Maupiti How to get There

French Polynesia includes the little, charming island of Maupiti in the South Pacific. Despite its distant position, it is a well-liked vacation spot for people who enjoy the outdoors, water activities, and stunning scenery. Due to its remote position, traveling to Maupiti can be a little challenging for travelers.


tropical cycloneThe Best Time to Visit Maupiti

Because of Maupiti’s tropical environment, it’s always warm there. The dry season and the wet season, however, are two separate seasons that the island endures. The wet season lasts from November to May, and the dry season is from June to October.

Since the weather is more stable and there is a lower likelihood of rain or cyclones, the dry season is typically the ideal time to travel to Maupiti. The island receives a pleasant average temperature of roughly 27°C (81°F) throughout this period, making it the ideal time to engage in outdoor activities. The sea is also tranquil and beautifully clear, which makes it perfect for water sports like diving and snorkeling.

On the other side, the rainy season is marked by higher humidity levels and a greater likelihood of cyclones and tropical storms. This does not, however, imply that travelers should completely avoid the wet season. During the rainy season, the island’s natural beauty is enhanced by the lush green foliage and gushing waterfalls. This is the best time for swimming and other water activities because the sea is warmer at this time.

It’s crucial to remember that Maupiti experiences its busiest travel period during the dry season, which could result in increased costs for lodging and travel. Yet, the wet season might be the best time to go if you’re seeking a more sedate and reasonably priced holiday.

Flying to Maupiti

A small airport serving Maupiti is situated on the island’s northern side. There aren’t any direct international flights to Maupiti, and the airport only has space for small aircraft. Hence, before taking a domestic trip to Maupiti, passengers must first fly to another island in French Polynesia.

The Fa’a’ International Airport in Tahiti and the Bora Bora Airport are the two principal airports that provide connectivity to Maupiti. The national airline of French Polynesia, Air Tahiti, operates daily flights from both airports to Maupiti. Flights from Bora Bora to Maupiti take around 20 minutes, whereas flights from Tahiti to Maupiti take about 45 minutes.

It’s vital to keep in mind that flights to Maupiti might be pricey, particularly during the busiest travel period. To get the greatest deals, it is therefore best to make your reservations far in advance. It’s also crucial to be adaptable with your travel plans because weather-related airline cancellations or delays can happen.

boat travellingTaking a Boat to Maupiti

Using a boat from adjacent islands is another way to get to Maupiti. But, it’s crucial to keep in mind that there aren’t any direct boat connections to Maupiti, so tourists will have to take a boat from Raiatea or Bora Bora.

It can take many hours and be rather hard to get by boat to Maupiti, especially during the rainy season. The trip offers a fantastic opportunity to view French Polynesia’s breathtaking scenery and oceans, though. Moreover, it’s crucial to know that boat schedules can be inconsistent, so it’s better to book in advance and confirm your departure time.

From adjacent islands, a number of tour companies provide boat cruises to Maupiti. These excursions typically involve snorkeling, swimming, and a trip to the island’s breathtaking beaches and lagoon. It is advised to take medicine before the boat trip if you are prone to seasickness.

Getting Around Maupiti

There are numerous methods to navigate Maupiti once you get there. With a total surface area of only about 11 square kilometers, the island is relatively tiny, making it simple to tour on foot or by bicycle. There are various places on the island where you may rent bicycles, and rates are not too expensive. It’s simple to arrange because most motels also provide bike rental services.

There are various rental vehicle agencies on the island, including Europcar and Maupiti Location, if you prefer to drive about the island. The finest discounts should be sought out because rental costs might be fairly high.

Using a boat is another common method of getting about the island. On the island, a number of tour companies provide boat tours of the lagoon that stop at coral gardens, motus (islets), and snorkeling locations. Some trips also take you to the island’s tiny hamlet, where you may study the history and culture of Maupiti.

Since there are no public transportation options on the island, you may need to make private transportation arrangements with your lodging or tour provider if you don’t feel comfortable riding a bicycle or operating a vehicle on your own.

Things to Do and See in Maupiti

Despite being small, Maupiti is teeming with scenic and cultural landmarks. These Maupiti attractions and activities are some of the must-dos:

Climb Mount Teurafaatiu to the summit: At 380 meters (1247 feet) tall, Mount Teurafaatiu is the highest peak on Maupiti. The three-hour round trip climb is worthwhile for the 360-degree vistas of the island and lagoon.

Go snorkeling at the Coral Gardens: The eastern side of the island’s coral gardens is home to some of French Polynesia’s best snorkeling. Diverse marine life, including rays, sea turtles, and colorful fish, can be found in the gardens.

Explore the Motus: The lagoon at Maupiti is littered with little islets known as motus. These motus offer quiet beaches and seas that are ideal for snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing.

The following are the results of the survey. There are several historical sites to see, such as the old Marae, a traditional Polynesian gathering place, and the Catholic church from the 19th century.

Enjoy Water Sports: The quiet, clear waters of Maupiti are ideal for activities like windsurfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. On the island, a number of tour companies provide equipment rentals and instruction.


Maupiti might be off the main path, but the trip there is worthwhile. The breathtaking natural beauty, crystal-clear waterways, and vibrant culture of Maupiti make for an amazing trip. There is something for everyone at Maupiti, whether you like to unwind on secluded beaches or explore the island’s beautiful interior. 

Our Top FAQ's

The best time to visit Maupiti is during the dry season, which runs from May to October. During this time, the weather is sunny and dry, and the water is calm and clear, making it ideal for snorkeling and other water activities.

Maupiti is only accessible by boat or small plane. Air Tahiti offers flights from Tahiti to Maupiti several times a week. Alternatively, you can take a ferry or chartered boat from nearby islands such as Bora Bora or Raiatea.

Maupiti offers a range of accommodations, from guesthouses and pensions to luxury resorts. Many of the accommodations are located on the beach, offering stunning views of the lagoon and surrounding islands.

Some of the must-see sights in Maupiti include hiking to the summit of Mount Teurafaatiu, snorkeling in the coral gardens, visiting the motus, exploring the village, and enjoying water sports such as kayaking and windsurfing.

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