Maupiti Pension Papahani

On the beautiful island of Maupiti in French Polynesia, there is a guesthouse called Maupiti Pension Papahani. Travelers may appreciate the natural beauty of the island while getting a taste of the local warmth and culture at this family-run guesthouse. In this essay, we will investigate five subtopics relating to Maupiti Pension Papahani: the history of the guesthouse, the lodgings and services, the activities and attractions, the cuisine, and the culture of Maupiti.

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History of Maupiti Pension Papahani

The Teikiehuupoko family has a long history on the island that can be traced back to the founding fathers of Maupiti Pension Papahani. Teraite Teikiehuupoko, the patriarch of the family, was nurtured on the neighboring island of Raiatea after being born on Maupiti. Teraite learned the skill from his father, who was a fisherman, when Teraite was a little child. Afterwards, Teraite relocated to Tahiti to pursue a career as a teacher and fell in love with Teiva. They settled on returning to Maupiti to raise their five children after having five children together.

The Teikiehuupoko family established a residence on the island and entertained visitors seeking a true Polynesian experience. They made the decision to turn their house into a hotel in 1998, and they gave it the name Maupiti Pension Papahani, which translates to “Maupiti family guesthouse” in Tahitian. With only two bungalows initially, the guesthouse was a little business, but it quickly became well-liked by tourists seeking an uncommon and genuine experience.

To accommodate the increasing number of visitors, the guesthouse has undergone numerous modifications and additions over time. The Teikiehuupoko family is dedicated to maintaining the island’s natural beauty and rich culture while giving their visitors a comfortable and genuine Polynesian experience.

Accommodations & Amenities

To meet the requirements and preferences of various visitors, Maupiti Pension Papahani offers a variety of lodging options. The guesthouse has six bungalows and two guest rooms, each with a typical Polynesian theme. The bungalows have a king-size bed, air conditioning, a private bathroom, and a private balcony with views of the garden. The guest rooms share a bathroom and have access to a common dining room and kitchen. There are fans, mosquito netting, and Wi-Fi in every room.

The inn also features a pool, a common room, and a library where visitors can check out books and games. The library offers a tranquil setting for reading and leisure, and the lounge area is a terrific spot to meet other travelers. Also, the guesthouse provides bike rentals, airport transportation, and laundry services.

After a day of seeing the island, the lodging at Maupiti Pension Papahani offer a relaxing escape. The bungalows are roomy and open, with lots of natural light and garden views. The common rooms are intended to promote sociability and interaction among visitors, fostering a warm and welcome ambiance.

Attractions and Activities

Maupiti is a small island with a population of about 1,200 people, making it a great place to go if you’re searching for a quiet and traditional Polynesian vacation. The island provides a range of activities, including hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, and fishing.

The Maupiti lagoon, one of the island’s most well-liked attractions, is renowned for its pristine waters and a variety of marine life. Tourists can explore the coral gardens, swim with sharks and rays, and enjoy a boat tour of the lagoon. With visibility of up to 30 meters, the lagoon is also a wonderful location for diving and snorkeling.

The Motu Tiapaa, a little island that can only be reached by boat, is another well-liked destination on the island. Visitors can enjoy swimming in the crystal-clear waters, a private beach, and breathtaking lagoon views at the Motu Tiapaa. Tourists can also walk to the top of Mount Teurafaatiu, the island’s highest peak, for sweeping views of the island and lagoon.

The island of Maupiti also has a strong cultural heritage, which is available to tourists through a variety of events and attractions. The Heiva festival, a traditional Polynesian event that takes place every July, is one of the greatest ways to explore the island’s culture. The festival includes music, dance, and customary events including canoe races and stone hoisting.

The Marae Taputapuatea, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the historic places on the island that may be visited by tourists. The Marae Taputapuatea is a complex of ancient temples that served as Polynesia’s spiritual and cultural hub in the past. Tourists can explore the area and discover the island’s rich cultural heritage.

Together with participating in traditional activities, tourists can explore Maupiti’s natural beauty by kayaking through its mangrove forests or climbing to the island’s waterfalls. The island also offers a number of exquisite beaches, including Tereia Beach, which is regarded as one of French Polynesia’s most exquisite beaches.

Traditional Cuisine

Traditional Polynesian cuisine is available for tourists to sample at Maupiti Pension Papahani. The guesthouse offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all of which are made using fresh, regional ingredients. The Teikiehuupoko family takes great pleasure in their traditional culinary techniques, which include grilling and smoking fish over open fires and utilizing fresh local produce to make tasty dishes.

The Poisson Cru, a classic Polynesian meal cooked with raw fish marinated in coconut milk, lime juice, and vegetables, is one of the house specialties of Maupiti Pension Papahani. Taro, breadfruit, and desserts made with coconut are among the other traditional Pacific meals served at the hotel.

A variety of traditional Polynesian foods can be sampled by visitors to Maupiti in the island’s marketplaces and food kiosks. Together with prepared delicacies like grilled fish, shrimp, and coconut bread, the markets also sell fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Participation of the Community and Sustainability

The Teikiehuupoko family takes great pleasure in their dedication to sustainability and involvement in the community. The hostel supports the local economy and encourages sustainable practices by sourcing its food from regional farmers and fishermen. The hostel also takes part in neighborhood conservation initiatives like beach clean-ups and mangrove restoration initiatives.

Also, the guesthouse provides cultural activities like weaving and carving lessons that are instructed by regional artists. By selling their wares at the hostel’s gift shop, the guesthouse helps local artisans.

The Teikiehuupoko family encourages their visitors to share their commitment to protecting the island’s natural beauty and cultural legacy. The hostel informs visitors about the island’s delicate nature and implores them to get involved in conservation initiatives. The inn also encourages the use of reusable water bottles and the reduction of plastic waste in the travel industry.


Visitors to Maupiti Pension Papahani have the opportunity to enjoy the region’s natural beauty and rich culture. It is a distinctive and genuine guesthouse. Travelers wanting an authentic Polynesian experience frequently choose the guesthouse because of its cozy accommodations, delicious traditional food, and welcoming staff. In addition to taking part in customary activities and experiencing the island’s rich culture through music, dance, and art, visitors to Maupiti can explore the magnificent lagoon on the island. Maupiti Pension Papahani is a responsible and environmentally conscious travel choice because of the Teikiehuupoko family’s dedication to sustainability and community involvement. For anyone looking for a tranquil and genuine holiday experience, Maupiti Pension Papahani is a true jewel in the heart of French Polynesia.

Our Top FAQ's

Maupiti Pension Papahani is a guesthouse located on the island of Maupiti in French Polynesia. It is a family-run guesthouse that offers visitors comfortable accommodations, traditional Polynesian cuisine, and cultural activities.

Visitors to Maupiti can participate in a variety of cultural activities, including attending the Heiva festival, exploring historic sites like the Marae Taputapuatea, and taking weaving and carving classes taught by local artisans.

Maupiti Pension Papahani promotes sustainability by sourcing its ingredients from local farmers and fishermen, participating in local conservation efforts, and encouraging sustainable tourism practices like reducing plastic waste and using reusable water bottles.

Poisson Cru is a traditional Polynesian dish made with raw fish marinated in coconut milk, lime juice, and vegetables. It is a popular dish at Maupiti Pension Papahani because it is a traditional Polynesian dish that is made with fresh, local ingredients and prepared using traditional cooking methods.

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Pension Papahani - Maupiti

A stunning beach, a turquoise and pristine lagoon, with the spot of Manta rays and the sunset in front! The Papahani guest house enjoys a dream location. The bungalows, spacious and simply equipped, are well spaced in a beautiful flowered and well maintained property. The meals, based on local products, are taken feet in the sand under a pretty wooden Fare Pote’e facing the lagoon. The guest house offers boat tours to explore the lagoon, as well as transfers to visit the main island (reservation & payment on site). The perfect place fora few days of rest.


Reachable by boat only (Return transfers done by the guest house) Located south from the Main island, on Motu Tiapaa, approximately 10 km from the airport,

5 minutes boat distance to the main dock in the village. Return transfers from the guest house (approx 8 Euros/Pax) 15 minutes boat distance to the airport,

Flower lei upon arrival & departure.


Dining - Entertainment Features

Meals are served under the wooden Fare Pote’e. Entirely open aired, it gives an amazing panoramic view of the lagoon. 

Half Board includes a continental breakfast and a dinner. 

Continental Breakfast from 07:00 am : Coffee, tea, bread, fruit jam, fresh local fruits, home made specialties Dinner at 07:00pm : Mainly fish based fixed menu with vegetables or rice (depending on daily availability), fruits or home made gourmandise for dessert A small selection of wine is available on request at extra cost (upon availability).

Light lunch available at extra cost, to be organised and paid on spot. Choice of menu varies from sandwiches (approx 4 Euros) to set meal made of fish ( approx 21 Euros 1 main dish + 1 dessert) No bar but wine, beer, punch and soft are available on request.


Free WIFI access mostly available in public areas. The quality of the connection may vary.

Facilities and Activities

Enjoy the beautiful beach of the guest house. Snorkel with the Manta rays. Discover the reef side of the Motu.

The guest house organizes boat trips to discover the riches of the lagoon, as well as transfers to the main island (Reservation & payment on site).

Free Activities :  Fishing, Kayaks, Canoe, Snorkeling Equipment,

Other Facilities : N/A,


Wide beach area available for playground. Extended clear shallow water area.

Important Remarks

Information on this fact sheet is subject to change without prior notice. 

This establishment belongs to the official category of “guesthouses & family hotels”. The classification of these lodges has been set in order to clearly differentiate them from the ”international hotels and residences” category, based on the following key elements

 – A limited number of furnished units, generally located close to the family home 

– Facilities tailored to domestic standards, different from the international tourist hotels criteria

 – Restricted catering, reception, and housekeeping service

 – Limited staff, both in terms of numbers and professional training 

– Reduced taxes Thus, any restrictive diets, special physical conditions, arrival/departure outside of regular Check In and Check Out hours must be communicated to us before the reservation is made, and are subject to the approval of the establishment. While it is true that the level of comfort can not be compared to that of an international hotel, the commitment to hospitality remains nevertheless professional. 

No credit card accepted. 

Warning! There is no bank nor ATM on the island. We highly recommend to bring some local currency (XPF) for your extra expenses. 

Room Facilities

Mobile Fan, Housekeeping every 3 days, Mosquito Net, Private Bathroom & WC, Furnished Terrace,

Room Categories

Family Garden Bungalow & Half Board

Garden bungalows, spacious and simply equipped, are well spaced in a beautiful flowered and well maintained property.

 Maximum Occupancy : 3A or 2A+2C

 Bed Configuration : 1 Queen size bed + 1 single bed (+1 extra single bed) 

Additional Facilities: N/A

Family Beach Bungalow & Half Board

Large bungalow with one large double bed and one smaller suitable for 1 adult or two children. This unit is located beach side.

Maximum Occupancy : 3A or 2A+2C  

Bed Configuration : 1 double bed + 1 single bed

Additional Facilities: N/A

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