Moorea Day Trip from Tahiti

A common day trip destination for visitors to Tahiti is Moorea, a tiny island about 17 miles to the northwest. Moorea, a place renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, provides travelers with the opportunity to discover lush jungles, immaculate beaches, and crystal-clear waters. Here are five subtopics to think about when organizing your day excursion from Tahiti to Moorea.


Air tahiti planeTransportation

Ferries are the most practical mode of transportation from Tahiti to Moorea. The 45-minute ferry voyage leaves from Tahiti’s capital city of Papeete. Daily services to Moorea are provided by a number of ferry companies, and tickets can readily be ordered online. For tourists wishing to visit Moorea for a day excursion, this is the most well-liked and reasonably priced alternative.

The ferry voyage itself is a wonderful chance to take in the islands’ breathtaking surroundings. Several little islands and atolls are passed through as the boat travels through the Society Islands. On the route to Moorea, travelers can enjoy the mesmerizing views of the rich green landscapes and the clean waters.

You can also take a quick flight to Moorea as an alternative, but this is typically more expensive. Every day, Air Tahiti offers a number of flights from Tahiti to Moorea. The flight, which lasts around 15 minutes, provides fantastic views of the islands. Flights are often more expensive than taking the ferry, so they might not be the ideal choice for individuals on a tight budget. 

The timetable of your activities and the amount of time you wish to spend on Moorea should both be taken into account when organizing your transportation to the island. Taking the ferry gives you extra time on the island, which may be more convenient if you have a lot of things planned. A flight would be a better choice, though, if you want to make the most of your time in Moorea and have more freedom. 


Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities on Moorea. Popular choices include taking a 4×4 tour of the island, snorkeling or diving in the beautiful waters, and visiting the Belvedere Lookout for expansive views of the island. These activities are excellent ways to discover Moorea’s natural beauty and learn about the island’s history and culture.

Due to the island’s varied marine habitat, Moorea is a popular destination for snorkeling and scuba diving. Exploring the coral reefs will allow visitors to see a vast range of aquatic life, such as vibrant fish, sea turtles, and even sharks. There are many tour companies that offer tours for diving and snorkeling, and they can supply all the essential gear.

Visiting the Belvedere Lookout, which is on the island’s highest point, is another well-liked pastime. The overlook provides sweeping views of the island and the waters close by. The picturesque surroundings allow visitors to appreciate the island’s size and topography. This is a fantastic location for taking pictures and admiring Moorea’s natural beauty.

A fantastic additional option to discover Moorea is to go on a 4×4 tour of the area. These excursions provide tourists the chance to go through the island’s difficult terrain and explore some of its most secluded and breathtaking locations. Visitors can visit the island’s renowned pineapple farms as well as traditional Polynesian towns, lush jungles, and more.

Visits to the Moorea Tropical Garden are yet another fantastic excursion. The garden is an excellent site to learn about the island’s flora and fauna because it has a huge diversity of tropical plants and animals. Numerous bird species, including the threatened Moorea monarch, may be found in the garden, and visitors can also witness lizards and geckos.

Group of people eatingFood and Beverage

Moorea is renowned for its mouthwatering fish and authentic Polynesian cooking. Visitors can savor a range of regional cuisines, like grilled fish with traditional Polynesian vegetables or poisson cru, a classic Tahitian meal prepared with raw fish marinated in coconut milk. These dishes are a fantastic opportunity to taste the island’s flavors and discover more about the regional cuisine.

The native Polynesian dish referred to as “Rourou” is another well-liked local food. The native flavors of the island may be tasted in this dish, which is cooked with taro leaves. Bananas, papayas, and pineapples are just a few of the locally grown fruits and vegetables that are available to tourists. These island-grown fruits are frequently used in regional cuisine.

Moorea is home to a number of upscale dining establishments that specialize in French cuisine, so those who want to splurge a little can do so. These eateries are fantastic choices for tourists who want to sample French Polynesian cuisine and also enjoy a more upmarket dining experience.

Visitors can sip on a selection of tropical beverages, including Mai Tais and Pina Coladas. After a day of island exploration, these cocktails are a fantastic way to unwind and chill off. Along with a selection of regional wines and beers, tourists can also indulge in classic Polynesian beverages like coconut water.


Moorea is a fantastic location to get authentic Polynesian trinkets including jewelry and handcrafted goods. In the markets and shops on the island, visitors can find a wide range of traditional Polynesian products, including woven baskets, carved wooden objects, and traditional apparel. These things make wonderful keepsakes and are a wonderful way to cherish your time in Moorea.

Vanilla items created in Moorea are another well-liked item to purchase. The best vanilla in the world is grown on Moorea, and tourists may discover a wide range of goods made of vanilla, including extract, sugar, and candles with a vanilla smell. These goods are wonderful presents and a wonderful way to sample the local flavors.

On the island, there are also a number of markets where tourists may purchase locally produced food and fresh products. These markets are fantastic locations to explore the local way of life and purchase trinkets. Along with a broad selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, visitors may also find typical Polynesian treats like “taro chips” and “banana chips. 


Visitors to Moorea have access to a range of lodging choices, from pricey guesthouses to opulent resorts. Visitors have the option of booking a more contemporary hotel room or a traditional Polynesian hut. These choices provide tourists the chance to take in the island’s history and culture while still taking advantage of the conveniences and amenities of a more contemporary lodging.

For those wishing to have a stress-free holiday, many of the resorts on the island also provide all-inclusive packages. These packages can be a terrific way to visit the island without having to worry about planning and spending money because they include meals, activities, and transportation.

The type of experience you wish to have and your budget should both be taken into account when selecting lodging. The greatest option for experiencing the island’s culture and history could be to stay in a traditional Polynesian bungalow. A resort, though, would be a better choice if you’re looking for a more contemporary and opulent experience.

Finally, visiting Moorea for the day from Tahiti is a wonderful way to discover the natural splendor and culture of French Polynesia. Moorea is the ideal location for a day excursion from Tahiti because it offers a variety of activities, delectable food and drink options, and superb lodging. Don’t pass up the chance to visit this stunning island, and be sure to organize your trip in advance to make the most of your time there. Moorea has something for everyone, whether you’re seeking excitement and outdoor activities or luxury and leisure. To make the most of your day trip, spend some time researching the various modes of transportation, leisure pursuits, food and beverage alternatives, retail opportunities, and lodging choices.

Last but not least, remember to take some time to savor Moorea’s natural beauty. Visitors should take the time to explore the island’s natural beauty and snap numerous photos to save their vacation because the island is well-known for its breathtaking scenery and crystal-clear waters.

Overall, visiting Moorea for the day from Tahiti is a memorable experience. Moorea is a place that will leave a lasting impact on everyone who travels there because of its spectacular natural beauty, mouthwatering cuisine, and rich culture. Plan your trip today and be ready to take in Moorea and French Polynesia’s splendor.

Our Top FAQ's

The most convenient way to get to Moorea from Tahiti is by ferry. The ferry ride takes around 45 minutes and departs from Papeete, the capital of Tahiti. There are several ferry companies that operate daily services to Moorea, and tickets can be easily purchased in advance.

Moorea offers a wide range of activities for visitors to enjoy, including snorkeling or diving in the crystal-clear waters, visiting the Belvedere Lookout for panoramic views of the island, taking a 4×4 tour of the island, or visiting the Moorea Tropical Garden.

Moorea is known for its delicious seafood and traditional Polynesian cuisine. Visitors can enjoy a variety of local dishes such as poisson cru and traditional Polynesian vegetables. For those looking for luxury, Moorea also has high-end restaurants that serve gourmet French cuisine. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of tropical cocktails, local beers, and wines.

Moorea offers a variety of accommodation options for visitors, ranging from budget-friendly guesthouses to luxury resorts. Visitors can choose to stay in a traditional Polynesian bungalow or opt for a more modern hotel room. Many of the resorts on the island also offer all-inclusive packages. Visitors should consider their budget and the type of experience they want to have when choosing accommodation.

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