Maupiti or Bora Bora?

French Polynesia is a beautiful tropical region made up of numerous magnificent islands, each of which has distinctive qualities and natural beauty. Among these islands, Maupiti and Bora Bora are frequently cited as two of the most stunning and sought-after travel destinations. Anyone can find what they’re looking for on these islands, whether they like luxury and convenience or solitude and tranquility. We’ll provide you a thorough comparison of Maupiti and Bora Bora in this article so you can choose which island is best for your upcoming Polynesian excursion.


Island at the bora bora beachLocation and Accessibility

The Leeward Islands, which are a part of the Society Islands in French Polynesia, are where you can find Bora Bora and Maupiti. Nonetheless, Maupiti is a small, uninhabited island with a population of little over 1,200, whereas Bora Bora is more well-known and developed.

The blue lagoon and recognizable Mount Otemanu are what make Bora Bora, which is about 160 miles northwest of Tahiti, so famous. With direct flights from significant locations like Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Auckland, it has a larger airport. Those who want to get to the island directly without taking a boat or a small plane will find this to be more convenient.

A considerably smaller island, Maupiti, is situated about 25 miles west of Bora Bora. The only means of transportation from the neighboring island of Bora Bora to Maupiti is via boat or tiny plane. This makes getting to Maupiti a little trickier, but it also ensures that the island is less visited by tourists and keeps its natural beauty.

Accommodation and Activities

Luxury overwater bungalows in Bora Bora are well recognized for providing breathtaking views of the lagoon. Also, there are numerous hotels, resorts, and guesthouses to select from, with options for every price range. Snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, parasailing, and touring the island’s diverse historical and cultural attractions are among the activities available there.

Many Bora Bora resorts provide a variety of activities, including guided tours of the island’s top sights and water sports. Tourists can also participate in cultural activities like weaving and dancing that are unique to Polynesia. Moreover, Bora Bora is home to a number of top-notch spas that provide a variety of services, such as conventional Polynesian massages and beauty treatments.

While there are fewer lodging options in Maupiti, there are still several guesthouses and small hotels there. The island is renowned for its immaculate beaches, coral reefs, and blue lagoon, which make it the perfect place to go kayaking, snorkeling, and swimming. In addition, visitors can trek up Mount Teurafaatiu for sweeping views of the island or go to the Maupiti Pearl Farm to learn more about the pearl industry on the island.

The natural beauty and laid-back atmosphere of Maupiti more than make up for the fact that it may not have the same selection of opulent resorts and activities as Bora Bora. It’s the ideal location for those who wish to relax and take a more sedate and quiet holiday.


The price is one of the biggest distinctions between Maupiti and Bora Bora. High-end resorts in Bora Bora charge hundreds of dollars per night for overwater bungalows, making it one of the world’s priciest travel destinations. Although there are less expensive options, the price of meals, entertainment, and transportation may add up very quickly.

On the other hand, Maupiti is a more reasonably priced vacation spot with more reasonable lodging and dining alternatives. But, it’s crucial to keep in mind that due to the limited transit choices, going to Maupiti may cost more. Tourists will need to pay for the pricey boat or small plane ride from Bora Bora.

Additionally, travelers can still have a memorable and pleasurable vacation on a budget even if Bora Bora may have more opulent and high-end options. On Bora Bora, for instance, there are guesthouses and little hotels that provide more budget-friendly choices without compromising the island’s natural beauty and activities.

The final cost of a vacation to Maupiti or Bora Bora will depend on the traveler’s preferences and financial situation. While Bora Bora may have a higher average cost, it does provide a greater selection of lodging and activities that can suit a range of budgets.

TempleCultural and Historical Significance

Visitors can experience and learn about the rich Polynesian culture and history on both Maupiti and Bora Bora. The Marae Taputapuatea, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is one of the spectacular temples and maraes (holy sites) in Bora Bora. Via museum exhibits, traditional dance performances, and cultural demonstrations, visitors can also learn about the history and culture of the island.

With numerous maraes and other cultural attractions for visitors to explore, Maupiti also has a vibrant Polynesian culture and history. The Taata Maohi Cultural Center, which highlights the island’s traditional arts and crafts, music, and dance, is one of Maupiti’s most prominent cultural attractions.

Furthermore, Maupiti is renowned for its long-standing fishing traditions, which are still followed by neighborhood fishermen today. Visitors are welcome to watch and even take part in these fishing activities, which involve using age-old methods including hand fishing and net fishing.

Crowd and Privacy

The degree of crowding and privacy between Maupiti and Bora Bora is another important distinction. While Bora Bora is unquestionably more well-known and well-liked by tourists, the island can become rather busy during high season. Less solitude on the island’s beaches and public spaces may result from this, as well as lengthier wait times for events and dining establishments.

Contrarily, Maupiti is a much more diminutive and remote island, therefore it has been largely undisturbed by tourism. This gives guests a more secluded and tranquil experience, as well as less congestion and more room to take in the island’s scenic beauty. Maupiti might be a better option for people looking for a quiet and isolated holiday.

It’s crucial to remember that guests can still find quiet and private locations to enjoy in Bora Bora. Several resorts provide exclusive privacy and seclusion with their private beaches and overwater cottages.


In conclusion, tourists can enjoy distinctive and lovely experiences in both Maupiti and Bora Bora. Maupiti offers a more genuine and traditional experience that is less crowded and more reasonably priced, despite Bora Bora being more well-known and developed. In the end, which island a traveler chooses will depend on their preferences and priorities, whether they value seclusion and local culture more than luxury and convenience.

Whatever island you decide to visit, French Polynesia is a gorgeous location that will unquestionably leave you with priceless memories of immaculate beaches, clean waters, and a vibrant Polynesian culture. You will undoubtedly have an unforgettable and spectacular time in this breathtaking region of the world, whether you decide to explore the lively island of Bora Bora or flee to the remote paradise of Maupiti.

Our Top FAQ's

The best time to visit both Maupiti and Bora Bora is during the dry season, which runs from May to October. This is when the weather is warm and dry, and the ocean is calm, making it ideal for water-based activities like snorkeling and diving.

The most popular activities to do in both Maupiti and Bora Bora include snorkeling, diving, swimming, sunbathing, and exploring the islands’ natural beauty. Visitors can also engage in cultural experiences, such as traditional dance performances, cultural center visits, and learning about local fishing practices.

While Bora Bora is generally more expensive due to its luxurious accommodations and high-end activities, visitors can still have a budget-friendly experience on the island by staying in guesthouses and exploring more affordable activities. Maupiti, on the other hand, is generally more budget-friendly overall.

The best way to get to Maupiti from Bora Bora is by taking a small plane or a boat. Visitors can arrange for a transfer through their accommodations or through local tour operators. It’s important to keep in mind that the cost of transportation can be higher due to the limited options available.

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