Prices

Depending on the season, the boat service, and the level of ticket purchased, the price of ferry tickets to Moorea can change. The “regular” service, run by the business Aremiti, is the most popular kind of ferry service. These ferries provide a range of ticket types, including economy, first-class, and VIP, and run multiple times daily. These tickets may be purchased for anywhere between $30 for an economy ticket and $100 for a VIP ticket.

The least expensive choice, economy class tickets are ideal for travelers on a tight budget. The essential comforts of sitting and air conditioning are included with these tickets. First-class tickets come with more luxurious seating and extras like food and drinks. The most opulent experience is provided by VIP tickets, which also include extras like private cabins and VIP lounges.

The high-speed boat service, run by Moorea Express, provides an additional choice for travelers. These boats provide fewer stops and move more quickly than the standard service, which can help tourists save time. Even still, the price of these tickets is typically greater, with economy tickets costing about $50 and VIP tickets costing $150.

When a tourist is pressed for time and needs to get to Moorea as soon as possible, the high-speed boat service is a fantastic choice. These ferries provide a smooth and comfortable journey and are outfitted with the most recent technologies. Additionally, the fast boats provide luxuries like air conditioning and chairs.

It’s important to keep in mind that the given costs are estimates and could vary. The easiest approach to find the most recent costs and availability is to visit the ferry company’s website or get in touch with them.

Black and red sale cardsDiscounts & Exclusive Deals

Travelers riding the boat to Moorea can take advantage of a number of discounts and promotional deals. The “round-trip” discount, which is given to customers who buy round-trip tickets, is one frequent reduction. This deal can enable customers to receive up to 20% off their ticket prices. This is a fantastic choice for tourists who want to save money on their ferry tickets and who intend to remain in Moorea for a long time.

The “group” discount, which is available to groups of 10 or more, is an additional choice for travelers. This deal can help customers save up to 30% off the price of their tickets. Families, groups of friends traveling together, or even tour groups visiting Moorea would do well to consider this alternative. Individual ticket prices for ferries can be significantly reduced by buying group tickets.

Children, students, and senior citizens can all receive discounts. Depending on the ferry company and the type of ticket purchased, these discounts can vary, but they can help tourists save a lot of money. For instance, children under the age of 12 may qualify for a 50% ticket discount, while seniors and students may qualify for a 10-15% discount. The particular discounts and qualifications for each category should be confirmed with the ferry company.

There are periodically available special offers and promotions in addition to these reductions. These can include special offers for particular travel dates or for certain days of the week. For information on current specials and promotions, visitors should visit the ferry company’s website or social media accounts.

Added Charges

The most expensive part of riding the boat to Moorea is the price of the tickets, but there are additional fees that tourists should be aware of. These cover the price of parking as well as transportation to and from the ferry station.

Depending on the terminal’s location and the form of transportation chosen, transit to and from the ferry terminal may be different. For instance, if the ferry terminal is in a city, passengers might be able to get there using the public transportation system. Travelers might need to make arrangements for a taxi or rental car if the terminal is at a more outlying location. Budgeting for a vacation to Moorea should take these transportation expenditures into account.

Parking is an additional expense to think about. Parking lots are typically available at ferry terminals, however they can be pricey. Depending on the length of time the car is parked and whether it’s a standard or high-speed ferry service, the fee of parking can change. Budgeting for a vacation to Moorea should take parking expenses into account.

Travelers should be aware of the expense of baggage as well. The majority of ferry companies have baggage restrictions, and anyone who exceeds these restrictions will be charged extra. Depending on the ferry company, the size, and weight of the baggage, the cost can change. It’s crucial to confirm the particular baggage restrictions and costs with the ferry company.


Overall, traveling by ferry to Moorea is a practical and affordable choice. There are discounts and special deals available that can help travelers save money. Boat ticket prices might vary depending on the season, the type of ferry service, and the class of ticket purchased. Travelers should also be aware of other expenses related to using the ferry, such as getting to and from the ferry station, parking fees, and baggage fees. Travelers may maximize their time in Moorea and take advantage of everything this stunning island has to offer by taking these fees into account and making travel plans accordingly.

Additionally, it is always advised to purchase your tickets in advance because you will have access to more selections and more affordable rates. The ferry company’s website or direct contact should also be checked for the most recent pricing, availability, and terms & conditions. With this knowledge, tourists can decide wisely and easily plan their vacation to Moorea, guaranteeing they have a wonderful experience while touring this idyllic tropical island.

Our Top FAQ's

The article mentions two main types of ferry services to Moorea: regular service operated by Aremiti and high-speed service operated by Moorea Express.

The cost of ferry tickets to Moorea can vary depending on the time of year, the type of ferry service, and the class of ticket purchased. Prices for regular service tickets range from around $30 for an economy ticket to $100 for a VIP ticket. For high-speed service, prices range from around $50 for an economy ticket to $150 for a VIP ticket.

Discounts and special offers available include round-trip discounts, group discounts, discounts for children, students, and senior citizens, as well as special promotions and offers that are occasionally available.

Additional costs to consider include transportation to and from the ferry terminal, parking, and baggage fees. It’s important to factor in these costs when budgeting for a trip to Moorea.

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